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Alright! First! :D Was cool I found this, but... no video :(.

Posted by Trilleong

What are YOU doing here?!

Posted by Hausdog

Dammit, third. What's the dl link?

Posted by empire_man

4th... if im lucky.

Posted by TheHBK

You knew this was gonna be a good one as soon as you see that pole dancing.  OH man, love the run!

Posted by Bokolino

the video is in now :D...23 min ...could be better :))))

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Woo! ReTarDedFisHy loves Endurance Run. And now Persona 4.
Keep 'em coming!

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Endurance Run makes me happy on the inside ^_^ It's so great listening to how you guys react to the game!

...... ps... anyone else disturbed that it's apparently legal to be a peeping tom in some parts of the world?????

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Is the video messing up about 13 minutes in for everyone else?

Posted by viklanderviking

This video is busted. About 10 minutes in everything starts getting weird.

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teddie denying???? shadow teddie?

The video is busted, Contact Luchadeer!!!!! Hell fix it

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Does the video become all messed up at 12:36 for anyone else?

Posted by Bokolino

the video is brokeen!!!

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I stayed home from work today, and was about to pull up Netflix on the 360.  Silly me; AM time is ER time!

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yea about 12 /13 minutes in the video gets all out of wack. Episode 50 was a curse.

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OMG I've played this game before, but damn, I can't believe I didn't notice the truck that passed by...

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Video broke at 10 mins for me

Posted by Hausdog

wtf@12:30, looks like the video wasn't well compressed after all.

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does everyone else get that retarded green messed up screen about 13 mins in?

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yah it whacked out for me too, in all honesty tho the amount of hours they have recorded and the amount of errors they have, its actually really really good capturing the amount of video they capture is ridiculous, so ill gladly take a few errors throughout every 50ish episodes

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The video screws up 13 minutes in. Green everywhere.

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dude, vid's corrupted about 10 mins in

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It's almost like they jinxed themselves with that "ep 50 behind the scenes" talking about how this whole set-up is susceptible to technical difficulties. This sucks... :-/

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Wow it's totally jacked.

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Man, that guy's still got an ichy crotch. Poor guy. :(

And indeed, at 13min the video bugs out, audio track's fine though.
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At around 10 minutes on the medium quality and around 12 minutes on the high quality the video jumps to a future segment with un-synced audio. I am guessing something got messed up during the long session of recording several episodes at the same time.

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Someone tell me when this is fixed, I wasted enough patience yesterday... *grumble*

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The video screws up after 13 minutes and you only get audio. That sucks.

Posted by Rourkey

thats kinda annoying... at least there is still audio

Posted by Intrepid

No! NO! NOOOOOOOOooooooooooo!

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Today, we're gonna push the limits of encoding & uploading, it seems.

Posted by MattBodega

Yeah, the video goes screwey about 13 mins in

Posted by FLStyle

Stop uploading broken videos!

Posted by Shadow

WOAH I'm tripping balls!

Posted by Castro

Crapped out on me as well. Those limits of Standards & Practices aren't gonna push themselves! What the deuce is going on?

Posted by zityz

Also, isnt vinny in New york? Hope drew can come through with this one!

Posted by diz

It goes all psychadelic at 12:36 for me too :^(

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The video is broken... I blame Standards and Practices.

Posted by Bokolino

THE Video said  - "ok u guys.....this is for the spoilers.....<KRANK>"

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Guess im good with just the audio for now.

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Well it is the video, just from later on in teh episdoe-they missed the part with Teddie in video and then it rejoins after they see Teddie.

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Persona are broked.

Posted by SinGulaR

Maybe the video should've been checked before uploading. 

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10:25 the video gets f -ed up :(

Posted by NickM

I'm seriously trippin here

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I think its kinda funny that when the video goes wonky on the high rez, Vinny says "see what you did, you ruined it!" lol

Also, anyone else notice that when Charlie is looking out the window before they watch the midnight channel, there is a box for a ps2 game on the side of the tv that looks A LOT like B-Boys?

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Is the video broken throughout? Or does it eventually sort itself out?

Posted by SinGulaR

Any one else see the Dharma logo flash up just before the video got messed up?