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yay jar time!

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Crackin' wise, 24/7

Posted by soupbones

Hey Jeff!

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@Jace said:


Not even close.

Posted by EpicSteve

There's a restraining order on me because I told a girl to get into my jar.

Posted by TehPickle

That hair.

Posted by Blargonaut

Best Jar Time name EVER.

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I'm ready for jars.

Although, that is most certainly NOT a jar that I spy in the screencap :(

Posted by Colourful_Hippie

No A/C? That must suck.

Posted by thatdutchguy

Fuck Yeah, Jar Time !!!!!!

Posted by Pop

YEA! I get home and fuck yea!

Posted by jayjonesjunior

Jeff needs a higher ceiling

Posted by Lazyaza

Jeff should grow his hair out John Romero style.

Posted by MattyFTM

That's not a Jar. It's a can. YOU'VE LIED TO ME ONE TOO MANY TIMES JEFF GERSTMANN!!!!!!!

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Posted by Phatmac

Jar time jar time! :D

Posted by damswedon

For your shower problem I have two words for you, "Power Shower".

Posted by 9999dmg

Was really hoping for a Billy Ocean, Greatest Hits, Quick Look.

Posted by CircleNine

I fucking love Jar Time.

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Nice shirt!

Posted by Silvergun

Jeff looks like somebody just surprised him.

Posted by mrfluke

dude for that heat you should get a vornado thing blows so much goddamm air, it'ill be perfect for those conditions,

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Dat Hair™.

Posted by Lelcar

jar time is my favourite time

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Billy Ocean. The world's 4th greatest Ocean.

Posted by JSwan13

Get a haircut hippie.

Posted by DougQuaid

@G24S said:

Dat Hair™.

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I didn't know Inaba was just outside of San Francisco

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thats quite a head of hair you have on you there jefferson

Posted by thatdutchguy
@Cory_and_Trevor: Classic !
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How about doing a live Jar Time with chat questions?

Posted by MaxxS

Jeff, your hair is wacky.

Posted by louiedog

I would have titled this one, "Jaraserhead."

Posted by Alphazero

They may have put a regulator on it to limit pressure / save water. If you can find it you can remove it.

Posted by ApolloBob

It's like Teen Wolf hair

Posted by Crunchman

You do realize you can download the plans for and print out a cup with Will and Norm's MakerBot? We have a arrived. You don't need to use a jar anymore.

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This Jartime is making me want to go watch all of Seinfeld again.

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Awesome title.

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I remember when you could bring up debug menus in older games like Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. I'd bet the reason they don't include that stuff now is that it's probably possible to brick your console if you really mess something up. I know I made my N64 crash many times, and I'd guess there's a reason there's so much more microsoft certification type stuff these days.

Posted by HerbieBug

I had a date tonight but I'm cancelling it to watch this! :D

Posted by cloudymusic

Well, I know what I'm doing tonight.

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More like Jeff Gerstwin, am i right?

Posted by GenocidalKitten

I hate the heat too, where I live near LA, it's crazy hot. I finally broke down and just installed an AC.

Posted by Geurge

Oh god, Jeff's panic when deciding when he should answer the phone, comedy gold.

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Bush pusher has a long one here

Posted by Draxyle

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's particular about shower pressure. I can't stand the shower heads that just dribble out water; they just feel inadequate. It's always disappointing taking showers in hotels or other people's homes.

Posted by GreggD

God dammit, I love me some Billy Ocean.