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I wonder what will happen?

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This episode should be great!!  I'm excited.

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It's gonna be the shortest episode ever.

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Hm.  Just what WAS the shortest ep in this?

Posted by papercut

i hope they reach the big reveal in this episode...

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dojima blushing..?well a lot has changed..first teddie then him..!:-)

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Blushing is not the same thing as having that glow that comes from being loaded.  I almost forgot how much I love the ER vids that focus on the insane story.

BTW, Jeff, the secret to happiness is always at the bottom of the next bottle.  Important difference.

Quick thought: If you're going to go do social links, and you have 12 slots, why not just grab one of each.  Just in case?

Posted by Pazy

Thats wierd, normally the page appears and the video lags behind by an hour. Maybe there actually encoding before the tell us its ready for once, please say they are.

Cant wait to find out the resolution though :)

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I love weekdays!!!!!!

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Good point Jeff, that's something for Persona 5.  A shortcut button to the velvet room.

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Oh yeah it Endurance run time!

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Reach back and slap both of them in one slap! 


Classic Jeff! Lovin' the ER!
Posted by chronix

Nice and laid back episode :)  You should end the next one before the fog settles in (or go forward a slight bit for a cliffhanger)

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Some of the best parts coming up in my opinion. Persona 4 is awesome. And Jeff and Vinny ... You sirs rock

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best episode ever

Posted by RagingLion

Nice ep.  Back to social linking - yeh!

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Got Dudered just before they did the second fusion :S

Posted by Grim_Fandango

Thought Dojima got knocked the fuck out, I kept picturing a whole Ronald Reagon scenerio, Reagon Smash... Reagon Smash!

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Dude. Nurse. Cmon, remember your damn work days VINNY!

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Jeff if you're in the TV investigating the Tandino murder then you might as well not come back to Detroit!

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................french fries sound disgusting?  What is wrong with you?

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Old lady in mourning... That wouldn't be the same old lady in mourning that hangs out with Lucifer would it?

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Heh, that was a great intro. "I'm Vinny, and I cast bufu on things I shouldn't." Persona 4 shirt no.562 or whatnot. We can do that one, and Drunk Dojima. Heh. The reaction to the hospital job was priceless too.

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so, how many shirts are we up to for the ER? I work at a place that makes shirts, so if i have a compiles list I'll get right on those. oh, and Jeff and Vinny's shirt sizes

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I hope there are more dojima drunk moments that was classic.

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If there's one thing I hated about P4, it was how it expected you to know what the weird Japanese dishes were & how to make them. What the hell is Daifohogofokolikishinokokokokokokoko and how am I supposed to know what that is? I'm guessing those dishes obviously made more sense in the Japanese version(since that was for Japanese people who live in Japan), but Atlus seriously should have translated those so that they made sense to non-Japanese audiences(instead of doing it literally and expecting random Americans to know what Fukudaimoshosushitakoyakidaidaidai is).

Posted by Scarabus

If you study in your room you will occasionally learn the answers to the teacher questions beforehand.

Posted by Aaox

Straight to the end, Vinny.

Posted by Nasar7

The lunch dishes and cultural questions are just that, cultural. Atlus chose to remain faithful to the original Japanese rather than replace it with something lame as hell like "you decide to make hamburgers. how should you cook the beef?"

Posted by Kombat

They're just so down on Yukiko.

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You can get cooking hints from random people when you talk to them, they'll kinda drop the hints in the dialog lines. But don't worry, it's not essential at all, just a way to waste an evening if you don't want to study/fish or if you want a quick bonus to a given school-based SLink.

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Nurse lady!

Posted by MagikGimp

Whoa, mega deja vu... Did you guys record this weeks ago?

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dood that was one of the greatest if not the greatest episode yet !  wow i was laughin so hard!  keep it up guys !

I'm Pyro Jack ho!

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"I Reccomend shut the fuck up"

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TweetDeck cameo at 36:29, haha.

Posted by Vorbis

I always tried to be nice, but I had to tell them to shut the hell up too.

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Great episode! Keep it going:)

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"so, how many shirts are we up to for the ER? I work at a place that makes shirts, so if i have a compiles list I'll get right on those. oh, and Jeff and Vinny's shirt sizes"

Get on that!

Posted by iAmJohn

Why would they let you register a worse Persona?  That doesn't make any sense whatsoever! >:|

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The stronger a Persona, the more it costs to summon from the compendium. Also, "better" is subjective. One Persona might be a lower level but have an important skill, for example.

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wow they will finish persona 4 in like 3 months

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I get the feeling that later in the game, there's a sex mini game with Sayoko....

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Yeah, Episode 69. What a number.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Yeah, Episode 69. What a number.

Posted by HT101

Great episode and I can't wait for them to go to AIIIIIYAAAAAA tomorrow to try and get past the meat dimension again.