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I've never made a first comment before and I hope this doesn't count, but I just wanted to say it's great to see the Endurance Run going this long! Your funny comments are on par with The Escapist's stuff.

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I had a  great weekend, thanks Vinny! Guess what? I went to bed early, and possibly had a good dream!

And experienced gameplay again... for the first time.
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Monday.  Patience.

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Monday is Tuesday for me due to time zones.  :(

Oh well, I just hope Jeff and Vinny promise to beat the game.  It'll be the most hilarious 80 hours in gaming history.  Hoping that they are just as strong as the 10 before.  :D

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Monday!? I thought they were doing it on weekends, too! Damn.

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From the Part 12 video, some guy posted you guys can DL it from their servers directly.

Part 11 http://media.giantbomb.com/video/vf_persona4_11_700.flv
Part 12 http://media.giantbomb.com/video/vf_persona4_12_700.flv

I'm DLing it now, it's 3 a.m. here, LOL, thanks Giant Bomb for all the hard work.  I'll keep watching every new episode.  Also, thanks for Supermarius, for the links.

Keep up the work Giant Bomb!

Edit:  Vinny, can you please move Charlie with the stick and not the D-Pad, driving me insane with how he walks in perfect lines.  >_>

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I'll endure the temptation.  I need these videos to get me through the weekdays.

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dude, that's cheating.

but they should put videos up 7 days a week.

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Another great episode.

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Man, I already saw 11 and 12. Now I have nothing to look forward to on Monday and Tuesday :(.

And yea, Vinny, getting used to the left analog stick for movement would make the game feel a lot more natural, trust me. Especially when you're forced to move the camera around all the time.

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Just a suggestion...you might want to start keeping multiple save files.  I alternate between 7, myself; one for every day of the in-game week.  I'm paranoid like that.

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dude?! Vinny uses the d-pad? SPOILERS!?!?

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Fusion = Taking Persona cards you collect and combining them to form higher level Persona cards.

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Personas 101:

I'm sure Igor will ramble on about this before it's an issue, but a lot of it comes from reading material you probably don't want anyway.

Okay.  Charlie has one persona now, Izanagi.  But when you get into regular enemy fights, you sometimes will get new ones with different abilities.  Charlie's "wild card" thing lets him switch personas freely, so if you fight an enemy weak to fire and you have an enemy with a fire skill, you should switch to it and use it.

Once you get back to the Velvet room, you can fuse almost any two or three personas into a new one.  These new ones often have a higher level than the old ones with betters stats and skills, and it inherits some of the skills its "parent" persona have.  However, you can't make a persona with a starting level higher than Charlie's.  For example, Charlie's level is currently only level 4, so if you see two personas fuse into a level 6 guy, you can't make him yet.

Another advantage to fusing personas is that they gain free levels after you make one, based on your social link.  Yosuke's S. Link is Magician, so if you make a magician persona right now, it will get a free level.  However, the skills a fused persona get are random, so I recommend you try to fuse one, see what skills it gets, and then cancel out (de-selecting all personas) and trying again to see if you prefer the difference.  Sometimes it takes a while to get the best combination of random skills.

I hope this isn't too spoiler-y, but you did ask, and believe me, this stuff takes a while to learn.

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Hey, we've reached the turning point. The X button can take a break while you move around with the D-Pad or control stick. Heh.

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Great videos guys. Love it.

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Oh snap, gameplay.

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Thanks for the Amazon link. I totally took advantage of it!

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You are NO FOOL. You just bought the best jRPG in several years, and the PS2's swan song. And for cheap!

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Why would you keep 7 saves? That sounds crrrrazy

Posted by mad4it89

These videos are awesome

Posted by LordAndrew

If you really get stuck and don't save someone in time, Igor can send you a week back in time. You shouldn't have to take advantage of that though, because the game gives you plenty of chances. You don't need multiple saves.

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You can only carry a certain amount of personas at any given time, and fusing personas together frees up space and leaves you with better ones than before. 

Fusing personas together might seem confusing at first but it becomes clearer after you try it out a bit. And once you develop some social links past 4 or 5 levels you can create some pretty devastating new personas with spells and levels you normally wouldn't have access to.
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Fuuusiooon ha! Charsuke is born.

Another great episode guys, keep going!
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Go Vinny, Go!

If these videos are available on the server before they're made to go live, is that why the newest don't float to the top of the list?  That makes finding the new stuff even harder.
Or is that Google Chrome? (See my Yahoo Everything in Google Chrome pic for what I mean)


keep up the great videos.

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Yukiko's appearance on the Midnight Channel confused the hell out of me, this game just gets weirder and weirder.

@strangeling: That's something I've noticed recently too, I just figure it's some kind of bug that needs fixing since it wasn't happening before.

