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I'd love to see what hit the cutting room floor.

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Alex and Cesaro look so happy together!

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Yeup, I don't know The Rock from The Incredible Hulk but this was hilarious.

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Stardust was giving me angel dust vibes.

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This is the greatest, How about that sun though.

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this site and it's fucking pro wrestling fetish.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Stone Cold is still fucking cool

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This is awesome.

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Cody Rhodes 'Stardust' is a National Treasure.

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This is great. Stardust is awesome. Fun questions all around. Great video!

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I don't watch wrestling, but I have to say that I'm super impressed by how approachable and down to earth these people seem to be. Good job on the interviews.

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I mean, the sun is pretty big. He's not wrong.

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I looooooooooove Stardust. He's a secret benevolent Moblin who has a history with Starman.

Also Steve Austin is genuinely an fantastic interview. He's so personable. I would love to talk to him for a while.

Man, everyone in this is awesome actually. I keep watching and it keeps getting better.

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Oh my god this is everything I've ever wanted on Giantbomb. That Stardust interview. Holy shit. I'll give Dan this he is an excellent interviewer. He knew how to throw some interesting questions out there.


Well *this* was amazing!

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@sccdemir said:

Dan needs a wrestling moniker.

I always assumed "Dirty" Dan Ryckert was that very thing.

Also, this was fantastic. In typical Giant Bomb fashion the questions seemed like they were different than what the wrestlers were probably being asked all day long.

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Hoooooooooooooooollly shit. This Stardust fellow is great.

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this site and it's fucking pro wrestling fetish.

im kinda with you there, ive never had any interest in that stuff and have no idea what was going on but it was still an awesome and very entertaining video. the sun is mad big yo.

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@zleilndka said:

@keris: Yeah, I realized right after and retracted my comment =(. He does know his moons, I don't apparently, it just sounded too small when I heard the number!

Eh, it's still true that one could fit about 64 million Moons inside of the Sun. It's just not the metric of comparison that Stardust was using.

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I wish this could be a weekly feature.

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That was way better than I expected. Awesome.

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When did Cody Rhodes get AWESOME?

Edit: Also who wants to bet that Dan starts drinking real beer now that Steve Austin told him to?

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Sandow is a Dan Ryckert guy? SCANDAL!

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Wow, Cody was ...crazy, and great and Steve was expectedly cool. But the real story is that this might be my favorite wrestling interview-compilation video ever... seriously. Great job guys, especially Dan, really good stuff, hats off to you.

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I really hope there's more of this. That was great. Especially Stardust.

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Dan is a surprisingly great interviewer.

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So how long did Dan and StarDust riff in that bowling alley? Seemed like they could have gone all night.

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Branded GB pocket knives anyone?


@kingpk said:

So how long did Dan and StarDust riff in that bowling alley? Seemed like they could have gone all night.

Dan mentioned talking to Stardust "out of character" once the cameras stopped rolling, if only to thank him for being so entertaining.

Though I like Stone Cold giving up on Dan enjoying the finer things in life and instead getting cheap vodka and shitty beer.

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Somehow Dan's face looks more weathered than Stone Cold Steve Austin....

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@noizy: Yeah... I come from the same place and you get the impression that humor is probably a pretty important aspect of wrestling, so these guys probably ultimately want to entertain, laugh, and generally have fun... I definitely can't fault it.

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I had no idea Sheamus was actually Irish. I figured him for a fake American Irish dude, in spite of how ghostly pale he is.

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I am now more interested in Wrestling

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@amyggen said:

@oddballs said:

I have zero knowledge of, or interest in wrestling but I found this highly entertaining. Dan is a very good interviewer. That guy with the gold face paint was funny.

Yeah, Dan has been a great interviewer since he started at Game Informer. Watch this legendary interview as evidence:

That was just incredible, thank you for sharing that.

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I've never watched Wrestling, but goddamn that stardust guy is entertaining. Also steve austin seems nice for a dude known mainly as "Stone Cold"

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Wow... Dan, you are an amazing interviewer. I could never have kept my cool with those dudes.

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Stardust would make me buy a Wii U.

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I don't watch wrestling anymore (haven't since the 80s), and I don't know what Stardust is on, but he's a funny dude.

They all seemed pretty cool in general in their perspective interviews.

Good Job Dan, but I think Alex is going to retain the title at PAX.

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Giant Bomb: Video Games and Wrasslin

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Steve Austin is a ridiculously cool and down to earth guy and Stardust was just about the funniest thing I've seen all year.

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Guys, I'm beginning to suspect that Cody Rhodes is Stardust.

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God damn I love Stardust

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I haven't watched wrestling (regularly) since The Undertaker became a biker (I hear he's back now), but I've recently watched some of Cody Rhodes' matches as Cody Rhodes, and then some of his matches as Stardust. Not only is he way more interesting in promos now, but he has some of the most exciting/interesting in-ring moves I've ever seen a wrestler do. Ever.

To the point where I might start watching again to see what he does.

Edit: As a side note, Dan is pretty great at asking totally irrelevant to the content, but results in great answers from the wrestlers.

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Damn you Dan you beautiful monster. I can not believe that I doubted you once. God bless you.

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I wish we could see the full uncut interview with just Stardust. I hope Cody sticks with this persona throughout his career.

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This just reaffirms my love for Stardust. Amazing.

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Dan is the best thing to happen to Giant Bomb. OH MY GOD.

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I don't currently watch wrestling, but Stardust seems pretty amazing.