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I'm interested to see more on some of these kinect games. I really do want to see developers do more with the platform.

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:edit: aww, so close.

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I tried, but can never get 1. 
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Rofl, Mielke totally just put Brad on the spot when he asked about the trance vibrator

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This looks like a cyberspace-Flower

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Hooray! This looks to be informative, and fun.

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The people sitting around playing are fake right? I mean they look too good to be true.

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Goddamn Brad, great interview.

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Dude it is the Milkman! Long time sir.

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Genki Rockets only? Not the same kind of music as Rez? Already, fuck Child of Eden. F-F-F-F-FEAR IS IS THE MIIIIND KILL-R

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Aww shit, it's James Mielke
I hope his family is doing well; I understand he had a little girl a while back

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The banter for the Child of Eden interview was great.

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Love my 360, but still totally not giving a hoot about Kinect.
And geez, couldn't be more excited about the new Batman.

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Woah, when did Mielke work for Q-Entertainment?

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@Hero_Swe said:

Rofl, Mielke totally just put Brad on the spot when he asked about the trance vibrator

Can we get a timestamp on that, I missed it.
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Gunstringer looks awful in almost every way. 

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Jeff's gonna shoot ya!

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ah milkman, always the pro.

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Hmm, no coverage on Arkham City...yet. GDC, maybe?

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Sesame Street sounds like some dope-ass shit. Can't wait to NOT shoot dudes in the face.

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Honestly, even though most of the multipaltform this year I might play on 360 depending on comparisons, I really think MS relying on multiplatform to do all their heavy lifting this year is a very unhealthy attitude.
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Videos like this remind me why you NEVER close a Giant Bomb video until the replay button comes up. Also nice to see Mielke at work.

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Looking forward to every single one of these games.

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Starting to regret my kinect purchase. Lets hope child of eden, gunstringer and rise of nightmares are what makes it worth it.

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Brad has a big dick.
That's what he said.

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@KoolAid said:
" Brad has a big dick.  That's what he said. "
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Loved the interviews, great footage of Jeff and Brad at the end. 

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@Surkov said:
" Gunstringer looks awful in almost every way.  "
The running sections look just as bad as the rest of the Kinect launch titles, and the in-cover shooting was close to. I can't imagine how hard it must be to talk nice about such a terrible looking game. 
Maybe it controls better than it looks, maybe, but it's not coming out strong.
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you can put it on your face... you can put it on jeff.

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Jeff with the MAD skills!

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JAMES! Gah miss that guy. 
Also, that shirt Jeff is wearing is awesome. Never seen the Miami Metrorail Logo used in that way, best use of it at least. 

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@HandsomeDead: fear is indeed the mind killer and i'm a little worried myself, but i'm still super duper excited and anxious.
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@Zero_:   From what I gather, pre-1up layoffs or at least right around that time, he works right along side Miziguichi. Goddamitt I miss Mielke.
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I could use more Jeff and Brad dancing in my life.

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When Brad was asking the guy about a Ms Gunstringer, I thought he was asking about a possible Miz(uguchi-san) riff on it, and got all weirded out/ bedazzled. Awesome! I am an impossibly nerdy specimen, apparently. Also, drunk. I love this siiiiiite

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All that pointing looks pretty cool.

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@RedCricketChase:  I'm sober and it took me till mentioning Ms Splosion Man to realize that they didn't mean Miz.
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 Sure, Sesame Street back in the 60's would have been a TV revolution. So how is releasing the exact same product to a different industry 50's on as important? Rehearsed pitch line is all that is, surprised Jeff didn't pounce!

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Well I kinda hoped we would see some of those Japanese Kinect ames or some exclusives being announced, Gears 3 and the Gunstringer kinda satisfied me for the time being.

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Man, I forgot how much I love Giant Bomb's event coverage. I can't wait for GDC next week.

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I totally thought Brad was saying "Miz Gunslinger," as in a Gunslinger / Child of Eden crossover. Whooooooops.    

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Sweet! You can see me in the crowd clapping at 12:04

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@15:00 Jeff and Brad are cuttin' a rug.

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Mad interview skillz double-double team by Jeff and Brad

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My free kinect I got from Microsofts beta testing thing might actually get some use after child of eden comes out, or even gunslinger.  

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i saw Jeff and Brad make a cameo on Major Nelson's February Game Showcase on Xbox Live

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oh hey, milky.