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Duuudee. Very much excited

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I'm so looking forward to this.

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Girls just wanna have fun, yano?
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i talked to Brad right before this interview

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Oh man, Game looks awesome!

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Man this game just keeps looking and sounding better and better.
I just completed my second play through of ME 1 so I'm ready for it now.

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Wow. Really looking forward to hear what Thane has to say.

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Looks awesome.  The characters coming over from ME 1 seems like it'll be a peripheral thing, rather than something core to the gameplay.

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Don't know if you guys know this but.....girls just wanna have fun.
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I really hope ME2 doesn't disappoint.
It looks so rad.
I cannot wait!

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 I really, really enjoyed the first game! So can't wait for this one!

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WHY oh why are they playing Girls just wanna have fun at that booth. 
Looks awesome btw, I must get around to playing ME1, I've bought it twice after all.

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omg, i can't wait to play this

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i like the girls just wanna have fun playing as shepard is messing people up.

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Great video, can't wait.

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Can't help but love the design for this game, too.  I wonder if they have an art book set up... :)

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jizz jizz jizz

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"Girls just wanna have fun" really brought a new dimension to this game.
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Oh yeahh baby, ME2

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SO can we save that asari from death?

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Looking good. Lots of action !

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I love the neon glow. :D

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Mass Effect with tighter combat and minus the graphical hitches.   Sounds like the perfect game to me.

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Good to see some new variety in enemy types this time but oh boy, a philosophical assassin.

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looks like a good story so far

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looking forward to this x2.

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@Reverseface said:
" Don't know if you guys know this but.....girls just wanna have fun. "
they just wanna, they just wannaa-uh-uh 
I already love Thane/Thain
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best looking console game EVER, no other console game looks better then this it's amazing

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Will the import work on the pc version?

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I cannot wait!!!! :D

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This game is really shaping up well.  The only thing the lousy Pinnacle Station DLC showed me was how clunky the combat was in ME1 along with the terrible framerate issues - the former of which looks to be vastly improved and the later eradicated in ME2.  Now I just hope the story is of decent length and the side quests are worthwhile.

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I might get an Xbox just to play this and Alan Wake.... I've never been an RPG person, but this looks intriguing.

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Looks alot better then the first one, but I really didnt like the first at all.  I dont know that they can do anything to sell me on this game.
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Oh girls, they want to have fu-hun.

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@Stargate174: Oh christ grow up
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My god thats beautiful. The game looks and seems to play phenomenally. 

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Oh man, I don't like this whole "the characters from the first game will somehow factor into the story line". If I won't be able to have Tali on my team I going to be so bummed. But yeah, it seems like this game is coming along great. It is definitely the game I'm looking forward to the most.
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Definitely want to play this game NOW!!!  I don't know if I can wait until early 2010 for this game.

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Huh. I'm actually less psyched about ME2 than I was before. I'm less of a "ends-justify-the-means" guy and more of a "fiat justitia ruat caelum" guy. I hope we'll be given the option to shoot murderers in the goddamn face, no matter how 'spiritual and troubled' they are and/or how necessary they are to the survival of the galaxy.

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I really loved the first one but I no longer own a 360 so I pray to the gods for this to be ported even if its a year later.

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Awesome.  I can't wait for this game!  ^__^

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@KinjiroSSD said:
" I really loved the first one but I no longer own a 360 so I pray to the gods for this to be ported even if its a year later. "
It's out for PC too! :) 
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This is still looking awesome and I'm happy to hear that although they are introducing new characters that the live/die decisions you made on the first game will affect the second one.