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Posted by DharmaBum

That's pretty much how it all went down, Alex.

Posted by mlarrabee

Someone needs to make a mod for Halo: CE PC that puts that kid's head on the Master Chief's body.


I like this kind of stuff, manages to give halo fans Huge Hard Ons and still promote halo.

Posted by Captain_Felafel

Was that a Wilhelm scream at :26 seconds?! WHAT?!

Posted by ESREVER

Has anybody been keeping up with the Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn live action web series? Its up to ep 3 and its been really good so far.

Posted by davo

Never been a fan of Halo, but this was kinda awesome.

Posted by DonChipotle

So did that alien give Master Chief a Ghost Rider Penance Stare?

Posted by Chapelzero


Posted by Chapelzero

Don't look in there. That's...wrong

Posted by RainbowCarnage

So his mom is the half naked Cortana??? Thats kinda awkward.

Posted by CharAznable

...or is it?

Posted by AngelN7

They should never show the Chief's face , 343 said they aren't ready to do it wich is great.

Posted by Draugen

See, if that happened to me, I'd be real hesitant about working for my kidnappers...

Edited by TorMasturba

I hope the next MS console will have backwards compatibility because if it doesn't then I'm probably not going to end up playing this game.

Posted by Terjay

Cool trailer.

Posted by JTB123

You never use your right hand to throw a grenade in Halo, must be fake.

But seriously, always love this stuff for Halo.

Posted by Czarpyotr

Fucking dope.

Posted by AndrewBeardsley

I cant be the only one who absolutely loves all of the live action halo stuff....

like the forward unto dawn stuf....so good

Posted by TBird13

This was produced by David Fincher. I'm a fan.

Posted by Aleryn

Love it.

Posted by Eeptog

Thats not what John or Halsey looked like at all...We've seen Halsey in Reach and Cortana in...everything. That actress didnt look like either.

And John was a ginger.

Posted by beeftothetaco

Anyone else here catch the ending to this game when it was leaked on YouTube?

Posted by UricTheOddball

@AndrewBeardsley: I love all of the live action Halo stuff as well, all very well done. So, what I want to know is why MS/Bungie/343 can't get it together and put out something bigger then these shorts. Wouldn't have to be a movie (would be cool), could be something like a tv show.

Posted by 2Thumbs

Master Chief IS the ancient evil? BWAAAAAAAAARM!

Posted by GiantBomber

A Peter Jackson work in progress.

Posted by bhlaab

Turns out he's a buff white guy with a shaved head. Well that solves that mystery!

Posted by Dagbiker

I never liked playing Halo, But after seeing this I kinda want a Halo movie.

Posted by mowcrosoft

I love all these live action trailers, it's inspired me to start a halo larping community on the westcoast. We normally do 40 man battles (20 vs 20), typically in the western BC area. Message me if you're interested.

Posted by Radio_Resistance

So much better than the one from Halo Reach where the candidate is just injected. Captures that horrific science/morality from Fall of Reach nicely. Didn't even need the parts with the Chief and the Prometheans.

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

Why's he gotta just jump down and beat their asses? Maybe he could talk to them, negotiate a lasting peace for the galaxy.

Maybe just be like, "Hey guys, where's the pool?" Maybe they would tell him.

Posted by meaninoflife42

@2Thumbs said:

Master Chief IS the ancient evil? BWAAAAAAAAARM!


Posted by hughesie27

James and the Giant Peach anyone....?

Posted by Waffles13

@AngelN7 said:

They should never show the Chief's face , 343 said they aren't ready to do it wich is great.

Not the whole face, at least...

Posted by TenStoryMother

@RainbowCarnage: @RainbowCarnage said:

So his mom is the half naked Cortana??? Thats kinda awkward.

I think the woman calling out to John is actually Catherine Halsey. Cortana being intercut with her would make sense as her personality is based around Dr. Halsey.

Posted by Psychohead

@Captain_Felafel: I heard it, too. That was totally the Wilhelm Scream.

Posted by Manhattan_Project

@bhlaab said:

Turns out he's a buff white guy with a shaved head. Well that solves that mystery!

Yeah thats all there is to him. Yep this didn't show anything else.

Posted by BadOrcLDR

This certainly humanizes him a lot more.

Posted by RoboRobb

@2Thumbs said:

Master Chief IS the ancient evil? BWAAAAAAAAARM!

Posted by Twiggy199

@hughesie27 said:

James and the Giant Peach anyone....?

literally lol

Posted by MeatSim

I see the Fincher in this.

Posted by Sunjammer

So what the fuck, does Microsoft PR and Microsoft Games even _discuss_ the thematic consistency between their material?

Halo has been ridiculous sci-fi fluff since day one, and Halo 4 looks like a saturday morning cartoon show. What the shit is up with this pathos-laden inconsequential idiocy?

Also, wilhelm scream. lal.

Posted by DanTheGamer32

@Radio_Resistance: True, although the Reach Spartans were newer and were more 'mass produced' whereas John et al were all Gen 1 Spartans, hence the more brutal enhancements. (I guess?)

Posted by Suribot

You are right. The Reach Spartans were part of the Spartan-III program. John was a Spartan-II (not TECHNICALLY generation one, but the ORION program was only retroactively the Spartan-I program, so yeah, First Gen Spartans). The massive amounts of incisions are from the ceramic bone grafts to basically Wolverine them up and make it nigh-impossible to break. Spartan-III just had various injections, muscle augmentations and brain chemistry conditioning, none off the bone stuff.

Also, that woman isn't Halsey. That's John's actual mom. You know. The one he was kidnapped from and replaced with a flash-grown clone that died within six months. That's what that scene after it is.

All of the Spartan-IIs were selected from an ideal genetic template, kidnapped, cloned and the clones were given back to the parents. And because they were clones, all of the clones developed awful health problems, leaving the parents to be told that they were genetic and congenital. This last part is brought up near the end of the Glasslands novel and continued in The Thursday War.

Posted by Suribot

Actually, for the clone part, it's only very statistically likely that John's clone died. There was a small chance of survival.

However, the evil clone of Master Chief would be the dumbest plot twist imaginable.

Posted by D_Mac

@Suribot: Jorge-052 was Spartan II, that's why he was slightly bigger and stronger, also why he called Halsey "mum".

Posted by munnyman5

@DonChipotle said:

So did that alien give Master Chief a Ghost Rider Penance Stare?

If you had taken the time to read the fuckin' books, Don, you would know that that is precisely what happened.

JEEZ. It's like you people don't even know anything.

Posted by Gruff182

I'd much rather watch that film, than play that game any day of the week.

Posted by blacklab

Why is the ancient stuff always evil? Why don't ancient beings awake that are really boring, or slightly amusing?

Posted by Sjupp

@Captain_Felafel said:

Was that a Wilhelm scream at :26 seconds?! WHAT?!

My thought exactly!

Posted by Suribot

@D_Mac: Well, yes. They specify that in-game and in the manual. It's also why Halsey called him by name.

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