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Posted by SmasheControllers

Use your gravity gun.

Posted by Jiquk

Lol phone up Gordon Freeman!

Posted by Seedofpower

Ryan needs to stop holding the camera.
I can't take the breathing!

Posted by Bladefire

Dude I love the nonstop string of references at the beginning.

Posted by spiceninja

The suspense is killing me.

Posted by listerfeend

Jeff Gerstmann has the upper hand!

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this is amazing :D 
someone make a dave box head icon!!
Posted by YetiAntics

MAILBAGS!!! I miss the mail videos! Yay!
Posted by lordofultima

Oh, you could just take the top off. funniest part for sure.

Posted by Reuben

Never send a crate to a bunch of gamers hahaha! Oh and Jeff nice axe kick!

Posted by Damien

Best video series on the site.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

One of my most favorite mail videos ever! You guys are right though, the crate itself was cooler.

Posted by MonkeyGekko

SMASH  IT! God I love mailbag goodness

Posted by jim_dandy

Right click on it. Duh.

Posted by Korwin

Hey Look!  Dave shaved.
Also lol.

Posted by SnackyP

I think I saw Jeff had tekken on in the background.  Video Review tomorrow?
I hope, I hope!

Posted by Ladnar

i agree with jeff, much cooler as a crate
Posted by Se7enthSamurai

Would have been funny if a smaller crate was inside that crate. Hysteria would ensue!

Posted by Morden2261

Livin' the dream and drinkin' the Purple Stuff!

Posted by Dizzyhippos

How much better would that box of been had the squeeballs stuff been just there to cover up modern warfare 2

Posted by Turbo_Toaster

AAHHH I want that toothy mofo.

Posted by TheHT

Do a barrel roll.

Posted by i8Donuts

Dave is awesome.
I want some of that purple stuff.

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Purple stuff??? I'd never feel safe drinking something that has the word ''stuff'' in the title O.O
Posted by FinalDasa

If this was 2 months ago I would be excited to see the guys playing these games in a quick look, but alas real games have to come out this week.  
Here's hoping to a slow week! lol

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Should have smashed it with a crow bar, but Jeff's kicks were doing a ton of damage. 
I was sipping on my Dat Purp drink while watching this.

Posted by CaptainMax

"This was alot cooler when it was a crate"

Best line ever.

Posted by Jayzilla

effing Snide FTW!

Posted by Kraznor

That was an amazing mail-bag. Dave's enthusiasm, crate jokes and the promise of taste tests to come. Everybody wins.

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Them be sqeeballs!
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Damn, 2twicewould be a great screen name!

Posted by deerhaunter

ahhh video game crate humor

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Couldnt help but notice WoW character screen on the desktop monitor lolz. :P

Posted by jos1ah

mailbag! w00t! let's see what you weirdos sent the boys this time...
Posted by Light_Bahamut

Dude, you busted the top. That would have been a perfectly serviceable crate after you'd burned all those damned squee things. 

Posted by TheHBK

God damn, Brad is getting fatter by the week! 
I love these videos.  Wouldnt you be able to throw someone into it after being close to them and pressing medium punch?

Posted by snarkie

Alas, poor 'Basset' in Houston, Texas didn't get to see you guys taste test.

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Jeff, kick it on the side again, I'm pretty sure that was working.

Posted by Osphere

Jeff's axe kick is now legend

Posted by Diamond

Awesome.  Love the crate discussion.

Posted by AlexB

All I could think of is Super Smash Brosing it. Put that fucker on your back and throw it lol. But lifting the top also works lol.

Posted by Zabant

Jeff has a leg made for axe kicking

Posted by Mister_Snig

A shadow jumps out of the box!

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brad is a lot fatter then what i thought  lol brad your still awesome

Posted by CrazedJoker

Brad, these are soft...

Posted by Stargate174

Slick how you give it a kick and it broke, be funny if something valuable was in their and you happened to destroy it. The little bears were cool though, the Wii game probably sucks, lol.

Posted by CrazedJoker
@CitizenJP:  You sure that isn't Tekken bud?
Posted by Soliddragon24

I love how dave is sneaking away the squeeballs at the end