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nice hair cut

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That is both my favorite picture of Jeff and Brad. Double Impact indeed!

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Pedo brad is Pedo

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Be Eazy, dawg.

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That photobomb was great and creepy. I'm looking at my window right now expecting to see Brad's emotionless face staring back at me.

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lol at Brad's head in the screencap.

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I am almost crying with joy over that photobomb. it is by far the funniest thing i have seen in a long long time!

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lol that Jeff face is perfect for more photoshop pics.

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I love me some mailbag!

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I love mail :)

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Photobomb, win!

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About time a new mailbag video arrived. My stalker senses are tingling!

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haha epic look on brads face

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FUCK. Ryan's holding the cam. I wana seen Ryan's new hair. Someone show me his hair!

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I love awesome press kits!

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Crap I was going to send those Aussie drinks...ah, well, damn my laziness.

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Brad, you are sneaky.

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Cool Cut Brad  : )
Also, great Jeff and Brad pic!

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Awesome photobomb :D

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I love me some mailbag!

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Huh, brad is gaining weight.

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I want a barrel to punch.    :(            If I get FF, I'm totally going to play it with my arcade stick.

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Haha that photobomb was too good.

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I prefer artificially flavored dinosaurs

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cassette tape eh? I didn't know you could actually manufacture those anymore

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Jeff's head looks like it's going to explode like the dude at the beginning of "Scanners"!

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Vinny is a sexy man.

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British Texas REPRESENT! 
I want to send Giant Bomb some Red Eye, Australia's ORIGINAL energy drink, but I don't think it exists any more.

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That t-shirt is dope.

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Hoosier reporting, Giant Bomb, sir!

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ha, I was just watching the Borderlands video review, and Jeff had that shirt on there, too.

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photobomb was so amazing

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Brad lookin' older. 
 Watch the Tested.com iPad stream thing.

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@Kbm600 said:
" Vinny is a sexy man. "
I was just thinking the same seeing him in that light there. I'm not gay!
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its like an english texas loooooool

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You'll shit bircks 

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Awesome Brad. You're a natural.

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Jesus I'd bet most of the people on this site probably never saw an audio cassette in their lives.
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i always enjoy how the "giant bomb" cant go through customs and such!

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People should probably not put the words Giant Bomb on the package. I dont think it needs to be on there as part of the address.

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