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Posted by Vlaphor

C'mon guys, you can finish off the boss in this update.  I remember this boss being pretty easy (and I remember the previous boss kicking my ass hard).

Posted by CactusWolf

Yeah. This was one of the simplest bosses in the game.
I'm interested in where it's going to go from here.
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Any idea when they release a new one?  I need to stay up for another three hours, so if it comes out before then...neat.

Posted by baller23

Centenarianth episode is coming up

Posted by Winternet
@Vlaphor: 6am PT so in 3h30min

I don't think they will fight the boss today. Today they'll get to the door and bounce out and hopefully go home, so that they can come back tomorrow and make Tam Lin and fight the boss.

Edit: They either fight the boss or they encounter naoto in one of the floors and they..Oh My God I don't believe they fused that!

And a new Not Like This episode too. Apparently they do find other people.
Posted by TheMikelGuereca

I hope this episode is around thirty minutes, I like when the Endurance Run follows the confines of an actual television show.

Posted by Thomper
@archsoldier1 said:
" I hope this episode is around thirty minutes, I like when the Endurance Run follows the confines of an actual television show. "
Tough luck, it's 80 minutes. Think of it as a feature movie presentation thing?
Posted by Orbi

79 minutes and the boss! Sounds like a great episode.

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Posted by Hamst3r

Haha. Damn. I'm going to need to get some snacks for this feature length film.

Posted by MatthewMeadows

My heart belongs to Giant Bomb. The Ashes + hour plus ER = :)

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Charlie: *sigh*

Vinny, Morrowind had Skooma.  It's like their version of moonshine.

P4 added to Yashichi, as requested Jeff. :P

Wait, Naoto's a...a....GIRL!?  NO F'N WAY!!!!  Bum-bum-bummmmmmm!!!!!

Sweet, a week of fusing and S. Linking.  Time to bust out the social deck!  Don't turn anyone down when they approach you to hang out, because you'll get bonus link points.

Posted by RagingLion
@MatthewMeadows said:
" My heart belongs to Giant Bomb. The Ashes + hour plus ER = :) "
Good call.  Exactly what I'm enjoying now.
Posted by Venatio

I thought that Naotos boss was the easiest one of all, 79 minute episode is awesome!

Posted by KaosAngel

Thank you.  It's 10PM, I can watch this and go to bed.  Thankee sai.  :)

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Posted by Godlovesugly

Really this is only episode 108 seeing as the last video doesn't work.

Posted by CitizenKane

Yes, another really long ER episode!  *Yip*

Posted by MatthewMeadows

It did for me?
Posted by Kowbrainz
@Godlovesugly said:
" Really this is only episode 108 seeing as the last video doesn't work. "
It's been fixed...
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Soma is also the name of one of the Smashing Pumpkins best songs.

And you can never have too many of them for the tough boss fights.

Posted by Morridin

Remember that you can use the Menu button to instantly get out of any menu page you're in. Saves you a lot of backpedalling :)

Be carefull on Charlie's Persona page though, cos it's the same button that let's you discard Personae.

Posted by moji22

Holy crap, nice work on toughing it through that fight....

Posted by NoDeath

Dayum. God hand really does something, huh?

Posted by baba2

God's Hand is no joke.  XD

Great episode so far.

Posted by NoDeath

The level cap is 99, takes a lot of grinding if you wanted to get past 85 by the end of the game.

Posted by Curufinwe

Or you can you use the leveling trick.

Posted by Hitchenson

80 minutes? Oh hell yes.

Posted by Winternet

80 mins? Oh god. my exam tomorrow is already compromised. Bye bye Economic History.

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Agidyne + Mind Charge = 27 SP for two rounds, about 200 damage
Agidyne + Agidyne = 24 SP for two rounds and about 300 damage.
Smoke that robot!

The Smashing Pumpkins have a song called Soma.   I enjoy it greatly.

Posted by Swoxx

yay 80min! :) love you guys!

Posted by Intrepid

LOL Vinny! That ema request for a free dungeon heal made me lose it

Posted by rjayb89

LOL Abaddon.

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@CitizenKane said:
" Yes, another really long ER episode!  *Yip* "
im surprised on how far they ve made it in such a short time id figure where we are now we d be at rises dungeon still but no they really put some time into it and now were entering endgame status

hope u guys get the true ending route
Posted by AteBitHero

Oh, my f*cking yes! 79 minutes!!!

Posted by TwoOneFive

im kind of sad that i NEVER followed any of this. 

i am not a big rpg fan though, so i never was interested and got bored watching it once. 
o well.
Posted by Revenant86

Hey guys i just Really want you to know that everything we've done in the endurance Run will be for nothing if you dont Save on Dec 2nd. JUST DO IT in case u get the bad ending u can reload the save.

Posted by Myomoto

Guys, mind charge stays until you use it, you can even swap personas with it on.

Posted by watkinzez

I laughed far too much at the front page image.

Posted by ToxicFruit

oh god its a long one

Posted by skippyscissors

Endurance Run T-Shirt #872: Don't Miss 

Posted by Jazz

I used that frontpage dude for ages in Devil Survivor until he got supplanted by Lucifer...

ahhh not so long ago memories
Posted by TheLawnWrangler

JESUS that picture scared me (the frog) lol

Posted by Morridin

About the Abaddon thing; Each time you fuse there's a very small chance the fusion will go wrong and you'll receive a random persona. So if you've pulled out a few expensive ones for a big fuse it's always best to save ;)

Posted by KillaMaStA

Wow, frog thing is awesome.

Posted by Godlovesugly
@Kowbrainz: oh awesome!
Posted by Agent_Lost

oh finally, they clear a dungeon early, the chill out mode right now will be very long.

Now that this dungeon is done, we can start screaming about the school festival.

Posted by Six

im glad you finally had a fuse go wrong and fall off the table, it happened to me a couple of times

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Congrats guys!

Remember, if you want to link up all the way with Naoto, you have to start immediately and hang out with Naoto every time she's available.

Did they beat the dungeon in 2/3 days? That means there's a looooong time of social linking ahead!

Posted by CrazyNinja

That messed up fuse was pretty awesome, and the result wasn't even that bad. Nice job on the boss as well.