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It isn't easy to make out, but it looks like they hang out with Ai today.  Can't wait!

Posted by Mijati

Hopefully it's up soon :)

Posted by SirThirdFilms

it's a good morning when there is some persona waiting for me

Posted by chronix

Woohoo :)

Posted by Baillie

Great ep!

Posted by Meltbrain

Weee. Persona time.

Posted by Aas

Perfect lenght! 

Posted by Dethfish

P4 ER is up early (and working) two days in a row?! Wow.

Another near 30 minutes episode too. Nice.

Posted by JammyJesus

Here we go lads....

Posted by Red

I have a feeling that they're gonna go to the hospital in this one.

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Hopefully soon the fox social link will allow them to get their SP restored for a more reasonable fee.

Posted by corgorav

Nice ep

Posted by Scooper

Inuendo all over the placeeeeeeeee......

Posted by TwoLines

Nurse is the Devil..

Posted by Slique

I love me some night nurse action.

Posted by Hairydutchman

Hot milf sex is coming!

Posted by Sarumarine

"Nurse of the Devil"
-Started a social link at the hospital.

Wow, did they just drop a GTA reference with the devil Nurse? That's crazy... crazy awesome! You should try to hit up the nurse as often as possible. I mean, you should go work there as often as possible... or something.

Posted by Taler

Booo, totally hate your lack of empathy for Yumi.

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Ending's messed up... it just cuts off all of a sudden.

Posted by Donkeysraliens

Meat Gum is people!!!! MEAT GUM IS PEOPLE!!!!!!

Posted by trophyhunter

actually to get with the nurse you have to say stop it and I have a girlfriend and all the no sex things to get sex with the nurse

Posted by Intrepid

Haha, the nurse social link caught me off guard the first time I saw it.  Awesome ep

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Charlie's new goal: Having the nurse of the devil chew his meat gum.


(you guys are going to leave the dungeon to the last minute again, aren't you? You should pop in there on rainy days at the least, since there's not a whole lot to do when it rains and finishing the dungeon makes your party member's social links available much more often)

Posted by endaround

Its not the party members, since there is always one available, its Dojima only shows up when there is no one to rescue.

Posted by Cygnus_X89

Wow, nice and early!

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Since it's been so long...*YIP!*

"You decided to spend the night rubbing one out to get rid of the blue balls."

Yo, play hard-to-get with the nurse; I bet that saucy minx is into it.

Posted by myketuna

lol. I don't think they lack empathy for Yumi, it's just they don't wanna deal with it. Chick got some mad problems, dawg.

Posted by Intrepid

Don't forget about checking the practice building too for Kanji!

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All these social link girls have some issues.

Posted by endaround

All of the regular SLs (ie non-story or not Empress or Hermit)  have issues.  The only one even close to being light is Chie's.

Posted by Mimakos

premarital sex bond..ahahahahahahhahahaa

Posted by frenchdork

At Yukiko

"smell my meat?" XD

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I would never want to swim in the Pis Pis River....

Posted by LordAndrew

When they come from the left, you shouldn't turn them down. You'll get bonus points for your Social Link if you accept.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Hell yeah, Keep going to the hospital!!!

Posted by Mars_Cleric

somethings not right with that nurse
stick with chie

Posted by Origina1Penguin
She's just a devil woman, with evil on her mind.  Beware the devil woman, she's gonna get you.  She's just a devil woman, with evil on her mind.  Beware the devil woman, she's gonna get you from behind.
Posted by skrutop

Oh yeah, and the next time y'all are doing a series of S. Links, you should grab Personas of all of the different Arcana (god that sentence sounds stupid when you say it out loud).  That way you're covered for 10 different S. Links.

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animal noises @ 19:40...


"paid and laid!" yes!

Posted by ThePath

vomit on Chies desk. LIKE A BOSS

Posted by papercut

Like a Boss

Posted by darkspirit138


I wonder who the Death Arcana is going to be...

Posted by OmegaRadium

Forget Funky Student, Devil Nurse is my new favorite supporting character!

Posted by NukeGoBoom

Ask Ai Out.
Like a Boss.
Get Rejected.
Like a Boss.
Swallow Sadness.
Like a Boss.
Eat some Meat Gum.
Like a Boss.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

I would totally hit that.


Posted by dagas

of course something isn't right with the nurse, that just makes it more exiting ^^

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Read some Emas
(Like a Boss)
Flirt with Nurses
(Like a Boss)
Bomb the Russians
(Like a Boss)
Ignore Drama Girl

In comparison, Persona 3 is super dark. I was actually pretty surprised, given I brought it from my experiences with the ER.

Posted by Reverseface

Dirty dirty nurse!!!

Posted by AllanIceman


Posted by TripMasterMunky

lol at the "don't matter i don't bite it" reference

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