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Hahaha, Jeff got his skater wear on. Awesome interview btw, you guys are too F'ing funny. Glad you guys managed not get kicked out of the event. Game on Jeff and Ryan!

Posted by JoelTGM

Awesome!  Great video.  I can't wait to play this game in January!

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That video was HILARIOUS.  Good use of the Midnight Brown tunes as well. 

My fave part was when they were listing the things on screen first the pro board, the shoes, then the v- ("women" pops up on the screen) ...ideo game.  I lost it right there.

Posted by NoDeath

pfft, I love games

Posted by zyn

Awesome editing Vinny and nice work Jeff and Ryan!  Giant Bomb FTW!

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Posted by Ryan

Man, what is going on with my eyeballs in this video?

Posted by subz3ro

Lmao, very funny shit guys.  So when is that mix tape coming out jeff?  (seriously.. tell me!)

Posted by John

Framerate!!! chhhhooopppp!!!!

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Wow the frame rate sucks in this video. =D
Everyone plays games...pfft...I love games...

*was that Shaun McInnis at the beginning?!

Posted by TechnicsHero2

Hold Start and press Up twice to get the evil, hoodie version of Jeff.

Posted by Jimbo_N

wait... this is the second time I see Jeff with a Goatee.. the third time will be the end of the world.
on the other hand, it suits him...

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The ending was great. You catz are hilarious.

I think Ryan ate some shroomz.

Posted by JJOR64

Dumb frame rate....   lol

Posted by TheWorstPlayerEver

Sick vid bro! Im totally tweakin' at the mad frame issues. Ya'll need to get some better equipment or somethin' man. Can't wait to get my parkour on in this game

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Uhhhhhhhh.......yeah...of course I love games...I mean....who doesn't.....right?

I wonder if you can ollie in this game. That'd be a cool feature if they included it.

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HAHAHAHA that last minute was awesome, this is what makes this site what it is!

Posted by zoozilla

This is probably one of the best videos on the site.

I never realized how much effort goes into an interview, so it's great to get an interview with someone who isn't normally interviewed; the interviewer.

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Awesome haircut, Jeff! It complements your scruffyness.

Posted by jakob187

Why does EVERY SINGLE DEVELOPER start a response with "right, so..."?  That's annoying.  lol  Even Molyneux did it!

Jeff, Ryan, Brad, Vinny...catch a developer on that.  Ask it in your next interview.  And when they go to answer and start with "right, so..." - then just laugh.
Posted by RandomInternetUser

And this is why I love this site.

Posted by jakob187

........that last minute was epic.

You guys....stop doing that!!!  Stop doing super awesome and funny shit!!!
Posted by KnifeySpoony

haha, that was great. great editing

Posted by JoblessTerence

You clumsy mother fucker.

Posted by Unreal_dro

I love games

Posted by MeatSim

Jeff is dressed and groomed for success.

Posted by ep_driver

Jeff looks like hell...and it's awesome.

Posted by REDRUN

Jeff is posing as a skater while the skaters pose as gamers. Hahaha.

Posted by PowerSerj

I <3 Giant Bomb. Great video.

Posted by StarwindX9

Oh god, Vinny, you constantly renew my love for video editing.

Posted by Trilogy

Vinny is a master editor.


Posted by kramertron

Enough with the god damned Dutch angles.

Posted by MasterSplinter

That was fuckin' boss.

Posted by Ouroboros

You guys are my heroes.

Posted by Wright

super awesomeness in video form. you guys are crazy mofos.

Posted by Sabata

Vinny, you are a video-editing genius.

Posted by Showrock

Does Vinny do all the video editing? If so, that dude's pretty good.

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Dude, there are so many Midnight Brown songs in this video :o)

Posted by Orakulum

Melvins tee makes this video a winner.

Posted by Bkorns4

lol, great interview/video.

Posted by Sanj

Lol, classic. Nice one guys!

Posted by kist

lol ahhh tooo funny

Posted by mubress

great vid!

Posted by MOLE

Is Jeff a tad drunk?  Or is he just buzzed?

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Holy Shit! Pat Duffy is wearing a MELVINS shirt! Fuck yeah!!! 

Go Melvins!
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LMAO!!! That was great! keep 'em coming!!!

Posted by Aas

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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I dont know how many times one can say it but...again, great video, especially to vinny. Cat Belt Buckle!

Posted by scurrybot

best video so far. dont care about the game much. but man, comedy fucking gold.