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Yukiko's got some pent-up sexual frustration goin' on.

I just double checked in IE, it's the same.
I think it may be ordering them by the time they're put on the server instead of the time they go live.
Posted by LordAndrew

That's definitely what's happening. You can see it in the numbers that are in the URL. For example, that I Love Monday video was apparently posted several days ago, but not made available for viewing immediately. New videos were posted since then, making the Monday more easy to miss.

Posted by Anviltongue

'Cause that's how I roll.

Seriously, I'm paranoid about corrupted saves (old memory card) and having enough wiggle room to grind a bit.  I'm also a touch OCD and like to know that if I make a mistake that I read about later I can go back and fix it.

I've been known to sit through 30 minutes (or more) of cut scenes and dialogue several times just to get one of the classroom questions right, if that gives you any hint of my mental state.

Posted by LordAndrew

If you're worried about corrupted saves, you should be using separate memory cards. If it becomes corrupted and you can't access your save data, I doubt you'll be able to access the other saves either.

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Jeff, addition to this can you make another daily video routine? With Vinnie next to you as commentary.

Or Brad and Ryan. It's all good.

1 online Street Fighter IV match a day please.

So we all know what your ID is and we get to whoop your rear end in public. Just send message for their approval for airing it or something, and most people will agree to it.

Pretty please?

If that happens.... Giantbomb.com will be greatest ever.

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Jeff and Vinny, here are some more fusion tips!

You can pick up extra Persona while doing a dungeon crawl via the Shuffle Time minigame. As you fill out the compendium (by fusing new persona types), you increase the amount of persona you can carry at one time, up to 12. Try to keep one persona for each element, and persona of the arcana of your different social links.

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Okay...these videos are awesome but this game seems very boring...I want to see some fighting already.

Posted by Vinny
1 online Street Fighter IV match a day please. 

TriangleHard, get out of my brain! Look for these in the next day or two. My arcade stick is in the mail. Wow, that was weird.
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100% hilarious start.

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Yeah, good going and finally some gameplay :D

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Alright!!! looking forward to next few days!!!

BTW, you guys using PS3 or 360 or both? Because I have PS3 and would love to fight you guys.

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Dude. Young Detectives voice sounds like Vash the Stampede's. Wonder if it's the same actor.

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No worries my friend. It's true that it does take awhile to get started but once it does, oh man. You'll have all the dungeon crawling you can ever ask for!
I actually got bored with the dungeon crawling in P3 trying to level up.
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First!  You guys are hilarious and awesome, also, I know video 12 isnt officially out until Tuesday, but I feel you need to be yelled at for your tactics anyway.

1) You will probably want to manually control characters in boss fights, as it is the only way to make them guard on command.  A character who is guarding won't be knocked over due to being hit by a weakness, and the enemy will not gain any extra turns from the attack,  ie when [spoiler] is 'looking at Yosuke' he should guard, so its subsequent attack won't knock down and subsequently stun him.  This means he can use Garu on his next turn before it puts up green wall, allowing you to dogpile it.

2)  Stat buffs are your friends,  any spell ending in -kaja (stat-up) or -nda (stat down) will be the best thing you have for bossfights, as they always work, and raise/lower the respective stat by 40% thereabouts for the next three turns.  Rakunda deserves a special mention as it lowers defense by a massive amount and works on bosses.

3) Everytime an attack knocks down an opponent, (either by hitting a weakness or by being a critical hit) you get an extra turn.  You don't get this extra turn if you're hitting an already downed opponent.  Enemies who are downed will remain so until their next turn, unless they have been stunned (Stunned opponents lose a turn and take extra damage from attacks).  If ever enemy is downed at once, this leads to an all out attack.  A better tactic against multiple opponents is generally to magically knock them down one by one and murder them all with an all out attack, as opposed to killing them one at a time

4)  Square button will give you information on all skills, personae, ect, learn to love it

Sorry if any of this sounds harsh, but I've been playing this for 200+ hours (2 playthroughs) and the [spoiler] made me cringe.

Posted by Tarsier

hahah this game is so hilariously bad =p

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EndlessMike, you're right. It's Johnny Yong Bosch. He also does what little the main character says.

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@TriangleHard & Vinny


Spoilers, dude.
And I like watching them figure this stuff out as they go along.  You had to do the same thing when you first played it, right?
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Yeah it's SWEET!!!!!!!!!

and yeah it's a spoiler. I wanted to see them getting their rear end whooped in P4

Posted by papero2

You guys should go back to the brewery (the place where you fought yosuke`s shadow). There is a awesome weapon hidden there =P

Posted by Milkman

Dude, what the fuck? Yukiko totally just grabbed her vag.

Posted by Neverwinter27

^ excellent. Can't wait to see her Shadow / Slut side.