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Posted by PHenry1991

Yes! Looks too good.

Posted by Hassun

Never knew her eye make-up was actually a tattoo.

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I dunno, seems fake.

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Best news out of E3!

Posted by namesonkel

This is probably the game that got me the most excited from EA's press conferance.

Posted by ManotheBard

Finally! My dreams have come true.

Posted by LameImpala

Facebook page seems to suggest this is a prequel. As long as they keep the combat to a minimum, I'm in.

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Hell yeah.

Ready to make extremely poor jumping decisions all over again.

Posted by elwillow

I had sit down and started watching the stream, this is the first new thing (because who didn't expect BF4) I saw.. and it made my E3.

Posted by kkotd

Ready to cringe as I fall to my death, all over again.

Posted by AlmightyBoob

Why is the trailer all combat though? That's the WORST part of Mirror's edge. I've wanted this for a long time but I really need to know more.

Posted by paulosaurus


Posted by Boboblaw


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This is a dream right?

Posted by Deadlypixels


Posted by AjayRaz

please be good

Posted by MightyMayorMike

Well, now I'm going to fire up Mirror's Edge again. I'm definitely down for a sequel. More refinement (especially around combat) would be welcome.

Posted by GozerTC

Red Shoes? Check.

First Person Parkour? Check.

First person Fisticufts? Check.

Insanely high jumps? Check.

Yep. Mirror's Edge is back. Now lets hope they listened to all the feedback and make it better.

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This look good, and I didn't see any sewer levels or shooting!

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This and Battlefront were the highlights of EA's conference, in my opinion. Now here's hoping they don't screw it up.

Posted by Efesell

Hopefully this time people buy it.

Cause I'm not sure they'd believe in third times the charm.

Posted by arecibo


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Posted by Shayera

Sweet mother mercy of everything that is good and pure!

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I'm so fucking happy right now, I can't even speak. I love Mirror's Edge so much

Posted by Halberdierv2

EA, just this once, you may have my money.

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Super cool!

Posted by PurpleSpandex

No guns, no guns, no guns, PLEASE NO GUNS!

Posted by Dberg

@halberdierv2 said:

EA, just this once, you may have my money.

Same, with one clause though. If they only put it on Origin, it goes in the forget-me-pile with Syndicate and others.

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Posted by Rebel_Scum

"Coming... when its ready"

I laughed...

Posted by imperiumSG

well this is fantastic!!

Posted by Indiana_Jenkins

I'm so glad Dice is getting a second chance to make this right. So much potential.

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YEAH! Loved the first one despite the mixed reviews.

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Okay, I said Battlefront was the best news to come out of E3.

I take that back. This is the best news to come out of E3.

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@rebel_scum said:

"Coming... when its ready"

I laughed...

Laughed too. Felt like a Blizzard thing, but doesn't sound as cool.

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Riding this hype-train ALL THE WAY DOWN MOTHER EFFERS.

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Yay! This is great news!

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A combat trailer? Really? Combat isn't what Mirror's Edge was about. As said above, the game seems to be a prequel, so... there's that. Meh.

Posted by icemk

This game will make me buy the next console for sure.....

Posted by AURON570

Man imagine what it would have been like getting that tattoo right under your eye! This is coming from a person who does not have a tattoo.

Posted by paulunga

This looks like it will have more combat.


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sweet jesus

Posted by Ghost_Cat

And Techland thought they could just kick back and relax. Looks really solid, so I am SUPER PUMPED.

Posted by padrino

Yes!!! So happy to hear this game is a reality. Never thought it would happen but so glad it did. I hope it does not fall into those games that get announced but never released. Looking forward to it.

Posted by Lanceuppercut

Dreams do come true!

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Please, please, please, no guns this time. Not a single gun.

Posted by Efesell

@paulunga said:

This looks like it will have more combat.


Because perhaps there are ways to make the combat as much fun as parkour.

Posted by Driadon

EA...Don't EA this up - as in, it's DICE's damn game, keep your grubby mitts out of it - And I may patron you.

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