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I do love damage numbers...

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Mad ManhuntWorld?

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This is NOT making me glad I own a PS4...

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Skateboards confirmed

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hummm MP arena battles?

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Ultra violent multiplayer thingy seems cool... I guess?

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Loading Video...

She's referring to your life.

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Trailer looks better than the game. Is that Ryuhei Kitamura I sense?

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@glottery said:

Mad ManhuntWorld?

The Thrill Killed one!

Seriously i don't even know what this is supposed to be, for all i know this could have awesome gameplay.
But this trailer basically made me think only one thing, Suda51 just turned 15 and never heard of Manhunt or Thrill Kill before. Good on him i guess?

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The fact that Lily Bergamo turned into this makes me bummed out. I would easily take a stylized action game over Let It Die even if it has a awesome logo.

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Was that Tak Sakaguchi at the end of that trailer?

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Still not entirely sure what this is about.