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Out of curiosity, why does a country that prides itself on their breaking from the British Empire of old, so fondly cling to something called the "Imperial System"? I'm fine with people having their preferences, but that always seemed really odd. What ever the case, I hope you guys had a nice Independence Day.

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Top Gear is fantastic, that music is still in my head to this day as well!

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upside down controller setting whats the point...

At the time, lots of left handed people played like this. With more complex controllers starting around N64 era, it became a great deal less feasible, of course. You can't really hold those controllers upside down in the way you could a NES, Master System, SNES or Genesis pad.

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The SNES was great and I've played many great games. But more Genesis or Neo-Geo Bombasticas please?

Agreed. I adore the SNES, but I also had a Genesis and played Neo-Geo in the arcade. They have legitimate classics as well.

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White Car Supremacy

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Chiptunes are the best.

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we have the metric system Alex but we still use MPH etc in everyday use. No need to hate on us over here in the Enlightened Land of Science and Logic :D

Well, believe it or not, we use the metric system too at times. It just depends on the type of measurement and what the situation is. Our military uses the metric system, as well as our scientists and various fields of sciences and medicine in both the academic and professional level. A lot of the nutritional facts on our packaged food is sometimes in metric. Most people will default to the customary units, but it's not an across the board rejection of the metric system as most of you seem to think. They even made metric the law in 1975. Everyone is taught metric conversions in school, but unless they work in sciences or something along those lines, they're going to forget the conversions since it isn't used enough in every day life.

The law part is not true. And that's what's important.

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Sorry, Europe? You mean the rest of the world.

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So glad this is here. A friend of mine had this game and it's still one of my favorite games of all time. I brought it and played it in college (Xbox had recently come out) and I got people waiting to play this thing. I had a stupid thing that on "my music" I couldn't be defeated. That's the 3rd map of any country.

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OH GOD THE MUSIC... THE MEMORIES... oooooooh man. It feels so goood.

But when it comes to Top Gear.. it's all about Top Gear 2.

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My friend and I would play this competitively in high school on weekends. We would swear at each other when we would hear the nitro boost noise. Also, this music is amazing, and I, like Alex have had those songs rattling in my head for a good decade and a half.

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Fucking hell, is it just me or is the quality of this video absolutely amazing?

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@av_gamer said:

The SNES was great and I've played many great games. But more Genesis or Neo-Geo Bombasticas please?

Agreed. I adore the SNES, but I also had a Genesis and played Neo-Geo in the arcade. They have legitimate classics as well.

Considering the DOTA madness going on here right now, I think Herzog Zwei for the Genesis could be interesting to cover (or possibly the original Herzog for MSX, though I'm not sure of how similar it is to it's sequel, I've never seen multiplayer gameplay of it, as a single player game it looks a bit more like a shoot em up).

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The first course song is my ring tone... no joke...

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I literally did not hear one word Alex was saying while the unbelievably awesome stage 1 music was blasting...no just kidding (not really), very nice encyclopedia bombastica, just like you this game always remained somewhere in the back of my head for the last 20 years because of the music...

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Top Gear and it's sequel have the best music of any SNES game, closely followed by UN Squadron/Area 88. Bringing out the rear of the top 3 would be Super Metroid.

I could listen to that shit all day.

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I've never played Top Gear, but I've spent terrible amount of time playing Top Gear 2.

I still recall that Top Gear 2 has great music !

Same here. TG2 has some fantastic music.

Top Gear 2 was my favourite until Top Gear 3000. Too many hours plugged into both.

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The new anamanaguchi album is really good. I recommend the Prom Night track. Best track since helix nebula and airbrushed.

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I know you aren't the master of Top Gear, Alex.

Because I am.

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Some say he once ripped out Kano's heart, with his own heart,; and if he were to start up a kickstarter for a game to develop he wouldn't just pocket the cash and run. He's not the Stig, but he is the Stig's video game playing cousin.

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I can't help but feel miles per hour doesn't really go well with Independence Day. I mean MPH is is the "Imperial" unitfor speed, i.e. the British Empire.

If Americans where truly free they would use the metric system.

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It seems like a pretty great game. I would have loved this if had a SNES.

I had a notebook with Mortal Kombat moves hand written in them...like a bouse!

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Happy to see this here.

But this is the point where it's time to give the Genesis it's shine.

In a few months, the Genesis will be 25 years old (Japanese release).

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This game is just like Lotus III for the Amiga.

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OMG ALEX.. I LOVE YOU.. i thought i was the only one that had such a passion for the top gear music lol. im 27 and i literally have had these songs playing in the back of my head for a couple decades..


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In regards to the music, I feel the same way with Batman for C64... Used to drive my parents mental by playing the game in the livingroom

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Ciscio Heat was my first racing game. Taking turns was a nightmare.

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Digging the nice tunes.

My first Top Gear game was Top Gear Rally for the N64. So good.

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In regards to the music, I feel the same way with Batman for C64... Used to drive my parents mental by playing the game in the livingroom

Oh man, that game was so cool! Really hard, though.

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@gunsaredrawn: I agree. Really enjoyed this video for a game I'd never heard of. I was a MegaDrive guy growing up and a fair bit younger than Alex but this looks good. Keep on Bombasticing!

Posted by cikame

I saw this on store shelves soo many times, somehow that box art means something to me even though i never owned or played the game :P.

Posted by melodiousj

Had to watch this just to hear that music!

Posted by squigiliwams

Holy crap memories. I used to play Top Gear and Top Gear 2 w/ my dad every sunday morning as a kid.

Posted by fatwreck

Now that was a great entry to the series. A game you have a history with and are knowledgeable about. Thank Alex!

Posted by TheRedDeath

This game has some awesome music.

Posted by Accolade

That opening music....

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SO with you on this one, Alex. My bro and I played the fuck out of this game.

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Yes, Muse did inspire in Top Gear theme for their song Bliss. But Top Gear theme was derived/inspired/ripped off from Lotus Turbo Challange 2:


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Only like 90 seconds in, and the music in this game is awesome!

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Nicely done Alex. I really enjoy these Encyclopedia Bombastica videos. Agreed, the Top Gear music rocks.

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I freaking loved this game! I spent hours beyond hours on this game.

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Jesus. Good video, but you can tell Alex knew what was up at this point. Such a tragedy...

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Nigel Mansell's racing game on the SNES is the best SNES racing game.

EDIT: It also looks remarkably similar to this game,

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Is this game related to the TV show, or is it just a coincidence?

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Excellent work, Alex. I'll have to hunt down a copy of this.