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Posted by KarasuTengu

The future of the future is in the future, future future future.
Edited by AllanIceman

The past? 
Only 13min, but the next Ep. will be EPIC I'm sure!  
Adachi is going to feel the hand of god!

Posted by Gav47

*He watches the ER

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THE F'ING FUTURE!  Make this one count, Yosuke!

Posted by Winternet
@Gav47 said:
" RICH GALLUP*       *He watches the ER "
Yosuke, the ER rests on your hands.
Posted by Droop

Vinny Caravella, he casts Bufu on things.

Posted by FLStyle

If you're watching Mr Gallup just saying hi :D
Let's get on with the show!

Posted by Orbi

Wow, 13 mins. Short.

Posted by Sanj

Aahhh, i was hoping today would be the day.
Posted by Dynamitekyle

ER Time.

Posted by Scooper


Posted by iAmJohn

Argh what a cocktease! :(

Posted by babblinmule

Persona time folks!

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Hey, maybe you'd miss less with Chie if you upped her hit %.  Like with better shoes, perhaps?

Posted by neon123

Yeah.. they should put on shoes that don't miss 1/4th of the time.

Posted by FrozenPhoenix

Yeah... Charge that Endurance Run to a bitch.
Posted by RagingLion

Looks like it's going to get real tomorrow.

Posted by Winternet

Oh what a teaser! They could have done this today. Oh well, we'll be back tomorrow. Endurance Run 4ever.

Posted by Crushed

They're not gonna S. Link Max with Kanji, are they. :(

Posted by Agent_Lost

oh there finally there.

Posted by eduardo
@FLStyle said:
" If you're watching Mr Gallup just saying hi :D  Let's get on with the show! "
He said he didn't read comments, but then again... :P
Posted by Happy

Investigation Team strike a pose, cause shit just got REAL.

Posted by WrenchNinja
@Crushed said:
" They're not gonna S. Link Max with Kanji, are they. :( "
I wish they would. It would have been nice if they at least got all of the party members done. Plus Kanji's S-Link is probably the most upbeat and funniest at the end.
Posted by allhailthetv

They don't know about the time skip once you beat the boss!

Posted by BenderUnit22

Any bets on how many tries they're gonna need for this?

Posted by Nasos100

Go Endurance Run!!!

Posted by moji22
Great, Adachy baybaay!!! fight tomorrow!
The next fight is pretty tough... I'm betting 2 tries, but the guys seem like they know what they're doing by now, so they may even win it on the first try.
Posted by Sarumarine

Big things could be happening tomorrow. Suspense is a bitch.

Posted by amino
@BenderUnit22 said:
" Any bets on how many tries they're gonna need for this? "
They will win in one try only.The battle should be a cakewalk.
Posted by FelixLighter

It's no wonder Rich Gallup is hooked on the Endurance Run.  Once the ER sinks its claws into you, there really is no getting away.   I never considered watching it in the beginning because I'm really not a huge JRPG fan but for some reason I checked one out after it was mentioned in a Bombcast and it completely sucked me in.  After 20 or so episodes I felt compelled to pick up the game and play it myself, even though a big chunk of the game was already spoiled for me.  Now I've passed them and finished the game.  Never underestimate the power of the Endurance Run.
Someone needs to compile a best of the ER video.  So many great moments over the 90 hours.

Posted by Vorbis

Hope they will grind another 3,000 xp so they can learn Heat Riser.

Posted by Zackd789

Guys PLEASE Don't go to Dojima's house! Get the True Ending!

Posted by Gnauga

Beating Adachy-baby will jump you to the 23rd, so beat it at the 22nd for extra S-link or grinding.

Posted by RVonE

Guys, you're missing a lot with Chie because of her shoes. Get some better shoes on her so you won't waste a ton of God's Hands.
Posted by Smashlampjaw

Its the final countdowwwwwwn.

Posted by Konanda

The only way to fuse Norn is by fusing a certain three Fortune persona in a triple fusion being Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. Also you have seen Atropos in a Shuffle in the current dungeon she had the weird hat thing around her head and sicssors.
Posted by amino

Tomorrow is going to be a second last episode I think...Tomorrow is boss battle and Friday is a little bit cut-scene + credits.

Posted by ashbash

It's the beggining of the end!

Posted by mythrol
@iAmJohn said:
" Argh what a cocktease! :( "
I know! I'm not used to 13 min. ep. anymore.
Posted by Yui

Persona! :)

Posted by MeatSim

Oh man shits about to get real, unless they spent the week their about to waste S-linking which would be cool too but whatever.

Posted by KingBroly

150 would make a cool ending episode.  149...would be odd.

Edited by Sticky_Pennies

I actually hope they avoid the "true" ending. 150 episodes sounds just right.

Posted by dbz1995

Dudes, you guys are pretty awesomely close to Kohryu. He is a pretty good Persona; try and get him.

Posted by Renegade
@dbz1995 said:
" Dudes, you guys are pretty awesomely close to Kohryu. He is a pretty good Persona; try and get him. "
Yes! He is awesome, I got him as soon as I could. But really, they can get whatever they see fit, would be neat to see them make different choices.
Posted by zappolynk88

i miss the 80 minutes episodes , seriously 14 minutes?
come on guys , i miss the good old days when i made a bucket of popcorn and watched the endurence run as a comedy movie ( seeing Jeff's  soul slowly being eroded by persona 4 is hilarious )

Posted by Milkman

I refuse to believe this is the end. There have been too many false endings in this game to believe anything this game has to say.

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