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Posted by phrosnite

Who wants to bet that Brad "5 stars" Shoemaker will review the game, give it 5 stars(as always) and then they'll spend the next two podcasts talking about how this and that was disappointing. Uncharted 3 anyone?

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The more and more I hear Naughty Dog devs not announcing the release date, the more I think it's gonna be pushed back to early 2013.

Posted by megalowho

They way Brad asks for release dates in his interviews is the best.

Posted by Napalm

Great interview Brad. I feel like I have all of the information I need, and I'm definitely all in.

Posted by briansanderson

Giantbomb continues to impress with their interviews. The best I have seen all week. Thanks.

Posted by kpaadet

@FoxMulder: Its pretty much been confirmed as a 2013 release.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

@phrosnite said:

Who wants to bet that Brad "5 stars" Shoemaker will review the game, give it 5 stars(as always) and then they'll spend the next two podcasts talking about how this and that was disappointing. Uncharted 3 anyone?

The bad is always more easily talked about than the good. Uncharted was bullied up on for a few Bombcast's but not because of its quality, but because they were having "sequel fatigue". Uncharted 3 was an obvious 4 star game at the least, but Brad is a little more giving and gave it 5. I have no issues with him doing what you said because a game can have disappointing elements and still be a 5 star game for what it is.

Posted by Red

Very excited. This is actually a game I think I'll want to play through on the hardest difficulty first time through, as that will force me to make the choices the game asks of me instead of gunning things down.

Posted by zeus_gb

Great interview. I'm seriously going to see how this game develops.

Posted by Battsey

I feels ya brah.

Posted by Daftasabat

I'm sure i speak for a lot of gamers out there when i say, i wish NaughtyDog would go multi-platform. This game looks incredible

Posted by DamianOgre

Good Interview. I had been hearing that the whole game play trailer was scripted. I'm guessing it was not. This game looks awesome, for a Fallout fan like me this game will be a day one buy. I'm gonna enjoy this game alot.

Posted by thebipsnbeeps

I like how the lead designer was seemingly bemused when Brad asked for the release date. This game is one of those that looks so incredible to me, that I simply cannot ever imagine it actually coming out.

Great interview, I'm gonna buy a PS3 for this, no doubt. Aside: I never actually heard someone say "There but for the grace of God go I" to describe their video game before.

Posted by Shotaro

Strikes me as being what I am Alive could have been - I've got high hopes for this.

Posted by Dredlockz

Checkout that guy gulping at 10:45 when Brad asks him "you guys are gonna release this holiday right?"

That's a fucking YES if I ever saw one.

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@captainanderson said:

Huh, the guy does a lot of skirting around the questions Brad asks. Most of the stuff he said was in the Game Informer issue from a few months back.

He probably is supposed to answer a certain way to only reveal certain information. Some PR person probably rehearsed some general answers before they got to e3. Not an evil thing, most companies do things like that, just sometimes makes interviews feel scripted when they aren't.


Wow man. Naughty Dog is too amazing. That is the new #1 Company I Want to Work For.


@thebipsnbeeps: Agree on all counts. I double taked big time on the "grace of God" line. Really awesome interview/video all around.

Posted by TheHT

Great interview. Game sounds like a whole different beast from Uncharted.

Posted by northviewryan

did anyone else think that this game looks looks almost identical to uncharted 3 but with more violence? even the main character looks like drake and even sounds like him too, that girl that follows him around is just like chloe. My first impression was - "looks like uncharted 3 with a new story..."

Posted by RVonE

I want to protect Joel so bad...

Posted by simpsonsfan

@northviewryan: Nope. It's just you.

Posted by dpedal1

Man, I am really excited for this game. Naughty Dog is one hell of a studio.

Posted by rmills87

I am so fucking excited for this game. I pray it is out by holiday '12. PLEASE NAUGHTY DOG, PLEASE!!! However, I wouldn't want them to rush to have it out by holiday 2012 and the game ends up being slapped together. But who am I kidding? It's Naughty Dog we're talking about here. These guys know nothing BUT perfection in their games.

Posted by maverick_76

Really excited for this game.