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Creepy, no?

Posted by DanielJW

Why does every future Endurance Run have a horrifying video waiting for me!!!

Posted by NoDeath
@DanielJW said:
" Why does every future Endurance Run have a horrifying video waiting for me!!! "
Its the new 'I'm coming from the future".
Posted by Donkeysraliens

mmmm....i sense some sort of boss fight in this one....dont ask me why, nothing to do with looking at the screen shots or anything because that would be cheating, and cheaters never prosper, unless their participating in a race, those cats are fast! (and thus ends todays terrible pun, all i can do is apologize, and i know that wont be enough).

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Edit: Nvm that. It's kinda too bad that the rest of the ED will be almost pure fighting ;I

Posted by Erik

Future keeps on getting awesome!

Posted by Insectecutor

Posting in the comments before the page even hits the site could be considered a sign of chronic ER addiction.

Posted by Droop
@Insectecutor:  Physician, heal thyself.
Posted by Insectecutor
@Droop said:
" @Insectecutor:  Physician, heal thyself. "
I'm glad the irony got through.
Posted by Gav47
@Vigorousjammer: That Satan sure is a stand up guy ^_^
Posted by Dethfish

I've gone further into the future and discovered the terrifying truth.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

A surprise guest drops in for a king fight!

Posted by eldiax
@Dethfish77:  What is wrong with you?? Posting such an enormous spoiler here!
Posted by KillaMaStA

its up!!!!

Posted by Crocio

Ah, got here just in time!

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curley mustache? if he is not the true killer who is? 
Posted by Droop

Thar she blows!

Posted by Crushed

*Rise tells them that the Tank is immune to Physical.*
 "Cut the tank."

Posted by Joemoe

epic win 140

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Alright, Seekers of Truth GO TIME!!!!
Good episode, guys.  Way to kick ass.

Posted by Blair


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@Insectecutor said:

" Posting in the comments before the page even hits the site could be considered a sign of chronic ER addiction. "  

What?  Who told you about my cronic ER?   
I can get a boner no problem.  It's a lie.
Posted by JJWeatherman
@Dethfish77 said:
" I've gone further into the future and discovered the terrifying truth.

lol, that's great man.
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If the character is 10 or more levels below what you're fighting, they get 4x exp. That bonus slowly gets lower as they close the gap from 10 levels below to your current level.
You guys can still use everyone, just run em though the dungeon a bit, isn't going to take nearly as long as you guys think.
Teddy imo is a better healer end-game, because he gets +def party and +atk party in addition to heals and cure. Kanji gets the best physical attack out of anyone you can pick from for your party. Naoto is well.. whatever for bosses, but is alright for dungeons.
Also: Get rid of Rangda already, it has no agility. Persona's stats won't keep up with stats you can have off new personas. You can just fuse off it's repel physical onto something else.

Posted by Agent_Lost

That one sweet ring

Posted by Annev0
@Dethfish77:  LOLLLLL Thats awesome
Posted by ahoodedfigure

Yes, Jeff, Orson Welles was The Shadow.
"Get straightened and go to heaven, winner!"

Posted by Zeouterlimits

Man, poor Chie.

Posted by Urmean

Awesome, now you guys need to go to Magatsu Inaba!

Posted by Vamino

Hey guys, that "Poison" you had on Yosuke in the boss fight there was hitting his SP, NOT his HP. Making the ~30 numbers you were seeing rather more worrying.

Posted by lordog


Posted by NickNorman

"Oh my god it's a rainbow! "
 "Patient collar...bravery vessel?"
"Sounds like a sex toy."
Sometimes I want to hug Dave. 
Oh, and kickass picture, @Dethfish77. I knew Vinny was in on it! That's why he's always missing his player advantage hits and breaking his pact with Jeff!

Posted by artofwar420

*squinty eyes*

Posted by mrbasehart

I'd like to see them grind just a little more, if nothing else to be able to fuse Trumpeter, who helped me enormously in the next dungeon. 

Posted by Scooper

I enjoyed Dave as the guest spot. More fun timeessss during the fighting. I prefer just Vinny and Jeff for S.Link episodes but for fighting this is better.

Posted by Sarumarine

Yay! Dave got to see some bonus boss killing action, finally! I believe you've made up to him with that whole king thing. 
Now, Adachi awaits!

Posted by RelentlessKnight

Should of use Black Frost for that boss battle.

Posted by IchiroYagiza

Another good episode.
Posted by CitizenKane

Dungeon boss time!!! 

Posted by Nomin

Well they can forget about getting freebies from Skullcandy.
Posted by ghostNPC

great episode

Posted by Wright

I suddenly want to throw out my skull candy ear buds.

Posted by JohnnyMcmillen

Put the ring on yosuke godamn!

Posted by MeatSim

It's cool when Dave comes down and we get a 3 man commentary crew. I liked his D&D comparison question, if Yukiko is the cleric and Chie is the monk what everybody else then.

Posted by Dolphin_Butter
@CitizenKane: That juggling emoticon is SO cute! :)
Posted by Brackynews

Jeff's Seal Bomb joke was COLD. ICE COLD. Not cool man!

Posted by Ben_H

Skull Candy headphones are terrible.  The sound quality is not that good.  All you're paying for is the looks and even they aren't that good looking.

Posted by Pappasman

Fire emblem is awesome.

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On leveling: Although annoying, Persona 3 had a good exhaustion element, in which a character would get tired and therefore hit less frequently for less, so it was a good indication to trade out characters. That's how I got to level 75 by the end and everyone else was about 70. Made the final battles extremely easy.
EDIT: You guys really need to fuse away your useless personas. Rangda and Black Frost are useful to a degree, but their low level is really hurting your offensive ability. Fusing a level 65 Persona, plus Social link could easily net you a 70-72 level Persona, which would be much better than the 57(?) Rangda is at. Hell, you're still using Zionga!

Posted by Carlos1408

Dave finally got to see a boss battle. :D Awesome episode as always!
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