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It's.... so... beautiful...

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A 3 man Bombastica? Yee-haw!

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I've been waiting for this since Bombastica started

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Did we not do this before... fuck it, ROUND 2 GO!

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I remember Vinny playing this before.

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Why did this take so long?!

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Man, Brad's falsetto is really something.

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Great ! This video is an instant classic.

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i was just playing this yesterday

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Oh man! I was hoping you'd do this after that one Sleeping Dogs quick look!

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Awwwwweee shiiiit!

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Such a fun quicklook, hope if they do a quicklook on the Shadowrun game that just came out that the GB quick look crew trade off on reading lines like they do here. So much fun to watch this one.

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Been waiting on this one for a while!

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Fantastic stuff! :)

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@thaquoth said:

Man, Brad's falsetto is really something.

It's beautiful.

This was real fun to watch. Can't believe I never heard of the game until day.

To the GB Crew, you guys have been producing some amazing content this week. Thanks for all of it

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Nothing I love better than a surprise video when you are feeling down. More multi-person Bombasticas!

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I really like this three-man set up.

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Man its all 3 person QLs. Liking it

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What a wonderful-ass game. My god. I want a new one. Even if it's Kinect-only. And FMV.

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Excellent, first QL Bombastica. Finally Law of the West, i.e. Mass Effect 0.1.

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This is an amazing video.

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"FMV Law of the West."

.........wait could you say that again please?

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This is great. I think Brad is trying to get a voice in the next red dead.

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YES. I wondered when this would finally happen.

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"I'm pretty sure the kid's packin'." I bet he did.

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This is awesome! Remember seeing this in the Sleeping Dogs Halloween quick look, and now its back! Why can't we get more games like Law of the West?!

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Always love whenever they break into crazy character voices, like if an improv session took place during an AA meeting.

Also, Jeff has the best creeper voice.

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Commence the jigglin!

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@brad: Coming off @vinny's bit with the Mexican, it seemed to me that the Doctor should be a heavy Irish accent... Especially after @jeff mentions that he can't save you too many times.

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I must say this is the best Encyclopedia Bombastica so far while not as informative as other ones it was much funner with more people and feels like a part of unprofessional Firday :D would like to see more like this (or just more videos of you guys playing old games)

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Didn't Deus: Ex have conversation tree that allows you to just punch someone randomly. ME doesnt have that.

This video is fucking blast to watch.

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This is the best.

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this was great, Vinny's mexican accent lol

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Brad should do the voice of every female character ever.

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I've been waiting for this

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Automatically one of the best QLs of all time, this is fantastic.

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My gaming knowledge has grown a bit deeper today. Thanks GiantBomb!

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Brad's Miss Rose is a bit too good...

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Finally I can see what this is about!

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These three man Quick Looks have been absolutely godly

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I'd pay real money for an FMV version of this done by Giant Bomb. Kickstart that shit!

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I need this

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That stunned silence when Brad first shows off his lady acting is perfect.

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When Brad was voicing the kid, I lost it.

Great stuff.