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Yeah baby VJ all day!

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Holy shit I forgot how early ERs always got put up.

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And so the decent into madness continues

Posted by Chokobo

WOO.  VJ>BR.  Hopefully BR gets a bit better as they get into the groove of it.

Posted by Emiel

"Stream not found"?  :S

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Also, got Duder 2.0

Posted by Zelnox

Stream not found for me also. >_<

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oh man I remember when I was catching up on the Persona run and the first few pages were comments with Duder!! And I thought it was sooo dumb...
But goddamnit!!!!

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You guys really know how to start my day right. Wasn't expecting this so early!

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So its not working.....
Yup, the Endurance Run is back, baby!

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Damn you duder 2.0!!!!!!

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I was under the impression that they already uploaded the 2nd ER and are merely allowing public access to the episodes now.

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 Damn you!!!!!!  

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Oh God, there is a driving sequence in this game.

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@mutha3 said:
" So its not working.....  Yup, the Endurance Run is back, baby! "
It's the Persona 4 ER all over again.
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Let's watch this bitch!

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@GoranP said:

" I was under the impression that they already uploaded these and are merely allowing public access to them now. "

Maybe, but for every other video on the site direct download using the embedded source path works fine, and this one doesn't, and the player cant find the streaming source file, so i guess it'll get moved there eventually.
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So I've stayed up into the middle of the night my time only to be greeted with a busted ass video player and a bunch of fellow commenters complaining about it.... THE ENDURANCE RUN IS BACK MOTHERFUCKERS

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Hey dude
How do you get these codes I wouldn't mind a copy of these ERs
Posted by NoDeath
For that I use the video downloadhelper addon for FireFox. It really helps for downloading any embeded video or audio file.
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@X19 said:

" @RoadCrewWorker:   Hey dude  How do you get these codes I wouldn't mind a copy of these ERs "

"Embed this video:" 

Copy the code into some text editor, look for the 


bit and replace 700 with 1500 for the HQ version. Server gives me about 5 MB/s download rate.

Btw the BR chapter 3 is already up.

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I refuse to watch BR until I watch this one first.
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Same here

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I so want to watch this now...

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Just call me 'Duder.'
It's what everyone else calls me.

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Working mirrors, but not a working stream.

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hmm, my coffee tells me something I cannot compile

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Interesting how only Vinny and Jeff get Duder of Death'd. Can anybody think of a good joke from this point?

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Ah a duder, sweet sweet memories.

Posted by CitizenKane

Hopefully they are fixing the misprint:

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@CitizenKane said:
" Hopefully they are fixing the misprint:
Haha I remember Vinny saying he always leaves out words when typing. There you have it.
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A video that didn't get encoded properly? NOW it feels like an Endurance Run. :)
The other video is fine, guys, go watch that while we wait.

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ahh broken vids... memories

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Ah, the good old times..

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Zach? six cup of coffee already - next thing I know, I'm gonna start smoking japanese cigarettes, too...

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Dang it... I can't watch BR before this....

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I could BR first but that would ruin the VJ magic.

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Duder vids, now it's an endurance run. INVESTIGATION TEAM GO!

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nice to get a VJ from VJ, if you know what im saying 
yes thats right, a video job

Posted by iAmJohn
@CitizenKane said:
Beat me to it.
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@MjHealy said:
" I could BR first but that would ruin the VJ magic. "
Yes, that's exactly why I'm waiting.
I gladly watch the BR team too but this must be first to enjoy it properly.
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And boom goes the dynamite.

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The Endurance Run is back.