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Thank you giant robot.

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that fucking song at the end... what the hell....

In fact, 'what the hell' to this whole segment.

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How is that guy not Patrick's stunt double.

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After seeing the vine that @patrickklepek posted. That song at the end is funny knowing that no one could hear the music, which makes that part even better.

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In which we see the beginning of the end of Jeff Gerstmann

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I'm glad Jeff calls out Phil on never making a game again. Phil cares too much about this medium to not be involved in it in some way, you can hear it when he talks about it. He keeps denying that he'll make another game, but I can never believe him.

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DJ fish... wow

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Came to hear the Phil Fish quote again: "VR is going to play an increasingly important role in society. As society collapses we are going to want more and more realistic escape."

I love that guy. (it's at 52:30)

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This and the PAX panels are among my favourite things, just amazingly well put together and unique, love it to bits!

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Buckfast wine,

Tastes so fine,

5 months probation,

and a £50 fine.

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Man, Phil always seems like a pretty cool dude when he's not being a very uncool dude.

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Thank you indeed Giant Robot.

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these people. jesus. no

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Smuggled Buckfast, couldn't be better.

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I love Phil Fish, I wish I saw him on this website more than once a year.

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DoseOne scared the shit out of me at the end of the video. Was he speaking in tongues?

Thank you Giant Robot!

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I was enthralled by that song at the end. That was awesome. ^^

And I legitimately looked into getting some of that bum wine shipped stateside but it's a bit pricey.

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Out of sync and framey for anyone else?

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"I believe in Phil Fish, by not believing Phil Fish." -Jeff Gerstmann

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Patricks fake laugh always comes off as so arkward.

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Phil should be on giant bomb more often.

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I need an adult!

Awesome steam.

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@melting_window: Thats the real Patrick Klepek. The one we have come to know is actually Bizarro-Patrick. The goatee is what gives him away.

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"Oh that is of a low quality" Haahahaha, brilliant.

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Man, I haven't listened to doseone in years. I had hemispheres and the greenthink album and the deep puddle dynamics one with slug and them. Weird dude.

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This is why I love this site.

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@internetdetective said:

these people. jesus. no

I don't know what the reason is but this segment seemed full of privilege and dickishness. I'm sure there were reasons for this, like alcohol or inexperience to a webcast or something else but the way they came off seemed like the exact kind of person I make a point of trying to avoid at parties. It felt like being back in grad school all over again.

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@yapapanda: I don’t really understand your problem with it. Could you specifically point out what you think is wrong with it? I’m really confused. This all seemed harmless enough and hilarious to me.

I agree that later down the line (the one with Lang) it all got a bit uncomfortable for a non-drunk onlooker, but nothing too bad.

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Buckfast makes you fuckfast.

(Compliments of my scottish flatmates.)

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Everything about this was so entertaining.

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@wastrel said:

I love Phil Fish, I wish I saw him on this website more than once a year.

GiantBomb Hire Phil Fish. GiantBomb, Hire Phil Fish.

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God damn these shows are amazing. This segment was perfect. Everyone was cracking me up. Love him or hate him, Phil Fish is so damn entertaining on these shows and has some interesting viewpoints. I am so with him, bring on the world of VR replacing real life. Now make us another damn game in the meantime Phil, please. And.. dat outtro.

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"Of a low quality" haha!

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Thank You Giant Robot may be the best thing I have heard today.

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@darkest4: From the two streams he's been on (this and last year's GDC stream, if I'm not mistaken), Phil Fish has seemed like a really cool dude. After watching that Indie Games documentary and reading articles when the Fez II stuff was happening, he just seems like a dude who lived the game he was making to such a degree that it became unhealthy. He also couldn't let go of negative comments on Twitter and other social media.

He has said some stuff without really thinking, but it has been blown so out of proportions. The hate some people on the internet has for him (in the comment section for this video on YT one of the first comments is something along the lines of "Phil Fish is an awful human being") is just baffling to me. But he seems like a good dude.

I fully expect him to go back to game development at some time. It's pretty clear that he still has a lot of love for the medium.

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One of the greatest performances I've seen. Very entertaining! "Thank you Giant Robot."

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@1101101: It sounds to me like typical "fuck indie devs" nonsense, but that's obviously not a fair conclusion for me to jump to. It is a really easy one to jump to when he fails to provide any context or reasoning, so hopefully he'll try to back that one up.

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Thank you Doseone.

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Theres two Patrick Klepeks in this video! Which one is which!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm scared that Phil Fish was the person that made the most sense on this...

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Dose on Giant Bomb what the fuck

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I want Phil Fish to speak french to me.

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That is the most fucking indie looking couch of people there could ever be.

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This segment is gold. Phil Fish is awesome, Zoe Quinn is hilarious.