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Posted by Hourai

Long episode this time.

Posted by Princess_Isabela
@JP_Russell said:
" Anyone here who's played the game know what did happen to Jeff and Vinny's car?  Will it be sitting somewhere in the game world, or did it spontaneously disappear ever since the game decided they had to follow Nick in a cop car?  Also, I'm wondering the same thing as Jeff and Vinny: do the generals' upgrades work for all cars, or just the one car sitting outside? "
their car is in the front of the hotel, you can buy all cars in the game and have them parked at oxford hotel(each one with its own music track), once you buy it, it's yours and speed upgrades transfer to all your vehicles.
Posted by Devil240Z

I am getting the feeling that BR/VJ are cheating. giving each-other back door tips. 

Posted by Zeemod

You do not want to miss George's quest, i think you already have the item for it so there's nothing you need to do.

Posted by phantomzxro
Agreed! you don't know how much hate fills in my heart whenever they had to side scroll the map just to find where they had to go.
Posted by Chibi_Kaji

Was that... Thomas in a dress?

Posted by Daveyo520

Okay, the map is not that hard to find your way around on. I know the map like the back of my hand just from watching them look at it all the time.
Posted by BenderUnit22

Fuck you, George. You let VJ down. And they sure could use your radio with their atrocious navigation skills.

Posted by theguy

Lol. You know your game sucks when you get lost... ON THE MAP.

Posted by jrlyon

I've heard that the Milk Barn sells a new map now that you are in Episode 3. Maybe it might b a good idea to check it out seeing as it went over well before :)

Posted by PillClinton

whoa!  exactly one hour to the second!

Posted by Death_Unicorn

More peeking please!

Posted by TwilitEnd656

I love me some Deadly Premonition. But good lord, these two have horrible senses of direction.

Edited by sneakysnake128
@Hourai:  Only because they have no perception of direction or distance.
Posted by EmperorSeth

Well, I hope you jerks are happy.  Thanks to these ERs (and the $20 price,) I decided to just get the game and have a little Endurance Run of my own.  Anyone else do the same?

Posted by rjayb89
@Devil240Z said:
" I am getting the feeling that BR/VJ are cheating. giving each-other back door tips.  "
Posted by cruellordsoth

yes THATS ALL I WANTED TO KNOW i dont care who killed them people i dont care about the zombies in the outher world all i wanted is to know where and who the hell is zack and now i know thank you 

Posted by Capum15

Man, I think I've memorized my way around Greenvale by now.
Ah, so close to midnight, yet so far. Same with George and the radio. 

Hmm, the song that plays during the "Hurry to Harry" part is nice.
Well, there went a few hours. Can't wait for tomorrows.

Posted by DBoy
@EmperorSeth: Yes, I did. Quite enjoying the game, actually.
Posted by gamermatt8

Theory, i think the general is that Sargent Timmy.

Posted by DCam

These seem like excellent usability feedback for game designers: don't make a map system that leaves your players lost in there for 2 minutes at a time!

Posted by kagekage

Her pot is getting cold.

Posted by Meltbrain

Damn, this is a long one.

Posted by ominousbedroom

Dude in a dress alert near the end! Doesn't it look like he was wearing foam padding? Also, Vinny, you have a dirty mind. I can't look at this scene the same way ever again.

Posted by AleeN634

Doubt VJ are checking the comments by all the cars you buy/receive appear in the Hotel parking lot when you lose them.

Edited by mutha3
They are checking the comments.
 You don't actually think they ''stumbled'' upon the infinite SMG or just happen to be so persistent when it comes to getting to George's house?
You could literally hear Jeff's disappointed groan when the door didn't open.
Posted by DominatingFrance

Does anyone think Sigourney sounds like the female ghouls from Fallout 3? Maybe it's the same actress. Work must be slow...

Posted by Majkiboy

they actually hit the boost and went over 70... and didn't notice???

Posted by buzz_clik

Nice Planet Terror reference there, Vinny.

Posted by daggon55

So the most amazing thing I found out from the end of this game. 
It has mocap credits. 

Posted by TheClap

So, 7 different killings in different cities, but so far 3 in this one town.  Sounds like a copy-cat to me.

Posted by ColdsnapBryan

Wesley's voice acting cracks me up!!

Posted by HeliumSpoon

Can you turn the dialoge volume up?

Edited by sl1ppyfist

Anyone else think the chick that was consoling Carol looked kinda like Thomas in drag?
heh...now that i've read the other posts I guess alot of you drew the same conclusion :P

Posted by DrFoxbard

Damn, my guess for the doors was North, West, South, West, you know, old school.

Edited by InfamousBIG

-Shoot her? 
-Yep.  Shoot her. 

Posted by Curufinwe

The shit I had to go thru to watch this episode... 
Please, GiantBomb, fix your videos.

Posted by ArchScabby
@Curufinwe said:
" The shit I had to go thru to watch this episode...   Please, GiantBomb, fix your videos. "
I know, actually I've been having problems watching videos on the Iphone app too.  I don't know how they could be related, but it's annoying as hell.
Posted by warmonked

I don't want to ever hear Vinny say "Yea girl!" like that again.

Posted by MistaSparkle

Really nice episode :)
Posted by Banananner

Don Cheadle gave them a card of Don Cheadle 
Posted by JoelTGM

why is the video player stopping to load every 5 seconds. 

Posted by MrBlowfish

Holy fucking shit! That dude (chick?) holding Claire was totally Thomas. And VJ foretold it all! They are the profets of the Lord! :)

Posted by Olivaw

God, it was so painful watching them go to George's house and have it be closed.
And knowing Japanese game design, that was last chance they had to get the radio.
Man that's a bitch and a half.

Posted by artofwar420

Game just got that more awesome. I kinda... like it?

Posted by Nux

Persona 4 references 13, 14

Posted by AllanIceman


Posted by MachoFantastico

that was one brilliant episode. Francis York Morgan is the new Nathan Drake. 

Posted by drumpsycho89
@AllanIceman: my thoughts exactly!!!! woop woop!
Posted by FirstBossCutman

Ok, the videos are really messing up, what is going on? I need my daily VJ!

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