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Flogging cows maties.

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wow, they've been really bad about these lately. I wonder if something's up.

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There really shouldn't be any complaining, these things are a luxury not a requirement for the site...

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War never changes

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"There really shouldn't be any complaining, these things are a luxury not a requirement for the site..."

Thats up to the user to decide if this is crucial to their GB experience or not. 
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yay it's up

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yeah it IS, yip

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Try to end an episode before the fog falls [around 7/10-7/11] or go ahread a few minutes after for your cliffhanger

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YIP! When there was the first power out i was like.. 'wtf?'

The Endurance Run ends on a power cut...no goodbye from Jeff and Vinny :(

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video ended about mid way through :( a little after the power outage part

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Nothing stops the endurance run mother fuckers (and maybe a censored version) t-shirts.  Bad ass

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Nothing stops the endurance run 

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yay yayyyyy

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The Endurance Run is up and now my Monday is full again.

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I love Jeff's emphasis on "Nothing stops the Endurance Run, motherfucker." Ryan's shouting was also really funny.

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haha ends in silence!

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Woo, good on ya guys. I hope you don't give up on this, because for some reason it's very entertaining. Good thinking with the ups too. You might want to make that a permanent setup for endurance run from now on. :P

Also, I've never played any persona games before, but it looks like there is enough room on the right of the screen for 5 party members. Can you have 5 or is it 4 only?

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That was just as awesome as it always is, power or no power. Hell, the first time it went out I thought it was funny as hell, "NOTHING STOPS THE ENDURANCE RUN, MOTHERFUCKERS!"

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NOTHING stops the Endurance Run!  Way to go at getting at least some action to us.  I'm guessing you gave up after that and are filming the next set today.  Nice to see what some Kanji action looks like.
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this truely is an Endurance Run in every sense...

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Oh thank god. My patience has been rewarded... 
Your love of Jeff and Vinny has increased!
You can now take a bullet for Jeff and Vinny!
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omgwtfbbq power outage

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You can actually check the Persona ingredients by pressing L1 and R1. You don't need to exit out of the fusion to check the Personas.

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@ Mcubed
Max you can have is four party members.

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Great job with the ps2 on the UPS :P

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You forgot to equip the knife proof vest on someone else!  Moar!

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lol @ power outages

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Dude awesome, Persona 4 endurance run is a juggernaut, It cant be stopped!!!

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yeh  i hope there is no more bitching they are going through a lot to keep this endurance run going hell on the podcast vinny say he had to pay 150dollars to get episode 50 back

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This is epic commitment right here

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Nice Endurance Run fan art.

Next we need some Endurance Run fan fiction.

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Nothing can stop the money train!

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Awesome ending!

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NOTHING STOPS ENDURANCE RUN !!!! ED has surpass Nature and Technology. It is the pinnacle of evolution.

Keep the awesome work guys...

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That's it! I am tired of these mother fucking power outages on my mother fucking Endurance Run!

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I love the effects you used. :)

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This was one of the better episodes after 50 yet. Nothing can stop the run, nothing.

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nice episode with the ups and stuff..

buuuuuuutttttt.......... why dind't you guys atleast check if you had an Ippon-Datara. so you could teach him Sukukaja.

i mean for getting about it after 5 seconds is kinda bad =p  and your never going to remember now XD

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What Matama?

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Which Episode where they avoiding ghoul? If someone can send it to my wall (to make certain I see it) I'd appreciate it. Thanks for Enduring the extrenuating circumstances to get me my Monday fix, but once more, plz do more/stop rushing the fusings.

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Pick up sticks fool that mad cool.

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