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Haha at Tobuscus at the start dancing like a FREAK!

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These never fail to be amazing. Drew, Vinny, Joey, whoever is making these, know you are like gods among men.

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God dammit, Vinny. You're not allowed to edit anymore videos. I almost choked on my coffee while watching it.

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Not to belittle the other daily E3 wrap-up videos, but this has too much "awesome" to not point out. 
Brilliant editing from start to finish.. Great job Jeremy.

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That... was.. hilarious! xD
Kudos to the video editor :D

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I hate people who see cameras and purposefully stand behind them. Attention whoring at it's best.
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@Hero_Swe:  The guy in green shirt at the start in the montage doing the weird hand movements while dancing was Toby Turner off youtube, otherwise known as Tobuscus
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Can't get enough Giant Bomb E3 coverage, stuff like this is the reason I frequent this site.
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@contagious said:

Hahaha, fantastic editing.


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Such a fantastic video. This got me more interested in new games than any of the conferences combined. I also like that I got to see Ryan look like he's about to murder someone.

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Kanye and creeper parts were the best. 

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Fucking Insane stare down

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Lol who was the evil guy who had a staring competition with Ryan lol.

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Jeff's stalker copy-cat.

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Fucking hell the staring guy around 2:30 had me in tears of laughter. The transition into Link made it. You guys are brilliant.

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Creepy guy was creepy, but the editing on that was amazing.

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@JCTango said:
That... was.. hilarious! xD  Kudos to the video editor :D
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@TheMightyPes said:

                @Hero_Swe:  The guy in green shirt at the start in the montage doing the weird hand movements while dancing was Toby Turner off youtube, otherwise known as Tobuscus

Yeah, I removed my comment because It was supposed to be attached to my first one, and after revisiting that part several times I came to the same conclusion.
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I LOVE VINNY! Mad editing :D 

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These video recaps are fantastic. Great content, great editing. You put other sites to shame.

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Ryan saw his nemesis/ rival/ future killer/ future victim and his heart sunk

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Vinny was always crazy good, and this shows it. Caravella never lets you down.

Edit: Also, if there was some Drew editing in there as well, praise be to the Scanlon.

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oh my god the bit with the guy walking past was hilarious

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I love you giant bomb

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Jeff, you truly are the man :D

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Oh my god... Vinny, I wish you could edit my life...

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Where is the shrine for the video editing Gods? I need to pay my respects.

That guy looks like Jacob from Lost.

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Great editing! Very funny.

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Amazing editing, great job! Loved the "Fight Club frame", by the way ^^

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Did any one notice Toby Turner (Tobuscus) dancing on stage at the begginning of this video?

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funniest thing I have seen this week, I love these guys

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Like everyone has mentioned the editing in this video was awesome, only here would all the random crazy moments be realized. I love you guys.... :'(

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To whomever edited this video. Kudos.

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Ed Boon's so cool that he talks about the competition

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Bahaha, Minecraft Steve in the background cracked me up!

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This was awesome editing, had some good laughs.

The dude at 2m12sek is not stoked about Ryan liking land mines + bear traps.

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Great editing. Made me laugh a lot. :D

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Steve head!

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LOL@ that creepy man who walked past. Great laughs!

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holy balls, was that toby turner dancing in the green shirt at the start?

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You seem to have a nasty Hipster problem behind you, there's a cream for that you know. 

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omg more super editing

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Who the hell was that dude giving the evil eye? Ryan noticed at least.

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Minecraft guy in the background at 14:45

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Creeper cam.

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7:23 - 7:41 has not been mentioned yet. I am disappointed, GB community...

Also fuck evil eye guy he pissed me off. Don't stare down and threaten my entertainment.

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Love Alex, brings a humanity to E3 coverage.

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Let's see... You are from 'Giant Bomb' wearing a 'Psycho Brigade' shirt, saying 'earth looks great, in that it is totally ripped up'. Would be great taken out of context, Jeff :)