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...Alright then.

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Okay, this is the one thing at that conference that actually got me excited.

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This is going to wind up being SUCH a hilarious wake-up call for the Internet Community about the folly of nostalgia and rose-tinted lenses (and hopefully one for major publishers about believing internet hype...as if we haven't had ENOUGH of those).

Posted by freakin9

As much as this is one of my most anticipated sequels ever, that was... underwhelming.

Posted by SneakyPickle

no thank you

Posted by Tennmuerti

childhood memories

Posted by AMyggen

@freakin9 said:

As much as this is one of my most anticipated sequels ever, that was... underwhelming.

Teaser trailers and all that, they tend to be pretty underwhelming.

I thought it looked cool, even if the art seems a bit boring. Not the Rare franchise I'd want a new game of though.

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Oh hey, there's a chugga-chugga heavy metal guitar and a guy shouting "AWESOME" and "EXTREME" at me. I guess E3 really has arrived.

Posted by Cynicalbear

I've been playing fighting games most of my life. I am very excited to play this, but not excited enough to purchase an Xbox One.

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Well, that was unexpected. I could possibly get excited for a new Killer Instinct game, but that trailer was weak.

Posted by ToTheNines

omg, I'm so happy I could cry. sorta.

Posted by SpaceJamLunchbox

Your developers were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should.

Posted by MindChamber

this isnt the same trailer shown, anyone know where that is?

Posted by Dberg

KILLER, KILLER. Ooooh, she's a killer!

Posted by 5p3ktro

playable game looks way better than this shit trailer... I will say that.

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Poor Sabrewulf.

Posted by Colourful_Hippie

People were excited over this?

Posted by defenestr8ed

I still play killer instinct on super nintendo.... I CANT WAIT.

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People were excited over this?

Excited as hell. Killer Instinct had fun characters, a great soundtrack and cool fatalities for the time. It probably doesn't make much noise in the esports community, but this is everything I've ever wanted out of a fighting game. This and more stuff like MK9 instead of Injustice.

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Meh, I'll get the Soundtrack.

Posted by Colourful_Hippie

@dberg: A lot of the fervor for this game just seems to be coming out of nostalgia than anything else cuz the footage of this game just looks...I don't want to say bad but I have zero clue as to why I would be excited for that game after watching the gameplay for it.

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@colourful_hippie: I suppose that's pretty spot on. If we're going to be realistic here, there's none left from the original game who's still involved in this. Add a really bad trailer to that and there's not much to be hopeful for, but I want to be wrong.

Posted by Vash108

rape jokes not included

Posted by milkham

I didn't know anyone was asking for killer instinct. Maybe sony will bring Clay Fighter

Posted by MathewMcGee

Hell yea! The original was fun and funny.

Lets get excited for video games!

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@amyggen: It doesn't really help though that there was 1 bad Killer Instinct and 1 great 1. The sequel was pretty terrible, so they do have a lot to prove, even to huge fans of the first one. And I think that first one holds up even today.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

Sigh...that wasn't the Rare legacy title I was hoping for.

Posted by Vic_Ramen

Im sure this has been said, but this really should come with a version of the original soundtrack.

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if this is next gen, that looks terrible.

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yay Killer Instinct!

Posted by sergioni

Quad combo?! 18 hit Awesome combo? no thanks.

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I would like to be cynical about this, but the music brought back some sweet memories.

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@vash108 said:

rape jokes not included

X-box Live will provide those. Don't worry.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie Fighting Game or no sale.

Street Fighter Movie fighting game remake while you're at it.

Posted by Zleunamme

Double Helix, is that a good sign?

Posted by bemusedchunk

Awesome! 3 years too late...

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I actually never heard the leaked KI3 music that Chris Tilton 'made' from the leaked sheet music. Is this it?

PS Totally fucking stoked. Fulgore trailer plz.

PPS Wonder if they'll do cross-overs. SF is off-limits (Capcom is too protective) but I could see MK characters come in.

Posted by MeatSim

No reverence for Killer Instinct but I like how ridiculous the announcer is.

Posted by Evilsbane

childhood memories

So many, that music was incredible!

Posted by SoupNBread

I enjoy Killer Instinct, but it being on the XBone kills any sort of hype for it. That with the XBone being horrible for competitive fighters/tournaments with its drm hoops.

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Is it just me or does this look terrible? Also, does anyone know how many people at Rare now were at Rare back when they used to actually make good/great games (Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts and earlier).

Posted by Darlan

It's cool that a new Killer Instinct game is coming out, but man, even more so than most Xbox One games, that looks like a 360 game. And not even a top of the line one, visually, at that.

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They could have done a better job with trailer but I am remotely interested.

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screw the haters, i love me some killer instinct. loved th snes version, the n64 version and hell even the arcade

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The trailer from the conference was far more exciting, that said its great to see KI back. To bad I won't be picking up the new Xbox though to be fair even before it was announced I never planned too.

Posted by ThreeRoneC

Looks alright!

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