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Vinny's password: Awesome

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This is great!

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Oh god. I remember that thing.

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I can't wait to see the dumb things they do with that dumb controller.

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What a crazy looking thing.

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I am sure CBS HR had a heart attack with this.

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Those things were like 400 dollars at launch!

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Vinny's password!! I'm going to do terrible things with this.

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I so wanna play Rise of the Triad with that thing

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Good going, Evan. I'm genuinely interested to hear Drew or Jeff's take on the Novint Falcon. I don't have one myself, but I remember back closer to when it came out, when there was a fair amount of positive buzz surrounding the way it changed certain games, particularly Source games. Vinny makes an interesting point, speculating about how it could combine with the Oculus Rift. Honestly I think this kind of thing is what lies in store for gaming across the coming decades, although obviously not for this particular brand since it wasn't especially well supported.

For those who don't really understand how it works, it's like a mouse (but less accurate) that incorporates force-feedback and haptic technology. You not only get recoil on guns but you experience drag when you're lifting objects and so forth. Neal Stephenson's Clang game seemed like it could benefit from something like this, but the controller they were proposing wasn't as sophisticated as the Falcon, as far as I could see. I hope the crew can make a little vid of their experiences of it, particularly as it seems new to all of them.

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I was shouting at the screen "No Jeff, open it on the floooooo..oh no!"

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The past future is the present now, guys.

Please do some dumb things with this controller, Drew. I know you want to!

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God I just barely remember that thing! I remember seeing videos about that many years ago, didn't know it actually went into production. Can't wait to see what content that thing provides - awesome send, Evan.

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Mailbags on a new site!

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Vinny at the end made me laugh

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Didn't Portal support that thing? I remember watching a video about it

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That's a dumb looking thing right there.

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Microsoft and Sony might as well cancel those next gen console plans, becuase this is the real future of video games.

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Ah, Vinny we can always trust you to start acting like you're humping whatever was mailed and steering things toward molded lady bits.

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Giant Bomb staff will never ask you for your password. If Ryan Davis asks for your password, he is trying to scam you.

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wow that thing looks ridiculous!!

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Its a shame haptic stuff never really caught on. It never would've been integral to gaming but it could've been a neat additional feature.

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If I remember correctly Half-Life 2 has pretty good support for the Novint Falcon so that is probably worth checking out.

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Was Drew Harlem Shaking?

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I would watch a Vinny's bookclub feature.

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Holy sweet mother of god, I've never seen a Novint Falcon before.

Does this begin the slippery slope of hardware reviews?

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Hmm, reminds me of invoicing using SAP...

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For anyone wondering how it plays, here's a vid of a guy experimenting with the weapons in HL2: Episode 2. The way objects of different weights create different drag on the grav gun is cool, and the recoil on the MP7 at around 4:15 looks crazy. (Not my vid; was recorded by Pi Mu Rho at Valvetime, formerly HL2.net.)

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I have that RIOT shirt, its one of my best shirts

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That thing is still around $250,- new.


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I only touched one of those at a Compusa 8 years ago. Also Vinny bringing up the Fleshlight Attachment is disturbing and hilarious at the same time.

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Cool. Thanks Evan!

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Thank you Evan.

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looks like a old hairdryer you used to get in salons.

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You could buy that thing directly from the Steam store.

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I have never heard of the Novint Falcon before but that shit looks crazy!

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SSJ? A knew Vinny was a Super Saiyan!

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That looks fucking crazy

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i love how fast drew got from his desk to ryan's desk when he heard what they got.

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I thought it was the expensive aeroplane sim joystick with side controls. This is just as great!

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I wanna see a video of Drew testing this...thing.

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The subtle disapproving head shake Jeff does after Vinny asks about a Fleshlight attachment is hilarious.

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Awesome insane hardware for the one true platform (of awesome insane hardware). I had a friend who owned one of these, they seemed a bit too crazy for my tastes.

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If you live in the UK your gonna have a bad time watching this...Zero bandwith! and I'm on a 20mb line !

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Holy crap. Evan is awesome.

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The letter that is attached to the package I'm sending to you guys start with "Well, I saw your video and remember Ryan casually mention a spider's nest and having this thing in my garden for a couple of years..."

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@49th said:

Giant Bomb staff will never ask you for your password. If Ryan Davis asks for your password, he is trying to scam you.

But if Vinny asks, it's cool. You can give it to him. He would never to anything dirty with it.