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Posted by Cretaceous_Bob

If they're going to follow the Battlefield 3 press playbook of "show a shitton of the campaign that nobody cares about and then leave players to discover the weird jank and baffling design decisions of the multiplayer after they buy the game", then you can count me disinterested.

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Graphics look midrangey

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Nothing like watching a pre-rendered video of someone who really sucks at playing Battlefield play the least interesting parts of Battlefield 4.

To be honest, if the XBone and PS4 don't support 64 player multiplayer for this, shit's going to hit the fan.

Posted by jayjonesjunior

Yay more singleplayer trailers.

Posted by VoshiNova

Battlefield 3: Where boats look like neon nightclubs, and doors everywhere do not open.

Fuck unique gameplay design! We got mother fucking GRAPHICS! *still love their sound design, best of class*

Posted by Rattle618
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Lighting and particle effects still look damn good.

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Posted by Figge

What guns where he using in the video?

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I know we're going to see a lot of 'who gives a shit about BF single player' in here, but I think this trailer kind of out-MWs MW. Now if only they would introduce some level of tactics into the single player, seeing as how that's the distinguishing factor between the two series...

Posted by MulletStorm

Oh a single player trailer. Gross.

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Of course it Looks amazing, just wish they would use the damn engine they built for incredible open multiplayer to create incredible open singleplayer....

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This looks impressive if not a little too directed. Bring on 64player PC goodness. Oh and I guess the consoles have caught up. Good for you. Oh yeah and for the record Fuck CoD!

Posted by Viking_Funeral

Casually walk around cover, kill everyone.

Huge explosions, the theme ride.

Posted by magicwalnuts

Looks boring as hell.

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That XBOne demo at the press conference was embarrassing when there was no audio for the first two minutes and all I was hearing was heckles from the crowd.

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Very pretty, I just hope there are more destructible environments than BF3.

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@figge: He starts off with a Saiga 12 shotgun and the gun he looks at and picks up is a Ultimax-100 mk5 SAW. The gun he uses for a while on the deck where the planes are sliding off was a bit more difficult to identify, but I'm confident in claiming that it's actually an AK5C, the heavily-modified version of the FN FAL used by the Swedish Military. What gave it away for me was that the upper reciever outright has "SWE" stamped on it , then it clicked and I recognized the characteristic olive handguard with its irregular pattern of cut-out holes.

The reason it was a bit harder for me to identify it (despite me actually being bloody Swedish) is that it's actually the first time I've seen it in a video game. Oh right, supposedly it was also in Medal of Honor: Warfighter, but who the hell played that?

It might even be based on the same model for all I know. Anyway, nice to see the AK5C get some love, it's a nice looking rifle.

Posted by hermes

It looks like Battlefield 4 borrowed some of the shaders from Far Cry: Blood Dragon.

Not necessarily a bad thing, though...

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I lasted until the thing split in two and then gave up.

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Sea, why you so mad?

Posted by Figge

@nivash: thx, i thought i saw the AK5C but i wasn't shure, it's going to be nice to use the rifle from my conscript service :)

Posted by ThreeRoneC

I will not leave my house for a month when this game comes out.

Posted by saxmusician20

Battlefield 4: Michael Bay's Revenge

Posted by bemusedchunk

Battlefield should go back to being a pc exclusive.

But they wont. :(

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This looks exactly like CoD to me. They should have mad battlefield it's own game instead of just a EA's CoD.

Posted by CTS_1987

Another cute lookin' baby from EA and DICE, more dreams within dreams. Time to break out the Inception soundtrack again BITCHES!!!!!.

Posted by Adaptor

Looks spectacular! Can't wait to see the multiplayer.

Posted by MeatSim

What aboout ze Multiplayer?

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DICE continues to think that people who buy Battlefield made a mistake and actually wanted to get a Call of Duty game.

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Tired of looking at some perfectly modelled face telling me to do shit.

Also, Bro of Duty: X-Treme Lens Flare Pro Edition

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Posted by masterfaculty

Looks amazing, graphically, but I can't shake the feeling that I've already played this game 10 times. Also, whither multiplayer?

Posted by bgdiner

I think the graphics and game engine look absolutely fantastic, but I really wish the Battlefield series didn't try to get on-board with the scripted action scenes we've seen a million times before. I'm confident the multiplayer will be great though.