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Yes! that was epic! I'm going to miss these :( 

Edit: looks like I was first too!, err am i supposed to get an achievement for this too? cas' I didnt!!
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That was quite the fall.

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Damn I was close too! All right, I'm never trying to do this again.

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Let's do this. I want to see some Emily action!

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 cat fight! 
Ha! and I was just guessing that'd be the tagline. I'm awesome.

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Wrapping it up?

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Wow, not even close.

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hahaha, oh you guys.
Could this be the thrilling conclusion?

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YES I have been waiting for this episode since the start of the ER.

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There were 0 videos uploaded.  I updated my status.  Suddenly there were two uploaded and both already had comments.  I ****ing hate this quest.
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Getting exciting.

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Light 'em up Emily. 

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Emily's music sounds like it should have been the battle music in Persona 4 :D

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Time for one of the best death scenes in video games ever!

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God damn I'm sick of the first page being reserved for quest hunters...

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already 17 comments?!  u guys are nuts!  but i love u

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Holy shit, that death scene... Christ
That was...creative?

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woot! :D  seems like were getting close to the end.

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ooh that hook was fucking amazing

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I have the same knife at home :D

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Oh my god!

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Oh god. That death... XD

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I doubt this is the end.  I think everyone is going to believe Thomas is the Raincoat Killer, think the case is over with, and then Carole dies.

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Priceless reaction to that death.

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Emily should have been doing this the whole time 

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The character models when wet look like Hakan from Super Street Fighter 4.  "Looks like it's time to oil up!"
33:30: *sniff* my dad went the same way :(

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Damn, what a way to go Thomas. And to think, you could've made a living cooking biscuits.

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 Man, Emily's going to have a hard time explaining this afterward to the IA board.
"Let me get this straight, officer Wyatt- the suspect was shot, stabbed, thrown off a ledge, and impaled on a giant hook, and none of this is your fault?"
"Well, I did shoot at him a little.  The rest was an accident though, honest.  If you had to blame anyone, it would be that dog."
"I think we're done here."

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Damn, just when you think it's gonna go all "fall several stories, hit the ground floor and make a little pool of blood" this shit goes SWERY.

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Jeff: "Three."

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Medkits overload!!

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Fuck yes! Thomas's curtain call is amazing!!!

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wow... that hook death was pretty awesome and gruesome at the same time lawls.

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Oh God that ending! LMAO Best moment of ER yet, holy crap!

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that dog ain't got no parts

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OH GOD....that death was great.

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Anyone interested in farming First Aid Kits (Medium) ?

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Those first 12 minutes were the worst so far. Can you say boring?
EDIT: Wow. The rest was just awesome.

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BOSS FIGHT! Thomas goes insane! You play as Emily! Everything gets shaken up on the ER today!
Maybe they're right; Maybe the killer is George. It does seem to fit quite well. The main problem is when George was waiting with Emily those times when York went off into the Lumbermill. He couldn't have been in the Mill and waiting with Emily at the same time. 
Thomas bites the dust. His death was incredible as it was violently bizarre. In The Republic of San Lorenzo, that's a popular mode of execution.
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it woulda been faster if vinny just locked onto him.

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Best death for a character since Dennis Hopper's decapitation in Speed.

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I have a feeling Brad's gonna have some trouble with that boss fight.
It's just a feeling.

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Hahaha oh god, I nearly lost it laughing watching Thomas eat that hook right in the face.
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Clearly Emily has what it takes to do the zombie squad.

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That death was just amazing,lol. Probably one of the best moments of the ER so far...or one of them.