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yay brad!

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Let me guess, skyrim?



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Been looking forward to Vlad's top 10 ^_^

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HAHAHA He's a wizard.

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Hooray for Renegade Ops and Dead Space 2 getting some love.

Also hooray for wizards because wizards.

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Brad's always got the best list!

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Good to know that Dead Space 2 hasn't been forgotten!

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O_O was dead island really that good?

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It never got old. Every time British Brad popped up, I giggled a little.

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mickey brad.

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Dead Island sucked. That is all.

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Skyrim is also number 1 on my top 10 list this year.

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Glad to see Renegade Ops on that list, as well as Dead Space 2.

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dead island #3 huh? what game did you play?

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Really glad to see Dead Space 2 make it on to somebody's list.

Didn't see Renegade Ops coming though.

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OMG yay!!!

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I was surprised by Dead Space 2. It had seemed like people had just forgot about it when they were talking games of the year.

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@Animasta: See the Quick Look to get Brad's appreciation

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"Rockstar's focus on urban mayhem" but LA Noire wasn't made by Rockstar... D:

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I don't care for Gears 3 or Dead Island at all, but every title on this list is completely appropriate. I dunno HOW you managed to have that much fun with Dead Island, but I'm glad you did, I suppose.

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Brad's space British.


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I can't imagine why anybody would ever put Dead Island on their GOTY list, let alone put it as #3. I really want the version of Dead Island Brad played. It seems fucking awesome.

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Ah, Skyrim. He'll murder anyone on the bombcast if anyone disagrees with his choice. Actually, he'll worder them to death, broooo.

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I cannot express in words how much I love Wizard Brad. I'll try to do it with a picture.

 This is kinda close...
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So far so good on staff member number one picks! It's okay Brad, I had a lot of fun playing Dead Island as well, although it started to fall flat for me towards the end.

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@Napalm said:

Glad to see Renegade Ops on that list, as well as Dead Space 2.


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Credit to Giantbomb for doing something a little different with the GOTY list.

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Amazing. You guys at GB are the right kind of fucked up. Keep it coming.

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@Animasta said:

dead island #3 huh? what game did you play?

The same awesome game everyone else played, silly.

Also, Brad, next time you are in a wizard costume, please be sure to make one or two "I'm a wizard" references on camera.

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His accent is terrifying...

Great top 10 though. Still trying to figure mine out.

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I liked Brad's list. It was very conservative in some aspects (Gears 3, Portal 2, Skyrim), but original in some others (Dead Island, Dead Space 2, Renegade Ops). A nice mix of predictable titles and a touch of Brad's unique taste.

@Animasta said:

dead island #3 huh? what game did you play?

@MetalMoog said:

Dead Island sucked. That is all.

That's besides the point of these personal lists. They show what games the GB guys enjoyed the most, not what games are technically better than others.

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@Lydian_Sel said:

Really glad to see Dead Space 2 make it on to somebody's list.

Didn't see Renegade Ops coming though.

Then you didn't watch Brad on the QL. He literally had an orgasm while playing it I think. RO was another awesome game this year.

Also, it seems I'm the only one who finds Skyrim overhyped much like Oblivion (but not Morrowind!) and Fallout 3 were. Don't get me wrong, they are all great games (especially Skyrim this go round) but the amount of praise thrown at Skyrim etc is just crazy at this point. Something like Bastion, or hell even Saint's Row 3 should have more praise. (Though I get the Bastion thing on GB mind you)

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Wizard Brad > Cowboy Ryan

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Nothing on that list surprised me. However the ordering is not what I would have expected.

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Seriously glad to see someone remembering Dead Space 2, it feels like oscar nomination syndrome in that it wasnt released around this time so it's been completely forgotten about, despite averaging 9/10 reviews.

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NIce to see Dead Space 2 get some much needed recognition. Also reminded me that I really need to buy Renegade Ops. Forgot how amazing that game looks.

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Heck yes, 2 for 2. I was worried over the last few days that Brad was going to pick Bastion instead.

But damn, Dead Island over Portal 2? That game is so soulless.

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Also his hat is technically a Mickey Mouse hate lol

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I've always been fond of Brad's top 10 lists.

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Still waiting for some Dark Souls love.

My list would be pretty similar, although I'd have Trenched instead of Renegade Ops, and would bump LA Noire and Gears 3 in favor of Dark Souls and King of Fighters 13.

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No Batman?

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The thing that I like about Brad's lists is that they are almost always surprising. Also, a wizard.