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Posted by Stahlbrand

Casts haste, waits for combo attacks 3x as long as a hasted Brono can fill his ATB bar. Well, its all good.

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So I played through this game this weekend and completed all of the side missions. I knew where I was going as I had played this before many years ago. They absolutely NEED to have Byla in the group, she is so OP. Falcon Hit is complete hax against almost all regular mobs. Pair her with Frog for Slurp Kiss which heals a ton AND restores status, plus their 3D Attack triple tech does anywhere from 2500-3500 damage.

This game is SUPER easy now that I play it with an adult mind, I think it was the 90s the last time I had finished it. I'm not sure why they are having such a hard time with this stuff overall. I think it's mostly because their team sucks, horrible synergy.

It took me about 10 hours /played to get to the Black Omen and another 3 hours to do all of the side missions if anyone was interested. This game is VERY short.

I know it's dumb to suggest the next game for Endurance Run, but I think Chrono Cross would of been a much more interesting game to see.

EDIT: Oh and just for funsies, I quickly discovered you don't need to swap characters in and out of the party to change their gear. Just scroll down on the main equipment management screen.

Posted by DoctorWelch

Watching the character menu while they are in a battle is hilarious. Half the time it takes Ryan like a 20 seconds to select something that should take 5 or less.

Posted by Max_Cherry

Obviously, they just need Barle in their party to get into the castle.

Posted by falling_fast

@mithical said:

Things I am okay with: Ryan and Patrick making mistakes, people pointing out those mistakes, people getting passionate about either one of those two, and the people who are just plain wrong about the mechanics of the game.

What I don't like are the people who are just plain putting others down. This includes the people who imply that the way RP play is inexcusable, the people who brag that they're better, and the people who condescend to others by acting like RP and other commentors are beneath them. It's these people more than any others that I wish would take a hike.

I'm also not a fan of how the ER is becoming less fun to watch because the game is demanding all of Ryan and Patrick's attention, but eh what can you do. I'm looking forward to the rest of the rainbow shell quest.

Posted by Sweetz

@RanmaRanma said:

First of all: let's be thankful we have an ER. If you don't like it, don't watch it. Badmouthing it incessantly will only lead to no more ER's at all and I wouldn't want that. Maybe you don't like this ER but did you like DP and Persona 4? If so, then you know they have the potential to make great ones so why convince them from doing so?

I'm invested in the ER because I've never played the game and would like to see it through, but it's annoying when I, being a person who has never played the game, can remember things from previous episodes they can't, can think of more effective ways to use their characters as a result, and can pick up on obvious "tricks" that it takes them a while to figure out (like the Scouters).

I mean it's one thing if they can't play the game as well as a ChronoCross fan that knows the game inside and out, but if they're missing things that average viewers that have never played the game are picking up on - it's understandably frustrating, especially when they refuse to take hints/advice from their audience.

It's actually really, really difficult to watch someone make a mistake and keep it to yourself when you know better - especially if you're invested in what they're doing. If you've ever had to train someone to do a particular job, then you know the feeling. So I can't fault people for pointing out when they make mistakes. Now of course, we could and should do that without insulting them, but it's the internet, we all know by now that audience + anonymity turns people into assholes (self included from time to time); so you try to take what constructive help you can (but they don't even do that) and just shrug off the rest of the bullcrap.

If their response to getting complaints is to never do it again, that seems weak. If you get criticized for doing a job poorly, is it a mature response to never do that job again as some sort of sardonic revenge? Rather you should do the job better. Even if they don't want people telling them how to play the game, which I can respect, at a minimum they could have at least read the manual, which was an integral and expected step for playing games of that era. This would have helped the early game immensely, and clear up some things that they still don't fully understand (like the nature of some stats).

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MIDI dinosaur roar of horror!

Posted by princess_zelda

They clearly recorded too many episodes in a day. Ryan's brain is working at 1/3 speed here.

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@princess_zelda: as if 1/1 speed wasn't bad enough. But heck, it makes for some good entertainment.

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It's a real tragedy that they didn't go and find all of the chests you need Schala's pendant for, at the soonest opportunity. I believe I did that once I had the flying Epoch. Though to be fair, the game doesn't force you to do that or make it clearly that such good elemental resist gear is out there, and I didn't remember the location of all of them and looked some of them up, because it's hard to remember all of them. Still, they really come in handy when the game throws obviously unfair elemental attacks at you.

Also it's just really unfortunate that they threw away those Ruby Vests from 65,000,000 BC almost immediately after buying them, because c'mon, even if the defense stat is terrible, you should clearly hold onto something that just flat-out always significantly reduces fire damage.

Also, gotta love that they don't really remember why their group might be banned from Guardia Castle in the present. No big deal, they just got sentenced to prison and then escaped and are fugitives.

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I wonder how it takes them so long to notice that Brono's always the first one to empty his MP.

I don't really mind the sloppy-ish play much, but some pretty obvious things seem to slip by them every once in a while.