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The first top 10!
edit: Sooo closeeee, never even tried before. Oh well..

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SO close! but still yay kicking off goty 2010! wee!

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So it begins!

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and so it begins.

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and so it begins...

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And away we go.

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Oh, I have been waiting for this a loong time!

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Slick interface. 

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It has begun!

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No Red Dead or Mass Effect 2. Very interesting, way to not disappoint Alex!

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I need to play Limbo now.

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Holy fuck Drew, you killed it with the editing there. I love the little silhouette Kinect parody.

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Guy who used to work at Harmonix giving Rock Band 3 high praise RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE 
Great video, really digging the style this year.

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Alex!!! Very good list for a movie guy :)

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Heeeeeere we go!

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Ok then.

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The rest I can see, but I still don't understand the praise being heaped upon Limbo.  I agree with almost everything Alex had to say about the game, except that for all those questions there's nothing really there to interpret or even try to answer them, and the atmosphere falls apart as the game gets gamey in the later puzzles.  And those two things completely destroyed it for me.  It has a great opening 20-30 minutes and then completely fails to deliver on that promise.  
ETA: Great editing and well put together video overall.  Couple games unexpectedly missing from the list, though it's doubtful everyone got to play every great game out there.

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I may have to get Limbo. Good list

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Good solid list there Alex, I can agree with 90% of your list. I am sorry, I still just don't get it when it comes to Limbo. I finished it and felt rather bored threw out most of the experience.

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Hardly any big game titles, but thats great. Great list.

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Out-fucking-standing graphic design this year.
Also, amazing list from one Alexis Navarrrrrro Bo Bo Bo! err...yeah, as always we about on da same page.

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  Great start to the Game of the Year stuff guys.  I could not be happier to see Alex get in on some of this action seeing as he did a good deal of the reviews for the tail end of the year.  His editorials are entertaining as always.  The only game of his to make it to my personal list was God of War 3 and Super Meat Boy.  I am fully on board with the abusive girl friend analogy.  I've never before played a game that I wanted to give a big hug and punch in the face.
The video format is sharp guys!  Can't wait to see the rest!

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Fuck, yeah. Let's get in GB GOTY mood, duders.

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no Starcraft 2 at all... :/

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Good list Alex, still can't get past one of the timing/jumping puzzles in Limbo to finish it but agreed on how efficiently crafted it is. Never got to killing more gods in GoW3 but once I go to a friends house after the holiday crazy is over I'll definitely try it out as the only good god is a dead god.

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Great editing guys! I love the high quality content you guys are achieving now. I love the progress. Cannot wait to see the rest of your GOTY Feature.

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Great list, lots of variety!  Though, did you not play Mass Effect 2?!

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Here we go again!  I can't believe it's been fifty-two years gone by already!  They say time flies while you're having fun.  Good stuff, Alex.

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Alex's Super Meat Boy was kind of great.

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The new style of the videos remind me of the New Xbox Experience dashboard update.

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good sell on limbo, I really want to get the game to know what he is talking about now

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I think we need to get Alex some help, he only THINKS he loves Super Meat Boy. He can do better than it, there are plenty of fish in the sea. What has that game done to him!?

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Wow, some really great visual design this year. 
I'm glad to see a lot of smaller releases on your list Alex, it's very refreshing.

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Jeff is going to have a choke a bitch

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Rock Band 3 shines when you have the keyboard or pro guitar controllers. I'm addicted to the keys currently. It's definitely one of my favorite games this year.

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Great list, cool shirt!

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fuck! I wanna play Limbo!

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@President_Barackbar said:
" I think we need to get Alex some help, he only THINKS he loves Super Meat Boy. He can do better than it, there are plenty of fish in the sea. What has that game done to him!? "
I feel a Lifetime Movie of the Week coming on.
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I might have to finally check out Limbo now.

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Surprising #1 place, I have to say! Good job, keep 'em coming!

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yup me and alex have completely different lists.

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yeeeaaah limbo!

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His summary of Limbo made me sad, because it's still not out on PS3 or PC.

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Amazing job on the background graphics.

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damn you Alex! i wasn't going to buy any more games for a while but after your description of Limbo...

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Good Stuff Alex. 
Also props to drew for the professional video editing.

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Really loving his list, looking forward to the rest
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I never got to finish Limbo, but you've convinced me to. Good list, Alex