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hey big Mike whats good

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This game is going to be amazing.

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Holy Shizer! "Radio Boo boo"... please tell me this is a real song....(Off to google)

Posted by Yummylee

Definitely my favourite of the three trailers, but when you've Radio Ga Ga as your theme, then it's going to be tough to top :P

Michael is probably the most interesting out of the three for me, too. He's a GTA character who has already 'made it', which in itself is pretty unique. And while there's a clear Sopranos influence going on with his family and the psychiatrist, that shouldn't diminish the potential for some pretty fun storytelling. It wouldn't be a Rockstar game if it didn't hang its influences on its sleeve :P

I also loved how Michael sounded like a weirdly idealistic child talking to the psychiatrist about how he basically wants it both ways -- an end to his criminal career, but while still holding on to all of the violence he loves so much.

Posted by Ben_H

Holy Shizer! "Radio Boo boo"... please tell me this is a real song....(Off to google)

It's a Queen song called Radio Ga Ga.

Posted by AnthonyWalkens

@gamergutz: Yeah its by Queen "Radio Ga Ga" if i remember right

Posted by sbarre

I am a bit worried that Michael's story will end up being the one everyone wants to follow, and the other 2 will just be filler.. So we'll be playing through Franklin and Trevor just waiting for the next Michael chapter..

The GTA games are always fun, but the human element of the stories has always been, for me at least, what sets them apart from the rest of the games out there...

Posted by Blomakrans

This looks great!

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This game is gonna be great.

Posted by Ben_H

Best one out of the three. Can't tell if it is just because it has a Queen song or the idea behind the character is hilarious.

Posted by Mister_V

You put Queen in a trailer and you have sold me a game.

Posted by Nonentity

Tells you how much I know about my Queen back catalog that I didn't realize that the Electric Six version of this song was a cover.

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

This seems much better than GTA IV story.

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Posted by arimajinn

radio gaga <3

Posted by Tr0n

Wow this looks ugly. Textures. :|

Posted by DFSVegas

@gamergutz: Radio Boo Boo? I weep for humanity...

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So... Some of those textures...

Posted by PresidentOfJellybeans

Lookin good

Posted by jimmyfenix

@tr0n said:

Wow this looks ugly. Textures. :|

kinda sad that your judging the game by its textures

Posted by davo

RADIO! Fantastic.

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Yo, this already seems better than GTA IV in terms of story.

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@blomakrans: Im Black soooo i never heard a lot of Queen. (p.s. sorry your message got deleted)

Posted by MiniPato

Why is GB's video player such shit? Can't even watch a minute long video without it stopping 5 seconds in.

Posted by Bollard

This gave me a GTA VC vibe. Maybe I'm not writing this game off (my list) just yet.

Posted by MattyFTM


Posted by Humanity

My favorite of the three but that probably has a lot to do with the fact that to this day Vice City is my favorite GTA.

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Interesting. Getting the VC vibe, and the concept of the criminal who made it out...but probably shouldn't have and kinda can't get over the fact that time has passed seems interesting to me.

Posted by RE_Player1

Rockstar sure knows how to cut a trailer.

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Cant go wrong with Queen \m/

Posted by n0nametaz

This game looks so excellent.

Posted by Spiritof

@kalmis said:

Cant go wrong with Queen \m/

Absolutely. Queen actually instantly got me hyped for GTA V!!!

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This may become my favorite main character in the GTA tapestry. He may (apparently) be the least psychotic, but he seems more down to earth and human than any of the others in the past. And what Michael wants more than anything else is happiness, not revenge or making it to the top.

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Based on what I've seen thus far, I'm way more excited for this than I was for GTA IV. Sweet. Oh, and the Queen track was perfect.

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This game looks amazing. The visuals are far better then I suspected.

Posted by Szlifier

@blomakrans: Im Black soooo i never heard a lot of Queen. (p.s. sorry your message got deleted)

I would check out Another One Bites The Dust, then.

Posted by MeatSim

Robbing banks always makes me feel happy.

Posted by Hilfemaster

Holy Shizer! "Radio Boo boo"... please tell me this is a real song....(Off to google)

you're kidding right?

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Grand Theft Sopranos

Posted by Demoskinos
@ben_h said:

@gamergutz said:

Holy Shizer! "Radio Boo boo"... please tell me this is a real song....(Off to google)

It's a Queen song called Radio Ga Ga.

Which, not surprising at all is part of where Lady Gaga got her name from.

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I think Micheal's son is Jimmy Hopkins from Bully. The kid sounds just like him... I wonder.

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Grand Theft Sopranos

Thank you. Anyone that likes this plot line please go watch Sopranos. Its pretty much spot on to the TV show. Shrink and everything.

Posted by cikame

I think Michael wants to be Max Payne :P

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Three main characters, all male. Females can be criminals too. Give them a chance Rockstar!

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I haven't been this excited for a game in a longggg time.

Posted by Grilledcheez

NOW THAT is a trailer

Posted by GunstarRed

Love this trailer. The Franklin one is dull and Trevor looks like a really fun character, but this one has a bunch of personality.

Posted by Terrorbite

I'm gettin' a real "Heat" vibe off this game, and that's by no means a bad thing.

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