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just in time for breakfast

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Go VJ! Go VJ!

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cool right when i get back from the gym.

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shit, i have to go out now!

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Bienvenidos a el Run de Endurance!

Posted by Jacob816

I just realized that I'll be watching this entire game twice.

Posted by Shabran

I don't know. This game seems like it would be fun for an endurance run but persona 4 had so much personality. This not too sure. I know it will get may better though with jeff and vinny playing it. I hope the next endurance run would be an rpg.

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Hell yes!

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Hell yes, Team VJ!

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My username is sixpin, but you can call me York. Everyone calls me York.

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and for some reason I continue to watch this trainwreck.

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loll. My names York. 
Good, thats good............. 

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Call me York....That's what everyone calls me.

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So it wasn't a dream...
I still can't believe this is happening.

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If I didn't have to work after class, I'd be watching this soon. Instead, I will watch it later tonight. Oh and go Team VJ!

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You guys are funny and I love the idea of a new Endurance Run, but this game is boring to me (it's kind of like golf, in that the game might be fun to play but it is extremely boring to watch. A shooter with zombies in it, where have I seen that before? Uggh!). Sorry, I can't watch any more of it.

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Let's do this!

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them zombies 
they are the thriller zombies 

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Wow, it's nice and early. Right after exams, this could not be a better morning!

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@Jacob816 said:
"I just realized that I'll be watching this entire game twice. "

Oh god, me too.
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The coffee warned me about this episode.
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11:41 I LUVMOV What?

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That's a big bed!
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Go VJ!

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Finally !

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Эндьюранс Ран рулит!
Long live Giantbomb!

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The coffee said that I'll like giant bomb.

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Damn it I should really be finishing this homework

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Cheers for a new episode of the ER   
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i am SO HAPPY you guys are doing these again. :)
P.S. Call me mrsmiley. That's what everyone calls me.
P.P.S. I laughed so hard during the table scene, and I don't know why. This game is so freakin weird.

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Chunk Jones did some later Tom and Jerry.  The trippy stuff.

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I love the soundtrack in the dream sequences. Tortured saxes ftw!

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Camo carpet. Amazing

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Vinny is better than Brad!

Posted by Sharpshooter

Sales of Twin Peaks box sets are going to go up during these Endurance Runs
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Great to see the Endurance Run return, but i'm not too sure why their are two, of the same game?? 

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  Endurance Run! Hooray!    

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I hope that his coffee mug has a picture of Dojima on it.
I think I'm going to watch the Jeff and Vinny one through to the end before starting Brad and Ryan

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"My dreams are full of symbolism."
"Also, I picked up a doughnut in my dream and I still have it with me."

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I kinda wanna get this so I can see what happens when you choose NOT to respond as Zach at the very beginning. But I won't since there's no PC port to download for a reclusive hairy brute like myself.
So games have had hunger, fatigue, heartrate, mood, bowels, sanity, and a thousand others... but I've yet to see blood glucose count in videogames. How long until we find out that his imaginary friend Zach is a actually hypoglycemic and needs lollipops and sugar donuts at regular intervals?

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@Sharpshooter said:

" Sales of Twin Peaks box sets are going to go up during these Endurance Runs "

I think that is an accurate assumption. In fact GB should make use of the advertising opportunity in the form of Amazon.com links to the series.
The game, however, will probably only end up selling a few extra copies.
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Time to make some pancakes and watch this unfold.

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is the music getting louder as the scene gets longer?

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@MrKlorox said:
" The game, however, will probably only end up selling a few extra copies. "
...because already 3/4 of the viewers bought it.