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This was really good! Thanks for putting this together @drewbert.

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This is excellent. Great work Drew and crew.

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LOVE these videos awesome work Drew!

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This is amazing Drew. Thanks! Great as always! Goes to show that the other half of the crew doesn't fuck around either!

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Features like these continue to be some of the best content that Giant Bomb produces (and there's a lot of good content). Thank you so much Drew! I watched the entire video with the biggest grin on my face.

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wow that was a super interesting and well edited video. Props Drew!

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What camera do you use Drew?

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This is some of the best type of content on the site. Really, I'd eat this stuff up if there were ever any more opportunities to have video like this.

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Oh yessss

This is why I love Giant Bomb

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amazing video. Drew is a master.

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Where's my main man Zac?

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This video is fantastic. Thanks Drew!

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This is great work. Thank you giant bomb for all the hard work and the dumb stuff also!

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Fantastic video @drewbert. That song at the end was so perfect and I laughed for a good 5 minutes.

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Wow! Really great, Drew.

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You know, I think I might finally have an idea of what it's like to be at E3 now.

I can't tell if this is a good or bad thing... but either way, fantastic video.

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Awesome stuff. You guys come across a lot less drained, miserable, and unenthusiastic about games when your walking around and doing it immediately after the showing lol

Love it. Giant Bomb all off the cuff just tellin it (showin it?) like it is!

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I think this might be best overall E3 coverage I've ever seen and this video just sums up everything I love about this site. Thanks guys for turning an average E3 into something so much more.

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It really is impressive to see when Drew and Vinny get to showcase their skills. I like it!

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Great video, Drew! I want a gif of Brad leaning his head on a wall, rocking slowing with the caption "I just played Alien: Isolation..."

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Thanks @drewbert, love these behind-the-scenes videos!

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The icing on the GiantBomb E3 coverage cake - thanks @drewbert

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Great stuff, although I admit I was hoping for another ending where Drew walked in on Drew.

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Lonely Drew is so adorable.

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The behind-the-scenes from last year E3 was one of the best E3 material I had ever seen. Thanks for making this year something as awesome as that!

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One day, someone will offer Drew a job somewhere else. We must make sure this never happens.

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Thank you @drewbert ... this was very insightful and a lot of people find this very very interesting. We all appreciate your hard work at Giantbomb.

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This is now my favorite giantbomb video

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ミク発見! E3 is officially worth it.

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Jesus that song at the end had me laughing out loud.

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Champagne work guys. Thanks for bringing the E3 minus the over produced fluff and fat.

That'll do GB, that'll do.

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This was awesome, always fascinated by how this stuff works.

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Great content guys!! Thank you.

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Alex´ real name is Alexis. Carrie was right all along. Unfortunately Jeff is not actually called Jefferson.

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Dat Danny O'Dwyer music.

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Oh damn! Drew's production behind-the-scenes video was my favorite thing out of E3 last year. Hope this is just as good.

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That was way fucking cool and interesting. The post-game impressions were really good and it was nice to see those initial genuine thoughts that you usually don't get with reviews.

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I always enjoy watching behind the scenes stuff at these bigger events. It's really fascinating stuff. Thanks for doing this, such a great insight into E3 and the whole media side of things. Really fun to watch.

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Drew...Vinny...you guys seriously are awesome. This was incredibly well shot and most importantly a very cool "inside look" at not just editorial staff but also the hustle and bustle of E3. It's easy to get caught in the "omega trailer" stuff and I felt this does a good job showcasing the mass of humanity and all the extra stuff involved.

Awesome ending converting into the GB shows after the fact as well.

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Great work Drew.

That transition from Brad to Sunglasses Brad was so smooth.

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Fuck yeah!

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Simply amazing! Good job Drew!

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25:28 Antonio Banderas .... kinda

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Who is filming Lonely Drew? THAT IS THE QUESTION

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Yessss I love these. Excellent work as always Drew.

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This is the fucking best.