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Yes! from the first time I played this game, I've been hoping for an iPad release...So happy right now

Posted by Zevvion

Free update? Very generous. FTL is a great game. I find myself playing it on and off again every so often. I also know a lot of people really wanted this game on iPad, so it's good for them too.

Posted by Sessh

Oh yes, this is great. Still play FTL from time to time, it's just that damn good.

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I hassled these poor guys via email / twitter for months for a tablet version! If only this was Android but.. it's a start!

Posted by adoggz

great, gonna just go on and just not take any classes next semester so i dont fail them.

Posted by Pirsig

Too bad no android version yet, but oh well. FTL is such an amazing game and i could definitely go for some more of it.

Posted by kainen

god me so horny

Posted by Amikron
Posted by Tennmuerti

New toys to play around with? - sold

Chris Avelone as guest writer? - sold

Free update on PC? - sold

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Oh that soundtrack....Gets me every time.

Posted by Ghostiet

Chris Avellone? Fuck yes.

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Awesome! I still enjoy playing the game and new content will only ensure that keeps happening. :)

Posted by BluPotato

I can't complain about free updates to already great games!

Posted by TommyH

This sounds pretty amazing, that game was extremely punishing while still managing to keep me coming back for more. One more reason to be happy about finally caving in and buying that Ipad a while back.

Posted by Nictel

That music! Those updates! #Happy

Posted by Branwulf


Posted by theodacourt

Yes I will give you my money again and I shall thank you for it.

Posted by Tandar1

This is awesome!!!

I'm so excited :)

Posted by Nekroskop

Pay $1000 bucks for an iPad Air(Norwegian prices) or just play FTL on my PC again.. Hard choice.

Posted by Synchronatic

So. Excited.

Posted by gbrading


Posted by Tikicobra

I should really play more of this game, I haven't touched it in months. I was addicted to it for a while but I never beat it, although I came close once.

Posted by StealthRaptor

All I can think of is how many times Ryan asked for an iPad version. I will lose many hours to this in his memory!!

Posted by GS_Dan

Would love to play this on my Nexus 7.

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Free updates! With this and the free Lone Survivor's update, I love indy developers!

Posted by Rustafur

Sweet fancy Moses!

Posted by MeatSim

2014 still feels like a long time away.

Posted by Dberg

Sweet Shadow Moses!

Posted by Wishful_Starrr


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@gs_dan said:

Would love to play this on my Nexus 7.

As would I... :-(

In their situation, I'd probably make an iOS/iPad version before one for Android. Fewer hardware variables = quicker turn-around time.

I just hope an Android version is in the works.

Posted by MysteriousFawx

I feel bad that this is free, I want to give these devs more money!

Posted by ll_Exile_ll

Awesome, would love an excuse to play more FTL.

Posted by WeaponBoy

Wait, what. Chris Avellone?

Posted by MikeLemmer

Wait, what. Chris Avellone?

Chris Avellone's secret wish is to write about rockmen eaten by spaceworms.

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Posted by cgeare

This looks amazing. I've got 80 hours logged on FTL, I would gladly pay for this and it's free.

Posted by das9000

Awesome. Now if only mod support was possible ...

Posted by MjHealy

I'll keep it simple but YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Posted by SirDancelot

Good thing I just picked up an iPad, that is exactly the time of game I've been looking for.

Posted by pyrodactyl

Yes! Maybe the drone ship will be better than useless garbage this time.

Posted by dawnofthesean

Going to dump my wallet out all over this game.

Posted by MormonWarrior

I found FTL extremely hard to get into. I'll give it another shot sometime, but I was completely overwhelmed and unable to figure out how to do anything even after the tutorials.

Posted by Wuddel

Oh good and its even free, This is my end.

Posted by TheSouthernDandy


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This is great news. Expansion and iPad version to boot. Yes.

Posted by flanker22

anyone else getting cold chills? im getting cold chills.

Posted by JOURN3Y

My body is READY! :D

Posted by noizy

Wow! Eager to see what they have in store next after they turn the page on FTL and go on to a new project. Expectations will be high.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Yes, I will play more FTL. Hopefully they'll make your chances of succeeding against the Rebel Flagship less horribly stacked against you.

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