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So that's what next gen looks like.

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Wrong trailer I think......

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Yep, not what was shown at Microsoft's conference, but the game still looks damn good.

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Witchers witching witches. Where does it all end?

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Is that Tywin Lannister narrating?

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It's not quite the same as the trailer from a few days ago: instead of a couple shots of Geralt and Triss sexytime, it's Geralt fighting dudes in a room. At about the 2:00 mark.

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fuck yeah

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@marino: Just to ensure that you saw this; this is the wrong trailer. It's the same one that was uploaded a few days ago as opposed to the new gameplay clip where he goes a-griffin' huntin'.

This is still a pretty tremendous trailer, though.

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This game comes across a little superficial with the carefully manicured hero and his cast of babes. His cloths are way too tight for my liking! ;)

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This is mostly the same trailer from last week, but it's still awesome.


So that's what next gen looks like.

No, that's what it looks like on PC.