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Posted by kalmis

Never even heard of this thing before.

Posted by mrsmiley

Celebrity Molded Lady Bits? I'm sold.

Posted by cannedstingray

I hope that in the near future companies start incorporating more realistic force feedback. I think they could get a pretty realistic feeling feedback in normal gamepads with some sort of internal gyros instead of the simple rumble packs that are used currently. If done properly I think it could add tons of immersion to games..

Fallout 4 with Oculus Rift and haptic feedback controller would be really fucking cool

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Looks like Vinny had some jazz cigs

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I am so in love with this sticky video thing. And haha, Drew looks so happy!

Posted by Mandrewgora

I was half tempted to send mine in.... I never use that shit...

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New feature: Backgrounds by Brad.


Posted by DrWhat


Posted by Genfuyung

Oh man, I am so excited to see what they do with this.

Posted by seismicshock

I guess we should call Drew by his new title, Captain Falcon

Posted by randombattle

Why would you ever buy one of those!?

Posted by Shinmaru007

I think any mailbag that makes Drew smile like that is worthwhile.

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Man, that thing is helluv dumb.

Posted by ildon

Vinny's beard is looking fierce.

Posted by ErinIsADrunk

I had forgotten this thing had even come out.

Posted by MistaSparkle

That thing looks dope, also thanks Vinny for brightening my day. Happy Valentines Day, everybody!

Posted by Vexxan

They better do something with this on Unprofessional Friday.

Posted by Scratch

Ah Vinny, why are you so awesome?

Posted by redelectric

You can play skyrim with it, apparently.

Posted by chilibean_3
Posted by Fattony12000

Aw jeez!

Posted by GasparNolasco

I love how Drew simply teleported to Jeff's side Creepy Watson style at around 2:12!

Posted by Dezinus

I hope they used the discount code "Wizard"!

Posted by WiqidBritt

I don't think I like this new video player.

Posted by metalsnakezero

This was pretty cool tech but just cost too much and wasn't something to really play games with.

Posted by Milpool

Not sure if I should post this, but, here you go, Vinny.

Slightly NSFW. (Novint Falcon w/ dildo attached)


I can't seem to embed video for whatever reason, I'm just getting an error.

Posted by Munkippo

Having owned one my self, the Novint Falcon is still one of the dumbest things I've ever purchased.

Posted by GasparNolasco

I think any mailbag that makes Drew smile like that is worthwhile.

He's quickly becoming my favorite character.

Posted by Colourful_Hippie

Vinny asking the important questions.

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Thought it might've been the Oculus but this is equally as cool. Can't wait to see what they do with it.

Posted by johnLongview
Posted by defcomm

Oh, it's a real mold?

Posted by tourgen

fantastic! This is great. I like where this is heading.

Posted by LiquidSwords

In all my years of gaming, I never heard or seen this! Can't wait to see how it works!

Posted by EuanDewar

fuckin drew you are so handsome

Posted by ArtisanBreads

I love how Drew scooted over so quick.

Posted by ObsideonDarman

Jesus. That is one super dumb looking controller. I love it.

Posted by Crippl3

This thing is actually really cool. Try it with TF2, Portal, and the HL2 games.

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@mister_v said:

Oh god. I remember that thing.

Oh god, I own that thing. It worked with half life 2, you feel all the recoil off the guns (which makes keeping your aim steady more tricky) and the weight of objects you pick up, it's kinda cool as a novelty thing but it's difficult to get used to turning and aiming with it.

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I love when Ryan pans back and Drew is just fucking THERE in a second.

Posted by PistolPackinPoet

Drew's reaction was too perfect

Posted by zoozilla

That looks incredibly dumb, but at the same time I want to try it out for myself.

2013 has been a ridiculously good year for mailbags.

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Oh god, Receiver would be perfect with this!

Posted by plainviewisfinished

Now's a good time to comment, right? Didn't leave my username in the note, so you'll have to take my word for it, but glad you guys like it! I look forward to the bevy of dumb stuff that will assuredly come out of this.


(And also because I'm a total sleazeball, you should check out this tiny site I write reviews and stuff for)

Posted by cavemantom

I can't wait to see what they make of this, even if it's just Vinny getting familiar with the official Lisa Ann Fleshlight.

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screw the controller.... what kind of knife is that?

Posted by theveej

leave it to vinndawg to make it dirty..... oh vinny, never change.

Posted by Butano

Oh man, just like Drew, I too first saw it at GDC. Think it was GDC 2011 when I went. They were demoing Portal 1 there.

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