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Time to continue the craziness!

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9 am seems to be the magic time!

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I wonder who thought this game would be a good idea to make

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YEAH BABY! Team Jenny!

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Yeah! Two perfect, non-duder ER 04's. Let's get it on.

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@FLStyle said:
" Yeah! Two perfect, non-duder ER 04's. Let's get it on. "
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Great. Time 4 some Deadly premonition.
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YES! I'm ready

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You found the KEY!

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jeff is playing splinter cell

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..I kind of want to buy this game now. Experience it myself, you know?

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lol this is GREAT!

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I choked on my coffee during the entire morgue scene. 
"I stapled her hair to her boobs for your convenience."

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That's a creepy looking smile 
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Digging the overall style of this game, but I don't think I'd play it.  Love the Endurance Runs

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nice, can watch this with my bowl of cereal and coffee that i just made

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The ER always makes my coffee taste better.

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Does anyone else think the saxophone sounds like elephant farts or something? Everytime that song starts I think someone just let one go.
Edit: Wow... the story is actually starting to get good! Funny stuff guys.

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im loving this ER

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oh dang

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Lemon Party indeed! haha

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"Lemonparty indeed" is the best reaction line. My day has been made.

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One hour of ER goodness today. Awesome!

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Awesome episode!

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Yep Jeff and Vinny really brought the funny today. Now to go see how Brad and Ryan are doing. Loving this double ER stuff. Twice the awesome.

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So funky student became a doctor huh.

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Guess we'll see Jeff's Splinter Cell Conviction review soon.

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Guys, don't turn into Ryan and Brad knocking every single thing you possibly can. OK, so it's not a great game but there are some really good things about it, the voice acting for one. Anyway, loving this so far; glad you succumbed to all the requests. =D

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They don't need to turn down the music, they need to turn up the entire game's audio levels. I can't hear anything over their voices. :(

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Garrys Mod reference woo!

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i downloaded some chapters of Twin Peaks , to see what similarity this game have with that show,  oh boy, indeed this game have some  things EDIT: loosely taken or based from the tv show
this ER is doing great! Team VJ rocks!

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Anoher day with Agent Honor.  XD
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@Enns:  Exactly what I was thinking
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Yorke is a FBI agent in is 20s, right?
A kind of "Young Detective," if you will.

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Shane ManGod Bettenhausen
<-- this is the man who brought this game to the Americas, btw AND
Duders, while I am on my Twitter ShaneWatch mission; look a here: Deadly Premonition = @sweary65 @agent_york @AccessGames Follow if you like!
  Also: more coffee! :)
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Alright, I think it's official. ER can make me love any game.

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Thank god they finally figured out how to fast-open doors. Please pass that information on to the other team .... :)

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Alright, one coffee mug, comin' up.

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@Decibel said:
" ..I kind of want to buy this game now. Experience it myself, you know? "
I totally get what you mean.
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@Kefkaesque said:
" Yorke is a FBI agent in is 20s, right?  A kind of "Young Detective," if you will. "
"I was supposed to be the best of the best, and instead they stick me in the boonies."
After this case.
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I think im starting to like BR more. Obviously VJ has its roots, and watching them both has its downsides, so really they're equal, no idea what the fuck im talking about.

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Ushah = The new Funky Student