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Skybox > Tebow

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Epic indeed =)

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aww yeee

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just what I was looking for

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Thought it was a giant gummy bear, even LARGER than last time.

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I dunno, Will. Balsa wood and pliers don't play together well...

EDIT: This is NEARLY as odd of a press-gift as the Bulletstorm box-of-raw-meat.

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Yeah Mailbag time.

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Fuuuuuuck yes.

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Subliminal use of melee weapons, i.e. boards with nails, crowbar

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That was so awesome, I want one of those!

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patrick is playing zelda!

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This must be the best place to work

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Fucking Patrick playing zelda on the sony 3d tv ;)

Sexy Alex. What else do we need?

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That's a pretty good Zoolander reference in there.

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The amount of "that's what she said" jokes that could've been made in this video is astounding.

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Nice to see you guys got one!

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Manly men, doing manly things, building manly statues.

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I need a Will reaction shot.

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My Gamestop has one of those. I want one so bad.

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Patrick is playing zelda in the background? OH SHIT GB BROKE EMBARGO

also this needs a Santa hat on it....

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That. Is pretty awesome.

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I love these guys in that their best instincts come out. "Where to put it?...Put it in the women's room staring at a toilet".

The gals you love all, don't they.

LOL!!!!!!! They probably do.


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Actually, I originally read it as skylands and thought this was a spyro statue, the only possible improvement

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Am I alone in thinking Will looked like Gordon Freemanwith that wicked makeshift crowbar?

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Not quite, that was the weirdest press gift ever.

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Ryan abusing Will always makes me smile

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Cool statue but I am kinda disappointed there is no colour to it.

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I want one of these stat.

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Looks like Cool Baby has a new friend.

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+1 for the Legends of the Hidden Temple reference when they are attaching the arms

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I was totally waiting for a Legends of the Hidden Temple reference while they were assembling the statue, and Drew, like the graceful, sexy god he is, provided that for me.

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"Try and put it on, I'll hold the sword."


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I was expecting them to open the special edition box but a whole statue of the Dragonborn model? cool.


I really dont care about Skyrim but that statue is FUCKING EPIC

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now all we need is to have Norman Chan lick that thing

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How the fuck can you guys talk shit about that statue!? It's fucking awesome! =O

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The ability to use tools is what separates the hyumahns from the animals.

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Patrick is playing Skyward Sword, ZOMG!

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Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god...

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I love it, Will just gets in there with his pliers and makes a total mess, LOL.

God, it's getting messy now. We have boxes, knives, crowbars and gloves. This is bound to end well!..

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I love Mailbag so much, probably like it more than quick looks, just cause I actually get to see em on camera :D

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Get some interns to paint that statue with a rigger brush... >:)

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This cats on that Skyward Sword business.

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A video of Will's reaction to this statue would be wonderful.

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The Dragonborn is clearly Cool Baby when he's all grown up.

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Holy shit nine more days!