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EDIT: Yay!

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Damn it! Thought i'd got that quest then.

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Bag mail!

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Oh shit. The return of the half hour mail bags?

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New mailbag!!! Thank god, I was getting serious new content withdrawals.

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Long mailbag video? I'm down!

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Whoa, Jeff haircut! I feel weird immediately recognizing this.


1 beard dieS another is born............BEARD!!!!!!!!1

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Quick, look!

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Is Jeff growing a beard?! Fucking yes if that's the case.#yearofthebeard

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BIG Canadian box...

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So much amazing stuff in that box. It's a shame they are just going to throw it into a corner and forget about it like the rest of the mail bags.

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The "First!" quest description is very accurate this time.

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Oh shit, I had that Lemmings 2 book. And it inspired me to write some Lemmings fiction of my own. It was probably pretty great.

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Is it just me or are the duct tape boxes usually from Canada? Damn Canadians, said the Canadian.

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"This is Lemmings fiction. THIS IS LEMMINGS FICTION."

-Jeff Gerstmann

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I'm actually jealous they have all that ancient pc game, I still play ghetto pc game like Might and magic VI and just replayed diablo 1 recently

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Holy shit, this is crazy. There are hundreds of dollars worth of things in this box... jesus man.

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ugh the sound of the knife cutting into the box makes my skin chill up

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Damn Jeff, holidays are over, get yourself a razor man!

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The first thing I did when I saw the binder was run to my closet and make sure mine are still there... thought I have been sneakily robbed, hehe.

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@andrew2696 said:

Is it just me or are the duct tape boxes usually from Canada? Damn Canadians, said the Canadian.


Also, I don't think people need to send Giant Bomb PC games anymore. This entire shipment has pretty much covered everything completely.

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Are those binders full women...

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Dude, at 9:25 I spotted a Red Steel CD, I remember that thing, it came with the Red Steel campaign setting for AD&D, had some music and voice acting for the game. I'd kill to have that CD again!

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Who are these people just sending away all of their games?

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They need to stop fucking around and just do an Omikron quick look!

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Oh well, it's just someone's childhood in a box....

Seriously, why would you give that stuff away? The sender will definitely regret it some day.

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Why is it always junk they get in the mail now?

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, Boxer is another great DOSBox alternative on Mac.

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Tales of Destiny 2? That's worth a bit right there, though it's a shame its disc only.

This is a lot of nice stuff, who sends all their nice things away?

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Why would someone give away their entire collection like that? 90% of those games will never be played or seen by anyone at gb, if you hate owning awesome things so much ebay them >_>

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Yo dawg, I got that same binder right on top of my desk. Always within arm's reach in case a HMoM or Interplay game is necessary. Wait... never mind, this just went down a whole 'nother rabbit hole of crazy.

Also, holy shit guy. Some of these people need to load these off as part of Gerstmas or something.

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I want to steal those binders so hard. Also, the look on Drew's face when he looked at them was priceless.

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Now actually fucking play those games, unlike patrick's pile of Jurassic park games.

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God damnit! Why do the videos load so fucking slow here? Only reason i'm trying to watch this one here is because it hasn't been added to youtube yet.

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I can't wait for them to quick look the FLCL and Cowbeebop soundtracks. They are pretty great.

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Quick Look everything! :)

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Jeff's just gonna own every game ever made sooner or later, isn't he?

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My black Adidas are on. I AM READY TO ASCEND!

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Wow, whoever sent this is awesome!

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Oh, man. I cannot wait for Drew to check out that Russian RTS thing.

Also I'm amazed that anyone in that office knows what FLCL is.

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You have a great task ahead of you giant bomb. You are ready, GO!!!!

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I guess I need to buy some black ADIDAS.

So much awesome stuff in those binders!

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Oh Ready 2 Rumble.....How much joy you gave me.....

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Grinning ear to ear while watching this. My cheeks hurt.

So good, thanks.

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Oh, wow, Neocron was there.

That... game happened, didn't it?