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Content!!! YAY!!!

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I love me some god dang mailbags.

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Ooh, mailbag from the new office! Also, no longer on YouTube?

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Lol :S

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And that's how Patrick's 3DS died...

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I am excited to see/hear just what the hell is going on with this game.

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show some damn respect and hang up luchadeer

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I just picked up my copy but Club Nintendo won't let me register it :(

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@UnsolvedParadox: Seems to use to youtube player now. Maybe it takes a while to upload to youtube compared to on the site.

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Brad has quite an interesting expression on his face in the video player before you press play.

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Tetris Battle Gaiden in the house!

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Brad, get a god damn knife! Its kinda sad seeing a person opening a package with his teeth.

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oh man, was that Asshole Gaiden Tetris at the end?

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Brad took Super Mario 3D Land out of his 3DS. I wonder if that means its been a while since hes played a cartridge game on it, or if he is trying to 100 percent it.

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No, seriously, why does it come with that horrible stand?  According to Nintendo: 

This durable plastic stand, FREE with every copy of the game, makes long play sessions comfortable and enjoyable.

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that was incredibly silly :]

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Hey, I have that wallpaper.

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I'm really loving the huge amount of office shenanigans going up!

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YES ! some content

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My DS is my Layton machine now.

And they really should just port those to Ipad.

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I'm sorry, I didn't like the ending to this video. Can you change it?

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The game so good that you are going to want to put it down?

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No no no, don't shake the 3DS.

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I was legitimately terrified of seeing expensive electronics slide and hit the ground in this video.

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No idea how Tony and Sara are going to get any work done.

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Lets get some office wars up in here

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Whoa. That sure is an office.

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Great video.  Was rooting for the Ipad to work on the stand. 

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@MustardDragon said:

I'm sorry, I didn't like the ending to this video. Can you change it?

Yeah, I see what you did there.

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Man - nothing about Kid Icarus seems like a good idea

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I saw Sara and that dude she works with. Whats his name?

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@SoothsayerGB said:

I saw Sara and that dude she works with. Whats his name?


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was that a tetris battle gaiden cart at the end there? :D

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I guess you could put a phone on it. You know, if you want to watch videos on your phone.

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: They could at least prop Luchadeer up on that 3DS stand while they wait for CBS to buy them a nail.

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@ErisRon said:

@MustardDragon said:

I'm sorry, I didn't like the ending to this video. Can you change it?

Yeah, I see what you did there.

Stop it. That meme has reached arrow to the knee levels of over use.

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wouldn't using the stand mean the 3DS is too far away to make proper use of the 3D?

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The future of engineering is here.

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That stand looks cheap and completely useless.

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@WiqidBritt: Man, I was about to try to validate its existence by suggesting the stand was to keep the top screen at an equal level and the 3-D consistent while you vigorously stroke the bottom screen with your stylus. But if that's true then this really is a useless piece of crap.

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Time for some plastic on plastic, on plastic action.

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Hey, I'm ALSO unboxing my copy of Kid Icarus: Uprising right now! Crazy! I believe that Jeff is correct in that the stand's purpose is for people that don't have giant hands like me and can't hold the 3DS in their left hand while stylusing in the right. It seems...inessential, let's say. But whatever, it comes with the game for free, and you don't have to use it, so no harm, no foul.
I'm glad they found some use for the stand, though. Displaying your Tetris Battle Gaiden like the treasure that it is seems appropriate.

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Maybe you're just supposed to rest your 3DS on the stand vertically when you're not using it.