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Wow, that's a weird commercial.

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Fuck... this is still a thing?

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So I am a gunsmith now? Awesome! Ill make mines with 6 barrels one for shotgun shots and one for lasers and one nukes and one for fire and ones for kittens! It will be awesome!

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LOL addiction is hilarious!

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Tearing this gun apart... Taking it far away...

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Ghost was in Modern Warfare 2, Assault Horizon, Halo Reach... and now this too?! He's clearly immortal and have unnatural powers.

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I don't like shooters typically...but I played the beta for this. Pretty awesome I must say...although I don't think the gunsmithing is an option on the beta. Since my roommate's a cop, tons of gun knowledge has rubbed off on me, to the point where I've been disassembling and reassembling them...fascinated by all the parts, they're interesting machines. Although I don't know if I'd get a thrill out of customizing one in a would have to be way more interesting than, say, weapon mods in Battlefied or something. Yet, I'm a sucker for customization in about damn near everything, and my roommate will buy this for sure, so yeah it's inevitable.

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Haha. Masturbation allusions; those never get old. Also this is more like a TactiCool Gun Creation System, but I guess calling it the Gunsmith System probably sounded more Tom Clancy-like.

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Is Kessler back? All of the recent video captions feel like he wrote them.

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Pretty good trailer for something that still sounds really stupid.

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@GalacticPunt said:

Tearing this gun apart... Taking it far away...

Was thinking the SAME thing. Only with Vinnies Voice.

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that was an awful awful commercial

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Roadie Run: Confirmed

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They're trying so hard.

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Tearing this gun apart... Taking it far away...

A decade after nu-metal, I just have this weird apathetic hope that those guys made some money with their silly nu-metal songs. I don't blame them a bit for making that money, good for them.

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Get a real addiction.

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FUCK! I hate these kind of commercials so much!

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I might get this for its single player, but I have no interest in playing it online.

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Wow, this is completely stupid, and not in a good way.

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This is a disgrace.

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Framerate looks like it sucks - I'm assuming what we see in the trailer is the console version, better get it on PC if anything.

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That guy has awful delivery. Also, I don't know why, but I really thought it was funny when he was talking about 400 against 1, and it was just 3 guys getting shot by 3 other guys.

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Yeah, I'll Gunsmith. With Kinect.

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Wait...what? Goddamnit Ryan!

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I think this might have been a more successful video if they replaced the actors with a fart noise and just showed a gun rearranging itself for about 10 seconds.

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I enjoyed that.

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Gotta say i was kind of down on this video from the start.
But when the dued said "optimise for range" that was kind of briliant in a weird way, i admit i giggled.

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I kind of want to check this out, but for reasons unrelated to this trailer.

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I cannot believe a company got paid to come up with this turd of a commercial.

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What shit.

I loved the part when he said (naturally) "remember when i brought home...(and then suddenly becomes incredibly concerned of his pronunciation and speed of talking as he states) Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

What a tool 'advert'.

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Wow, I was actually kind of interested in the game, but I don't want to get addicted to "gun-smithing" so I guess I'll pass.

What a stupid commercial

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What did I just watch?!

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I have no idea why they're marketing the game on the back of this far-from-interesting gimmicky feature.

Also. Using gunsmith as a verb. Irritating.

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Reminds of me a cheesy 90's game ad, in the worst way possible.

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Wow. What a commercial. Surprised it got green lit. Gunsmith is basically the same gun customization options from similar games but with a cooler visual style. It kind of reminds me of Army of Two. The gun customization in those games where great.

I dunno. I was huge a fan of GRAW so I'm interested in this game but it looks a little sketchy. The visuals seem unpolished for how long they've been developing it. I'm gonna wait to hear some word of mouth. I'll probably eventually play it but I may not be an early adopter.

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I'm looking forward to this game coming out just so I can stop seeing it. God damn when are they gonna realise you can't polish a can power take it apart with your hands and change out its parts sooo... good on them?

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fuck once again posting from a phone has lead to another predictive txt fuck up

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A gunsmith app seriously?  
This sort of commercial as been done to death, poor!

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"Taste my pain, bitch???" Did they all just say that ??

Yeah, no wonder we have douce-bags on xbox live and PSN..

What a dumb commercial !

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I want to inflict pain to everyone involved in making this commercial.

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I actually lol'd when his mom busted him. I had simply moved the curser and caught that by accident. The 'Taste my Pain Bitch' afterwards convinced me I wasn't the target group, and wandered off to post this..

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Might be more attractive if they didn't show the same gun disassembling and reassembling every damn time.

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