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Posted by Gamer_152

Sweet work on owning the king.

Posted by Curufinwe

Switch to a smaller tampon, Aion.  It might help you be less cranky.

Posted by Dethfish

Is there a reason why there's no ep 57 yet?

Posted by Alamun

Maybe they're intentionally holding it back a bit to drive Aion crazy? =P

Posted by ZoRzEr

No human should be put through the horror of reading through one of Aion's complaint comments.

Posted by Castro

Does anyone actually read what Aion has to say? I stopped a while back.

Posted by Turambar

Guys, quit feeding the troll.  Seriously.

Posted by samcotts

Aion is brilliant.

This wait for episode 57 is killing me.
Posted by LordAndrew

Turambar is right. Aion has admitted that he does this just to annoy us. Don't let him get to you. Just ignore him if you feel like he's being an asshole.

Posted by frenchdork

Aion for President

Posted by HaloElite

"Foolish little brother. If you want to kill me, hate me, detest me, and survive in an unslightly way. Run, run and cling to life. And then some day, when you have the same eyes as I do, come before me. "

Posted by Sheldon

Sure is episode 57 in here

Edited by HaloElite

If you type 'Part 57' into the video search, nothing will come up - not even the title. This means no episodes have been uploaded onto GB after 56, ready to go live, because in the past the title, if not an image from the episode, appeared in searches.

Maybe they've seen the nwgative comments and decided to stop?

Posted by Joey2683

From the way things look, there is going to be a Endurance Run Anonymous for you addicts.

Posted by Jeff

Hey, Vinny was out of town most of last week and we only recorded up to Monday. We just recorded today's a few minutes ago and it's going through the video processy thing right about neeeeeeow.

Posted by Aska

Cool, update from Jeff.

Posted by Milkman

You people are so goddamn stupid. Can we just disable comments for the Endurance Runs from now on?

Posted by Milkman

Especially fucking Aion, they do have other things to do in the office besides play Person 4 all day. So, no, they're not lazy, you twat. Also, nice use of "epic failure", douche.

Posted by gamer4life

thanks for the update jeff!

Posted by Unholyburger

I require ep 57.

Protip: Aion, you dont have to continue to watch these if you dont like them anymore.

Posted by Enns

Get bent.

Posted by Doubt

I agree with milkman.

awesome episode short but sweet, duders.
Posted by Castro

So, who else comes here promptly at 6am PST every day to check out the new episode of the endurance run?

Posted by Nasar7

Thanks Jeff, now I can stop checking back every 10 mins.

Posted by Mawryk

Nope. 11:50 MST to make sure it's loaded up for my lunch hour.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

"Hundreds of insults and Aion has shown no signs of quitting. Could it be that these insults only make him more resolved to irritate and annoy us...? NAH, I'll call him a douche, that ought to work."

Posted by Taler

I don't know about you guys, but Aion is an essential part of my ER experience.

Posted by samcotts

Agreed Taler. I always look for his comments after watching the Endurance Run videos.

Posted by MagikGimp

Is neeeeeeow the sound the video processy thing makes when videos go through it?

Posted by gamer4life


You need to go watch the movie Super Troopers, like right neeeeeeow

Posted by FlipperDesert

Cool to hear Jeff, I'll get back to Persona 3 in the meantime. \o/

 Seriously, Persona is wrecking my life.

Posted by AllanIceman

Thanks for the update Jeff.

Posted by dprabon

You are the man Jeff.

Posted by samcotts

Anyone have the slightest clue how much longer we'll have to wait? Refresing the video page every 5 minutes is becoming tedious.

Posted by GunRunner304

Jeff...could you please ban this Aion dude? He is a total killjoy and does nothing but troll this and all things that is the persona4 endurance run. 
Aion, just stop. I believe vinny said in last weeks bombcast in passing that they paid 150 dollars to get episode 50 repaired so it wasnt lost. If that would have been lost, the run would more than likely have been over since they cant replay anything since they have man-ed up and have only used a single save.  what a jerk.

Posted by samcotts

If you don't like Aion, ignore him. I find him entertaining, and he does occasionally say one or two useful things.

Posted by Taler

@GunRunner304, they probably have millions in VC funding dude. I think 150 for their most popular feature wouldn't be hard to come up with.

Posted by Red_Scarlet

Hey guys, congrats on beating the Contrarian King! Go go go!

Posted by Winternet

Well, how long those that neeeeeeow take?! Nevertheless, thanks for the update Jeff.

Posted by Plasma

Large files take longer to get down the tubes.

Posted by Alamun

If I'm not mistaken, they usually leave this process to happen overnight, which gives an indication of how long it takes...

Posted by Aska
Posted by Plasma

You've flaged Aion out of existance    D: !

People getting caging and defensive is the best part of the comments

Posted by Milkman

Ok, I overreacted a bit in my first post a bit. Sowrry. You guys aren't stupid! <3 Except Aion.

Edited by Muffin_Hunter

Apparently someone was bothered enough by my previous comment to get it removed. I don't know why, I was only commenting on the vid. You know what, I'll say it again because it bears (inside joke) repeating.


I think that's a fair statement to make in regards to this episode. People are getting way too fucking touchy over the ER lately. You people just need to RELAX and stop posting every 30 seconds when a new episode is late. A new episode will come. It always does. And if it doesn't...well, lets just not think of such an atrocity. >_>

Posted by strangeling

Go Vinny, Go!

Should have yelled at Dave to come over / down for the king fight.
Posted by Olivaw

Man why aren't you using Kanji, he uses a FOLDING CHAIR.
I wanna see his sweet wrestling moves!

Posted by Blueblur1

What a short episode! The King could have been easier if they used Tarukaja on Charlie instead of Chie and had Charlie use Phoenix's Garula. Oh well.

Posted by Gnome

It's too bad they never really used Kanji.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

They should at least check Kanji's skills and whatnot before not bringing him along. Of course, it's a little late to give advice at this point. Maybe they do later. (I hope so). 

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