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Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

fuckin yes

Posted by Vivek

Nice to see you guys here in the UK, don't get stabbed or get a teenager pregnant.

Posted by Kaigan

Police everywhere.

Posted by ZmillA

reality QL, just in time for lunch!!

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And your teeth are haven't gone bad! Hurray!

Posted by Liminality

Ryan looks... older?

Posted by Sanj

Oh god, I'm 2 seconds in and I already know this is going to be amazing.
Posted by mada193

Yaaaaaayyyyyyyyy Giantbomb need to cross the pond more often

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I can tell I'm about to watch the best video on giantbomb
-bah yknow what it wasn't that great.

Posted by KingOfIceland

Giantbomb Internatzionale vlog?! Yes please.

Posted by rohanspear345

lol it looks like a movie set

Posted by Funky_Clunk

Haha so its the UK's time to shine...or not lol. I dont live too far from Liverpool, well actually Yorkshire so its a couple of hours drive. Ive just started watching the video and you people are extremely brave getting the camera out on a night out haha
Posted by Darknaut

The zoom in on Ryan's chest hair... I'm not sure if it's awesome or odd... or both.

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05:00 - Futurama: Liverpool Edition? XD

Posted by samcotts

Being from Britain, this makes me very happy.

Posted by AleeN634

Hahaha, awesome international flight montage! Good to see the Giantbomb crew taking their zaniness on the road.

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I got that exact leather bag.
Also, give us more of this. Put together some unused footage :D

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"I am the Egg Sandwich" is the winner I say.

Posted by McBradders

Amazing puns :)

Posted by wwfundertaker

Love the hair.

Posted by Jayzilla

best video you guys have ever done. cheers!

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

Great editing and music. Loved the Beatles food.
But where's the knife crime?

Posted by Mrskidders

You captured the look of UK skanks really well.  Horrible, just horrible.  This is why I choose to live abroad!

Posted by stinky

guys go to KFC and marvel and the lack of mashed potatoes. 
and gravy, just gravy alone, as a side.

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Awesome! Beatles Food Names!!! 
Edit: Was that Arron Thomas?

Posted by slashdotdot

  Awesome video.
I love all the stupid Beatles food puns, and the use of The Hall of the Mountain King
By the way that would be bangers and mash good sir.

Posted by Greenshoes

Was that a version of the futurame theme in the fifth minute?

Posted by roelworp

You guys should have stayed in Amsterdam. I still have tickets for the Heineken Experience for you guys!

Posted by TheYear20XX

This is going to be awesome.

Posted by MeatSim

Sargent pepper steaks lonely hearts club sandwich is definitely the winner.

Posted by PosableActionFigure

Was that a hot sando I saw?

Posted by turbomonkey138

Sweet ...next time come to Leeds :D

Posted by Bismarck

Liverpool looks like a really fun place.

Posted by Aska

I'm expecting one of these videos to take place in a barber shop, don't disappoint me.

Posted by mattjam3000

God I love my country

Posted by Kazzahdrane

Was a real pleasure to meet you guys at the event on Friday, make sure you organise a meetup next time you're over here!

Posted by S0ndor

If you guys would've stayed here in Amsterdam you could have shot a lot of "too hot for tv" footage.

Posted by HatKing

Maybe the best video on the site. :D
Posted by JoelTGM

that place looks like trash

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Holy shit.
Ryan and Vinny need their own travel show.
That was a great airplane flight montage, I think you have to go down to the south side of Liverpool to get the real Whooper, and smoking Liverpool whores are the best smoking whores in the world. I think you guys may have just stumbled upon the next season of 'Jersey Shores'.

Posted by Allprox

"You say good pie, I say jello" gets my vote.

Posted by TonicBH

Ryan almost looks like Tim Schafer in a couple shots due to his hair. Am I the only one who saw that?

Posted by Aquavelvaman

Is that earthbound music in the background at gate A8?

Posted by Agent47CSim2

I see there are slags in Liverpool too :) 
and aslo for a video game website only about a minute had anything remotely to do with video games... not that i'm complaining.

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Ugh i love how in the background it was the typical girls/women on a night out, wearing skimpy clothes, no coat and sparkin' up a fag. 
God i hate this country.

Posted by random_guy23

Hahhaha great video nice naming beatles songs as food xD! I live in the south of england, so not too far away!

Posted by ZmillA

I lost it at "I am the egg sandwich" lmao