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Posted by onimonkii


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Keiji Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone

Posted by Battsey

I don't even..

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I'm sorry what?

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the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

Posted by arch4non


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Posted by SnakeEyes327

I can't be any more for this than I already am.

Posted by FreedomTown

I can't be any farther away from this then I already am

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Posted by TheThirdRLM

Uhhhh... nah.

Posted by UnrulyRuffian

Ninja Gaiden Dragons Blood??

Posted by mrfluke

this seems nuts, will wait for reviews

Posted by theveej

Ok when I first heard about this I was like meh, after this trailer....... intrigued

Posted by heatDrive88

Chronological order of emotional events as you watch this trailer:

  1. Keiji Inafune is involved? Awesome!Let's see what's up!
  2. Egh, a real-action trailer. Just give me some gameplay already.
  3. Oh great, sounds just like any other recent Ninja Gaiden game. No thanks.
  4. Wait, what? Did this just turn into Duke Nukem, but with a Ninja Gaiden license?
  5. That's not Ryu Hayabusa? Cell-shading? ZOMBIES? HIP HOP MUSIC!?!?!?!?

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Reeks of Afro-Samurai. That's not a bad thing.

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The hell did that boombox do to you?

Posted by oldjack327

I can't help but think Team Ninja didn't quite understand what made Far Cry Blood Dragon endearing when they decided rip off its style.

Posted by ScreamingGhost

Lovin that art style, hats off to the art team it looks amazing.

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Had me hooked with the live action until it turned into kindergarten humor. What was wrong with the normal Ninja Gaiden games that they had to make this "Spike TV Presents" version?

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In case you were curious, this is the KRS-One song in the trailer:

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ok Kenji Inafune and Zombies is always a win. I'm on board!

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Anything with KRS-One in it will be awesome!!

Posted by HerbieBug

...okay, yes, you have my attention.

Posted by kkotd

My only thought was, hmm, a blue costume... hmm, a red eye... hmm it kinda looks like Mega Man as a ninja... wait, is this supposed to be pseudo Mega Man speaking about Capcom?

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Had me hooked with the live action until it turned into kindergarten humor. What was wrong with the normal Ninja Gaiden games that they had to make this "Spike TV Presents" version?

The normal Ninja Gaiden games were already "Spike TV Presents", maybe you missed the exposed, gargantuan breasts that you could jiggle by shaking the controller? Fuck 'normal' Ninja Gaiden.

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I enjoyed the turn that took, except I'm not into hip-hop and I'm not sure about the gameplay.


Posted by Spiritof

My chances of coming in contact with this game are as close to happening as my balls are to hot sauce.

(meaning, about 50% likely)

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@heatdrive88: who ever directed the trailer has excellent taste.

Is it me or is anyone else thinking this is Scorpion from another dimension?


Posted by RPGee

So is this a gaiden of a gaiden?

Posted by tourgen

huh. video games.

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Alright, I'm definitely interested.

Boogie Down Productions!

Posted by MooseyMcMan

This seems dumb, and potentially hilarious in its dumbness.

Also, I really hope the game ends with this guy being killed by Ryu Hayabusa again.

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Does this mean it comes with a little skateboard for the thumbsticks, or am I confusing it with something else?

Posted by Woodroez


Posted by Veektarius

Looks and sounds equally like garbage.

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Jokes were kinda lame but everything else about this is awesome.

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They let the RZA make a Ninja Game?????


Posted by s0mah

From the Bronx kid.

Posted by thainatos

I'm so in.

Posted by JackSukeru

@rpgee said:

So is this a gaiden of a gaiden?

What if this is the main story???????

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This looks like something I can get behind as no Ninja Gaiden before it.

Posted by RPGee

@rpgee said:

So is this a gaiden of a gaiden?

What if this is the main story???????

Then what the hell does that make Dead Or Alive? Has this all been an Avengers-esque set-up?

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@oldjack327: I dont think Team Ninja had much to do with this. They had a vidoc where Inafune was talking about the game and the head of TN was asking questions from the staff.

I could tolerate the terrible rap if the gameplay were any good but from what they've shown in their stage demo it looked pretty bad.

Posted by Zevvion

Looks a lot slower paced than I was hoping for. Also, I thought last year they said this would be on Vita. I don't see how this is a good match for PS3.

Not digging the music and kind off lame jokes.

I'm a Ninja Gaiden fan, but not really excited for this.

Posted by Hassun

This trailer is hot sauce on balls.

Posted by zityz

So after the mess that was ninja gaiden 3. They bring the dude who created mega man to make a game where you KILL Ryu as a zombie ninja with a cel shaded visuals dubbed to some hip hop music as apposed to the standard heavy rock or people chanting nonsense?

Two questions come to mind.

1. How can you hate this?

2. Who do I throw my money at?

Posted by DougCL

im in.

Posted by Lyfeforce

Well I certainly didn't expect that.

Is there a concept page for this kind of 90's retro approach to games? I'm gonna guess we're gonna need it.

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I have never cared about Ninja Gaiden until right now

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