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I come from the distant future to tell those of the wonders that will occur during this Endurance Run.

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They will play Persona 4, and they will either get to a save point, or die.

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Brosuke, not you!

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I haven't seen two of these empty ones up in a while.  Are there going to be two parts tomorrow(Friday), one one up on Saturday or maybe it's just a really early page for Monday's episode?
Inquiring minds want to know!

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This is very troubling.

Posted by Dany

They do the endurance run monday through friday and record some episodes early

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@Dany: They record all of the episodes early.
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This page is up 4 days before the actual episode goes up? Wow. I have a feeling they died facing the boss and called it an episode then started recording this one. Hopefully they beat it this time.  
I actually thought the Heaven boss was easy. It was the earlier bosses like Kanji's (which jeff and vinny beat in 1 try I think) that took me a few tries.
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@CitizenKane: Semantics, schematics! ;)
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Why did this pop up on the front page? They specifically said that the next one would be on monday.
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time vortex!!!!!!!!!!

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Hmmm, I sense a disturbance.....

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Giant Bombers in Time - Re-Bombed
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Woah what is this

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They have the footage ready to go, but I don't know why it's this early.  This is the first time I've seen this type of strange happenins.

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The frontpage image link for episode 125 isn't up, so they might have just made a minor mistake and placed the 126 one.

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Why is it on the front page when it's not done?

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Persona 4 Endurance run:  Personas in Time

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Urgh get bent!

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For the sake of this fight they might be prepping a special episode. Though that could be wishful thinking. Either way I got excited again just like the last empty video, only to be shut down. :(

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2 episode day yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (i know, i know)

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Well this is weird.

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Hey Drew maybe your finger could slip and accidentally give us the video today? Please?

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I just finished watching Friday's ep and now I am coming to you from the future to tell all of you people who say to 'do this and you win': GET BENT!!!!!!!

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You've created a time paradox!

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i was actually suprised at not getting Rick Rolled when clicking on the link

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most episodes are done at least 1 day in advance and this allows for post editing stuff also hope this goes up today and not some other day like monday lol dont want to wait the weekend for my persona fix :O

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Perhaps we can get a double dose of Endurance Run for the weekend?

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Why are is episode 126 up in the nav, that epi would come on monday
2 episodes?

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Early release? Please?

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YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON!!!!!!!!!!! Release this episode now dont tease people like this by putting up the header for 126 on the front door only to have them wait till monday  thats a harsh move if you do that we wanna see you guys kick namatames ass!!!

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Obtener doblados!

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come on dont tease us users like this youve completely broken the cycle now  release 126 today!!!

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We demand the double-header!

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Vinny cast a Bufu on us all.

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It's monday ALREDY!?!? HOW LONG WAS THAT NAP?!?!?
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2 Endurance Runs on my day off?

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the cycle is broken

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Also, they have said they almost always record the Monday ER on Friday.
Most likely the front page header was a mistake, but here's hopin Vinny will be a pal.

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Early release ftw?

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@mrfluke: There was never an illusion, it was always known that they recorded early, the videos come up on the site 6 am their time.
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Really hoping they release this episode today!

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use moar mediarahan

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@raikoh05: no use giving advice on the battle because they probably already filmed their rematch already
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"Oh, oops,  my bad. I guess I should put the video up then, too."

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OH GOD how did I get here

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they added the shadow complex quick look header , and the 126 header is still there on the front page as well.... so 126 will be released 2day MAYBE? 
EDIT: never mind folks  126 header has been taken off guess were waiting till monday