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He's on fire.

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Obama has to be in it, right?

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Please release on other platforms!

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"Magic Johnson teleporting all over the court."

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looks cool but not sure if I would pay full price for this game.

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dude is tall to be towering over jeff like that

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YES! If they also make it for Xbox 360, i'm getting it. If not, then I will if/when I get a Wii

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Seems like a cool dude. Can't wait for this.
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I'm not usually into basketball games, but this does look a lot of fun.

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This makes me want to hunt down a machine and get my fix of BOOMSHAKALAKA

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The first 1:30 is the most confusing thing I've heard of with respect to NBA Jam.

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Guess I'll have to dust off the ol' Wii to play this

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come out on 360 :(

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when I show up (late) to the party... i usually have to bring something new.

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Online may have been the make or break for the Wii version in terms of high success, if not for the fact that masses are saying they'll wait and watch for PS360 release

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nice interview, they seem to know what the peoble want.

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@RyShie said:
" Obama has to be in it, right? "
To me, the fact that he said "we pay homage to the original NBA Jam and all the things that went on" while they're discussing hidden characters pretty much means yes.
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may I borrow a phrase: TOP MEN (left and right! :)

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Dude's neck is freaky.

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He really should have asked about the 360 and PS3 versions. A missed opportunity.

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Optimus Prime better be a hidden character. Not the sissified, red flames Michael Bay one, but old school G1 Optimus Prime. EA, make it happen.

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Fresh Prince better be in here.

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I really like this guy

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I didn't know that Mark Greene (from ER) worked at EA!

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Fresh Warlords shirt, Jeffer.

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Woah, wait, $200 for that arcade NBA Jam?

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Wow Jeff's really short.

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@Darkstar614 said:
""Magic Johnson teleporting all over the court."  What?! "

HIV side effect =(
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Damn good interview.

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i want jeffs shirt.

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Why else would he be called Magic Johnson if he couldn't use magic to teleport.