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Absolutely excellent video - informative, entertaining, amusing; all the reasons why I love Giant Bomb. Keep it up guys!

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This video is the perfect example of why I love you guys. Jeff your dual mic skills are impressive.

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They could've easily made this video for paid subscribers only. Glad they didn't. : )

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They could've easily made this video for paid subscribers only. Glad they didn't. : )

They have NEVER had the GiantBomb @ videos for subscribers only and since its just normal game coverage it wouldn't make any sence.

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Soon as I heard Laura Bailey in that Steel Battalion clip, I was sold.

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After watching this I just realized that Patrick is an elf and using his hair to cover his pointy ears.

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Steel Battalion looks like a PS2 game, those textures are absolutely horrible.

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Star Wars Kinect looks so bad it makes me depressed I like Star Wars....

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This video was so good I watched it twice.

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They ripped off 4 games if you count Recettear!

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@Death_Unicorn: I agree, this was video was brilliant. I'm in favor of a new series of videos where the camera is just on Brad as he mouths swears while playing tough games.

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What happened between John Drake and Bill Murray? I need to hear this story!

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So much John Drake but that is always a good thing. Also Brad clearly mouthing "FUCK!" is one of the best things I have seen in a giantbomb video

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This video was greatttttttttttt

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Great editing as always. Very enjoyable video with a pleasant cast.

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Wonder why Jeff likes the white X-Box so much. Casual racism?

Steel Battalion looks bad, but in a good way. And yes that was a great Greg impression, but watching him play Skyrim is also the reason I wound up buying Skyrim.

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I doubt that Halo 4 is running on a new engine. Being a Halo fan, I've played a bunch of Halo Reach, and although 4 looks a bit better, it moves just like Reach.

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Amusing and depressing how GDC is slowly turning into mini E3 every year.

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I called out Greg K for being dry, boring, and like a nephew at a bad family gathering when playing skyrim.

I get shit for it here, but as sooon as Dave Lang does the exact same impression everyone laughs. Only from the Giantbomb community!!!!

It's the difference between Dave Lang joking around and giving somebody he personally knows a hard time, versus you (an internet nobody) going around telling people how they're mistaken if they think Greg K was entertaining during the Skyrim stream.

His mockery was in jest, yours sounds like it isn't, unless I'm misreading you.

At the time, I was more like "OMG couldn't you have gotten anyone better just listen to him drone on about nothing. Put Kessler on or anything!!!!"

After watching Lang's impression I was like "God damnnit he stole my material!" lol

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Fantastic editing as always. I'm really interested in seeing what becomes of Forza Horizon.

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edit: WRECKETTEAR? Kinectipalism ho!

dude, yeah.

also, awesome editing work in this video :]

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Brilliant as per usual, Brad getting angry at Trials: Evolution was simply a Giantbomb highlight.

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Lang's reaction to Geoff was priceless.

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This video is boss. Steel Battalion looks Bananas. Star Wars Kinect looks bad bananas. Trials Evolution looks like Super Excitebike. Fable: The Journey has Horse Love. Halo 4 looks Haloer.

Good stuff! Alright, late!

All of this

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I am unbelievably psyched for the new Trials game.


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Amgo and Drake sighting!

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Alright, I need more John Drake

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Everything about this video is great.

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If John Drake is ever not working at Harmonix, you a-holes hire his ass pronto!

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This is why I love GiantBomb. Great coverage and awesome editing.

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Brad should become a professional unveiler. Never seen the man so happy!

Great video!

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John Drake is the coolest guy ever.

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That gkasavin impression was scarily spot-on!

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Any video with a John Drake is a good video.

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Brad has always been my favorite Giant Bomber. Just wanted to put it out there.

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The more arm flapping I have in a game, the happier I am.

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Watching Jeff interview Dave Lang is like an infinite loop of hilarity.

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White Xbox = Family Values?

Super racist!

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Yes! more Laura Bailey shouting profanities!

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Bangin' it, bangin' it, bang-bang-bangin' it.

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Lol, the impression.

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I really want to watch someone play steel battalion now!

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I like the new angle they are showing with the new Trials HD.

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Dave Lang, I'm a fan.

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So good.

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Steel Battalion - early, hands-down winner for worst motion controls of 2012 and beyond.

It seems so weird that it seems like a perfect contender for an "so bad it's good" award. The gameplay footage certainly was better at hyping me up for the game than the weird trailer they put up recently.

You are wrong, sir.

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