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You really need to get some matching personas for the Social Links you want to do. It isn't necessary to do every link, not if you're just trying to beat the game, and considering you're pretty far from "optimal" timing anyway, I doubt you could finish them at this point anyway.

So yeah, the 5 social links that don't require a matching Persona are Fool, Empress, Hermit, Star, and Judgement, so if you don't like those personas, they aren't necessary to hold onto. Someone earlier said that if you want to skip the "sitting around talking scenes" with your social links, match your personas!!!

Also, when the game says you need to watch the midnight channel that night, you'll do it no matter what, so go ahead, eat the grass :)

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If you're interested in bumping more than one statistic at a time, and have some cash to burn, you can check out the chinese diner on a rainy day to try their beef bowl challenge. It'll improve 3 skills simultaneously.

To hit the Temperance link, you need to go to work, so it's a triple benefit, Understanding, cash, and S.Link points.

If you've got a pending cutscene in your room and wanna eat something in the fridge, go ahead and do it. You'll just warp up to the room and continue as normal. The day will skip anyway, so you've gained a free courage boost.

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Whenever there are days when you have to watch the TV, the game forces you to watch it regardless of what you do. So it's a good to eat whatever is in the fridge on those days. It's just like getting free courage without wasting the rest of your night.

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I love it when Ryan says this game is teaching you guys some messed up stuff after Jeff said once again, "popularity leads to intimacy"

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Hahaha, beyond christ. That would be a sweet opening line by that stupid deep voice movie trailer narrator guy. "IN A LAND BEYOND CHRIST..."

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Awesomeness, Ryan should be a permanent adition to this endurance run! :O

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Great episode.

Shame you finally got to make food and didn't get lucky and pick the right choice to make something tasty that would raise a S.Link and give you Bait x3.

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@TheHendenpeter: Dude, NO! Fox is a girl? FROG LEAPS?? Stop ruining this.

And moar Ryan plz.

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Aw damn.  You guys coulda got free courage by eating that grass since there was a unmissable Midnight Channel bit that night.

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If you do well on the test (after the results are posted) talk to Dojima he'll give you a present.

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YES! Forty minutes! I love long Endurance Runs.

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awesomeness. Ryan in the mix Toooo!
Best episode so far ^_^ cant wait till the next.

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It's funny how focused Jeff is at doing something and how distracted Vinny gets with other things. We need more cameos from the Giantbomb staff during the Endurance Run Power Hour!

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Yes! Keeping it real fresh here at the Giantbomb with a nice little threesome. Good episode but I just want to see the biker dude. A friend has been telling me for weeks about this guy.

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The next few episodes are going to be incredible.

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You totally should have eaten the grass. That night's Midnight Channel is a story event, and it will happen either way. It says that he should go to bed early, but he stays up and watches the Midnight Channel anyway.

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When you guys go work on some ones social link you should bring a matching persona. The S.Link gets bonus experience that way. That way it takes less time to level them up.

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Commentary dynamic is better with two people....or at least not with Ryan.

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I was waiting for others to join the party.

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Can't wait for the next few episodes.  Jeff and Vinny (and Ryan, if he sticks around) are gonna die laughing.

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This game just keeps getting better and better.  Knowing what is coming up with the next two members of the team, the camping trip, and the plot twists...  I can't wait.

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Totally thought the quote was from Nietzsche but apparently people are saying Descartes. Weird, never knew he talked about vice and virtue.

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The weapons of mass destruction are in this bowl?
Are you guys Top Chef fans?  I love that show!

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I really hope more people keeping jumping in like Ryan. It really helps add more comedic value. :)

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This was a great episode and Ryan did a great job even if he was not prepared for the awesomeness he encountered.  Can't wait for tomorrow's episode.

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Today's episode was awesome! Not only was it 40 min, but with Ryan on board it's even funnier. It looks like the Endurance Team has gained another member!

Jeff: "Part way, is that like 1st base? What are we talking about here? Is that like under the shirt, over the shirt?"

@ Venatio

Great idea! Guest stars rule.

@ TheHendenpeter

That was a very good analysis. The Endurance Run is also my favorite thing by far. And I was thinking exactly the same about how long it will take them and will P5 be out by then. I could've written it in my blog post but thought it would sound like criticism and decided not to. Maybe You wanna take a look at it?

@ Benderunit24

I sure hope so.

@ Mattalorian

I think You are correct.

@ Carlos1408

Yeah, totally. Maybe Brad and other GB staff can join as well.

@ HT101

I like the way You put it.
Imagine hearing this: (Hollywood action movie trailer voice) "But even he was not prepared for the awesomeness he encountered!" They should do it, I would buy it :)

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I cannot wait to see everyone's reaction to the next TV program. It's even more... colorful than the first.

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Don't worry Vinny, I was totally caught off guard when that stuff with Yumi happened in my game also.  At least you still have Chie.

But anyways, Kanji's finally coming to the Endurance Run!  And I can't wait to see the next few episodes.
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These endurance runs help me get up in the morning because I have something to anticipate

yes this is all i'm living for
Posted by Inuzagi

Awesome vid dudes. Can't wait for more.

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Damn, Ryan is smooth with the ladies.

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When it says "you feel your relationship is going to become closer soon" means that the next time you hang out with them the social link rank will go up

Posted by sdauz

what's so funny

Posted by SinGulaR

Great episode as always. YIP!!!

Posted by Annev0

Two of you were great, three is awesome! XD

Posted by Muffin_Hunter

"I gotta get it all over my face, about my fear of bugs...."
Why Vinny?... Why? xD

Posted by Crispain

This was the best episode, alot of stuff happened and we had Ryan! Hopefully he'll stay or make an appearance more often :D
Oh and 40min long, GREAT!

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Ryan rocks, and you should totally try to flirt with Yumi again. Chie is the better choice, and Ryan is right about how hot that young mother is, but Yumi is crazy, and crazy is golden. :P Go with the madness. She has daddy issues Vinny, and that will make your relationship all the crazier.

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haha jeff knows how to get the high school girls. and yeah... drama girls. you know whats up jeff xD

Posted by stephengotlost

Yey, a longer Endurance Run to make up the previous shorter one.

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Tomorrow in the game is May 16th, my birthday! If something badass doesn't happen, I will be extremely disappointed.

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Yes, is Ryan a keeper or what? It's gonna be even funnier because he didn't see the first 31 episodes so he'll have to guess what's going on. Great episode!

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Another day another hilarious endurance run. Keep it up

Posted by Agent_Lost

ahh, that was funny, I just can wait for jeff and vinny reaction went they see dungeon 2

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Ugh, having now played the game extensively its getting really frustrating watching you guys. I end up shouting "NOOO DON'T DO THAT! EAT THE GRASS, IT WON'T MATTER" and things of that nature. Oh well, the commentary remains humorous.

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Oh hell yes KANJI. This run just took a turn for the AWESOME.

Seriously, Kanji's the best character and a quote machine to boot. Not that that's hard when your competition is Yosuke and Yukiko(and Chie, but she's really not that bad), but still.

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You could've eaten the grass.

Posted by chogi

any chance for videos on iTunes for GB ever? I would love to watch endurance run marathons at work through my ipod if I had the chance

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btw, where is the curly haired chick i see on the background? you guys should hook up with her instead of chie

Posted by John

Yeah that drama chick seems like a handfull. Chie is were it's at really.